• November 2011
  • Is NSA Intel Gathering solving FBI's own Terror plots while proxy war exists in Syria?|Worldwide Intelligence & Investigative Journalism|Forum|Forum: Apocalypse & Armageddon

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    Is NSA Intel Gathering solving FBI's own Terror plots while proxy war exists in Syria?
    August 9, 2013
    9:45 am
    North America mostly
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    November 11, 2011
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    Is the NSA Intel Gathering solving the FBI's own Terror plots while a proxy war exists in Syria and in the Dark Continent where there's smoke there's a whole new generation of Blowback smoldering?

    While we are distracted by our Government possibly spying on its domestic political opponents and own citizens while claiming they have used their domestic NSA bugging to prevent the FBI's own Entrapment Terrorist Plots manned by their own Islamist recruited fantasy prone simpletons, are we missing the Big Picture of the Syrian diversionary "Monica Moment" from the Obama Presidency's Snowden-Gate (below) crushing his Administration's claims of transparency, accountability, legitimacy, multilateralism, and consensus building as exposed as a pack of lies?

    There have been warnings that the Syrian conflict is actually a proxy war pitting Turkey, tiny gas-rich Qatar and other Arabian peninsula countries against Iran, Iraq and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad over the building of a natural gas pipeline through Syria that would service Iran's gas fields instead of Qatar's gas fields. Qatar has spent as much as $3billion over the past two years supporting the rebellion in Syria that has turned into a vicious civil war since Syria is the most obvious land route for any pipelines to export oil and gas from the Persian Gulf to the energy-hungry nations of western Europe. The unstated reason for Qatar and Turkey to be so obsessed by regime change in Syria is to kill the $10 billion Iran-Iraq-Syria natural gas pipeline, which would also bypass Ankara, Turkey which always bills itself as the key energy crossroads between East and West. Qatar, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Iraq, Iran, Hezbollah, Israel, and Lebanon are all involved in the Syrian question one way or another. And similar challenges to the American petrodollar hegemony were made by Saddam Hussein and Muammar Qaddafi, with fatal consequences to them and their regimes. Is it all really just about oil, gas and pipelines again?


    A War On An Abstract Noun (Terror) as the New Alleged Supranationally Organized Bogeyman to replace the old Soviet Union as the Al Qaeda (however you want to spell it) SPECTRE (SPecial Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion) Black Octopus with its tentacles allegedly everywhere just around the corner (really?) underground "blowback" Marketing Enemy of the GMP (Gross Military-Industrial-University-Grant-Complex Product).
    Why grammar is the first casualty of war

    By Terry Jones, Monty Python member, writer and performer


    A war against a name is a war in name only :


    An Official U. S. Department of Defense perspective:
    Johnson Gives Legal Background for War Against al-Qaida


    As Real Threat from Al-Qaeda Fades, Is FBI Stepping Up Set-Ups?


    Terrorist Plots, Hatched by the F.B.I.


    FBI Celebrates That It Prevented FBI's Own Bomb Plot


    FBI Successful In Breaking Up Yet Another Of Its Own Plots To Bomb The US
    from the what-an-amazing-track-record dept


    NSA Claims Surveillance Programs Aided The Stopping Of 50 Attacks; Details Lacking
    from the obfuscate,-obfuscate,-obfuscate dept


    Dick Cheney's Crystal Ball on "Fox News Sunday" Says That NSA Surveillance Could Have Stopped 9/11
    from the but-not-the-Boston-bombing dept


    It's Come To This: Commentators Arguing That The Press Commits A Crime In Exposing Alleged NSA Surveillance Crimes


    Waging war on an underground network





    Finally Getting There:

    Obama's Monica moment



    Hawks, doves and pipeline politics in Syria


    Lest we overlook Syria possibly becoming another future 9/11esque Pipeline Blow-back like Afghanistan and that the Afghan government’s head, Hamid Karzai, formerly served as a UNOCAL consultant and only nine days after Karzai’s ascension, President Bush nominated another UNOCAL consultant and former Taliban defender, Zalmay Khalilzad, as his special envoy to Afghanistan.

    Bush, Enron, UNOCAL and the Taliban


    ...and so now we're Kissing and Making Up with...wait for it...the Taliban:

    US-Taliban talks set to begin


    Which just about brings us back around full circle to is the U.S. again going to arm Al Qaeda to fight a proxy war against a Russian backed arms dealt government (in Syria this time) just like we did in Afghanistan back in '80s, which creates a relief valve for our friends in Saudi Arabia to finance and send its young militants as far enough of a safe distance away from home (again) as possible so that they have time to learn to turn their hate towards somebody other than their own Nepotism Ruled Kingdom, the House of Saud.

    Analyst: Al Qaeda affiliate in Syria now best-equipped of the rebel groups


    And for Secret Agent Omega's informant at West Point on the Vietnamization of the Dark Continent for Monsanto and Donald Rumsfeld's other Old Pals:

    But lest Fox News Network not let us forget about Obama's State Department's Benghazi scandal, let's look at the overall Vietnamization of Africa with the beginning waves of a tsunami of blowback starting to be seen after the US. participation in a war to fell Libyan autocrat Muammar Qaddafi that helped send neighboring Mali, a US-supported bulwark against regional terrorism, into a downward spiral, prompting the intervention of the French military with US backing.

    The overthrow of Qaddafi in Libya by an interventionist coalition including the US, France, and Britain similarly empowered a host of new militant Islamist groups such as the Omar Abdul Rahman Brigades, which have since carried out multiple attacks on Western interests, and Ansar al-Sharia, whose fighters assaulted US facilities in Benghazi, Libya, on September 11, 2012, killing the Ambassador, his Information Management Officer and two CIA operational contractees.

    US spreads blowback nightmare in African Continent


    And Lastly for Omega's Informant in India so He sees he hasn't been overlooked:

    India places its Asian bet on Japan


    So what have we Fear & Loathing In The Great Economic Downturn Of The Cyber Age learned today?

    Fighting a War On The Abstract Noun Terror can be played by all For Fun & Profit where energy pipelines need to get laid, and assure future SPECTRE (SPecial Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion) incidents of "blowback" to correlate as a Marketing Enemy of the GMP (Gross Military-Industrial-University-Grant-Complex Product) for decades and generations to come.

    November 22, 2014
    8:00 pm
    cyber west hollyweird
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    November 11, 2011
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    Our National Security Interests for those Multinational Corporation Stock Holders:

    Where's Ollie Stone when we're killing (foreign) Investigative Reporters?


    As long as we claim (foreign) Investigative Reporters are really front men for "leftist" Narco-terrorists it seems there is open season on shutting them up (i.e. kill them) from writing or speaking about U.S. & Canadian Corporations stealing the peoples' land or turning it into toxic waste sites and working the natives to death as slaves.

    I used to keep up with the Who's Who of all this Third World adventurism. I think that year on Medical Hold at Ft. Bragg, after working as armed security out at Special Forces Camp Mackall, sort of burned me out on keeping on top of Intel sources ( http://www.apocalypseandarmage.....sucks#p174 ). You idealistically join Special Forces as a young man thinking you are fighting (Communism in the old days) the War on Terror only to find as you grow up that the people you are training are the local General's death squads whom are killing the natives and farmers trying to take their land back from the Multinational Corporations whose business interests are the real National Security Interests our tax payers are paying our military to protect.

    Note that down in Panama nowhere on that certificate does it say we were learning jungle "survival." It says we were learning jungle living and jungle warfare which means learning the art of dawn raids on native villages and how to interrogate the locals, screw civil rights, and automatically assuming they are in league with the leftist rebels.

    Just reminds me Of Oliver Stone's movie Salvador and not much has really changed since then in these "out of sight-out of mind" corporate wars in the Third World. Let no small elected Democracy get in the way of a groomed General's Coup selling off his people's land & mineral rights.



    Before 9/11 happened and handed Halliburton & Carlyle (aka Booz Allen Hamilton corporate subcontractors for NSA snooping) Iraq & Afghanistan oil & pipelines on a silver platter, I actually thought our next Vietnam would be The War On Drugs in South America escalated to a full Police Action. I still keep my eye on what is going on in Mexico, a possible Narco-terrorist Civil War conveniently right on our "doorstep."

    Let the liberals be placated with smoking pot and the Sates tax it & hemp and then save a bundle on that part of the Criminal Justice System and our Stock Holder owned Privatized Prison system.

    There is still plenty of money left to vilify the evil white powder Cocaine, Meth and Heroin traffic coming up from the South to both finance a Mexican Civil War & justify a U.S. military police action. We have a "Duty" to protect all the U.S. sweat shop manufacturing plants that moved down South don't we.

    This to me will be what I'm keeping an eye on who will be running for Commander-In-Chief for 2016. Plenty of Blood to go around to drip off all hands. Civilization has obviously greatly been improved since Imperial Roman days.


    Back when I was going to the Staff Noncommissioned Officers Academy at Quantico (circa '86) I cornered a little lady from El Salvador in a bar out in town and started buying her drinks. I had been seeing a lot of IC Chips in our military electronics equipment from Texas Instruments stamped made in El Salvador. She told me that companies who had moved manufacturing to Taiwan years before to take advantage of cheap labor, now that people in Taiwan were demanding livable wages, were moving their manufacturing to El Salvador. The Capitalist Domino Theory of keep moving where there is cheap labor. Then she wanted to go get a motel room but first did I believe that, "Jesus Christ is your personal Lord & Savior." No, but I thought Jesus Christ was probably Texas Instrument's personal Lord & Savior.

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