• November 2011
  • Why ETs (or even Interdimensional Phenomena) are not "Satanic" Demons|Why ETs (or even Interdimensional Phenomena) are not "Satanic" Demons|Forum|Forum: Apocalypse & Armageddon

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    Why ETs (or even Interdimensional Phenomena) are not "Satanic" Demons
    April 14, 2019
    4:44 pm
    North America mostly
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    November 11, 2011
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    Recently on Dawson's insomniac's graveyard shift AM radio program the Host asked a Guest if he thought, like apparently many fundamentalist Christians think, are Extraterrestrials really just "Satanic demons" because sometimes ET's behaviors not only seem "alien" to us but just seem downright bad behavior to our sense of morals.

    Let me mention here in our sense of Mores we mutilate cattle on the Wholesale Scale in Slaughterhouses for our personal gain and McBurgers after depriving them of being born and raised (like the deer and the antelope play) in the free outdoors and countryside. And then we dress up in the herds' leather skins and perform kinky sex acts mimicking Pop feature film movies like Fifty Shades Of Grey. What are either Gray Aliens or the recently dis-incarnate Soul's of all those Cows to think about our Morals?

    Then there's that anal probe business of being forced to drink a gallon or so liquids before your Doctor routinely sends you to a Specialist to get a Colonoscopy. At least the Medical Specialist has the good Mores to give you anesthesia before he shoves a fiber optic camera up through your anus and into your bowels, instead of waiting until after the procedure and then just giving you the Post Hypnotic Suggestion of "Missing Time" to forget the whole experience of it while you were getting reamed.

    "Extraterrestrial is what we call Them; Alien is how They behave."--Dawson

    April 14, 2019
    5:06 pm
    cyber west hollyweird
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    November 11, 2011
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    Why ETs (or even Interdimensional Phenomena) are not "Satanic" Demons

    Was busy moving around basement junk and so wasn't near my antique desktop computer or Twitter but did have the radio on listening to the recent Sunday Night's Stephen Mera & Barry Fitzgerald Coast To Coast AM interview on IPs (Interdimensional Phenomena passing themselves off as ETs).

    First of all, there are no "demons" in the entire of the King James Version of the Bible. We'll stick with the KJV here, for now, simply because I'm not going to fool with every fairly readable English translation since 1611(especially since most of my Biblical research library burned up in a fire back when I lived in Memphis, and just before I discovered ETs do exist and are "Paradigm Busters"). But if any Bible version should have "demons" you would suppose it would be the KJV where Christian translators purposefully mis-transliterate the Hebrew term for any ordinary "Adversary" into the English-sounding character of "Satan," and then ONLY really for the book of Job. These Old Testament stories, like Job, are not "Jewish History" they are just children's books of "Faith."

    Just whom is this "Satan (the 'Adversary')" http://tinyurl.com/j63z3rp

    There are only 4 mentions of "devils (little "d")" in ALL of the Hebrewesque Old Testament: Leviticus 7:17; Deuteronomy 32:17; 2 Chronicles 11:15; and Psalms 106:37, but ALL these translations of "devils" are meaning "Foreign gods" or idols that people were simply making religious sacrifices to.

    My God's better than your god
    My God's better than yours
    My God's better
    'Cause He likes Us Best
    My God's better than yours

    And just now as I cross-referenced the 4 verses above from my KJV to my Oxford University Press The New English Bible With The Apocrypha this (very readable) version changes those same KJV "devils" as foreign gods to the English term "demons" still representing SIMPLY the same foreign deities of religious worship (i.e. not as any "fallen angels," just idols). We're talking Old Testament still here as everybody should know the New Testament is chock full of problematic demonic-acting "Unclean-Spirits." But then the New Testament authors had a few "demons" of their own that I'll deal with shortly.

    The Two Old Testament Kingdoms and the Two New Testament Churches: http://tinyurl.com/no654sv

    But back to the KJV and there is no mention of any character called "The Devil" with a capital "D" AT ALL in the Old Testament. Both "The Devil" and being possessed by "devils" are strictly New Testament claims and soon I'll quickly demon-strait how we know the New Testament can't stand up to The Eye of God's Court of Law as factual accounts of the Life of Jesus or even his philosophy carried on by his "In The Flesh" brother James' Church or even St. Paul's followers after Jesus' execution for Sedition.

    So there is no "Devil" with a capital "D" in the Old Testament religion and "Satan" is only a character mis-trans-literated from God's drinking and bar betting angel buddy, his "Adversary" or "devil's advocate" . . . and poor old Lucifer only turns out to be just the nickname of the King of Babylon whom the Persian Messiah (actually called "Messiah" in the Hebrew Isaiah 45:1 ), Cyrus the Great, conquered in one single night leading the author of Isaiah to make the joke, "Look at how he who claimed to be the 'Mighty' king has fallen." LOL! There is no story of Lucifer and any fallen angels actually in the Old Testament. And the extra-Biblical combined 3 books of ENOCH with fallen angels are known hoaxes, just as silly and contrived as the modern Left Behind series about the "Rapture." The author(s) of Enoch can't live before the Iron Age and then report the anachronism that the Face of God looked like molten Iron, just for starters. So using Enoch and "The Watchers" for Ancient Astronaut theories is pretty sophomoric. Not every ancient text is an eyewitness account of ETs & UFOs or even of angels & demons just because it is old.

    If prostitution is the "World's Oldest Profession," then the 2nd Oldest Profession is Priests selling Good Luck Charms with Godly stories.

    Lucifer & the real Christs (yes plural): http://tinyurl.com/q6f5vou

    So there is no such thing as anything actually being "Luciferian;" there is no actual "Devil;" and there is nothing "Satanic" except the fact that Christian English translators needed to mis-trans-literate the Old Testament term for any Adversary into a Character for the book of Job, which for the life of me I can't figure out why the Rabbis even kept this book because it makes God look like a total SOB by Proxy needing to prove that the character Job would still kiss His Almighty Ass no matter what God allows "Satan" to do to him. In the end because Job is God's Number One Brown Noser, God lets Job win the Lottery and everybody Lives Happily Ever After and talks about what a Great book this is even though "God" has become just a mean spirited written-created-anthropomorphic-idol character in a story instead of Being the Supreme Being Cause of all the Powers of Nature in a Hebrew pantheistic Universe.

    Was the Old Testament "God" just an allegory for a Volcano? http://tinyurl.com/pwz7g52

    (on the other hand) The 19th Song; A song of pantheism: http://tinyurl.com/pym6l9l


    Now remember that the New Testament authors keep cherry picking Old Testament verses as their "Authority" on why their Life & Religion of Jesus and his Followers stories just gotta be Truly stories. If you actually take the time to read the Old Testament as literature--with the reading comprehension of an adult--you would realize there is not one single verse from the Old Testament that actually predicts any coming of the person Jesus. Christianity was begun by cherry picking verses and they still do it today to try and justify trying to take over your country in their god's (sic) name. Don't be naive, Christianity has always been a Political and never a Spiritual agenda. Thus the need for the immediate Political Kingship genealogies Promulgated in the Gospels.

    The very first New Testament sentence is: "The book of the (genealogy: the 1967 New Edition KJV changes from "generations") of Jesus Christ, the son of David, the son of Abraham." Then the Gospel of Matthew goes on to list a genealogy from Abraham begots all the way down to Joseph whom he omits Jesus to actually be in this family tree of magical groupings (of 14s = Holy Number 7s x 2) only claiming that Joseph was the husband of Mary whose child Jesus is a Bastard Son of the "Holy Spirit." Some people (e.g. Ancient Astronaut Theorists) claim here that Mary was an Alien Abductee and that Jesus was just a Supernaturally ESP endowed Alien-Human Hybrid. Just as truly a story as the stories of Matthew or Luke, we'll soon see.

    The problem here is that the Genealogy allegedly for Jesus given in the Gospel of Matthew 1:2 DOES NOT MATCH the Genealogy given in the Gospel of Luke 3:23 which to make sure you wont bother to check this out puts his genealogy in reverse order going from Jesus' Step-Daddy Joseph backwards all the way to the first Hebrew pun writer for Mankind, "Adam." This is easily seen if you take all of 15 minutes to write these two genealogies out in parallel columns side-by-side, and they come in handy to use as hand outs when Jehovah's Witnesses come around knocking on your door if you want to send them away scratching their heads.

    So one or Both of these Gospels have perjured themselves in The Court of The Eye of God.

    So the next much longer step is to go back through all the various genealogies as given in the more authoritative Old Testament upon which the New Testament is allegedly based and write down a 3rd parallel genealogy column to find out which of Matthew or Luke is lying to us. Turns out Both Matthew and Luke are just making up genealogies to make it look like Joseph and his bastard step-son Jesus are from the "Kingly Messiah" bloodline of evil ol' King David who was screwing Uriah's wife Bathsheba, among other nefarious accomplishments of this Old Testament "Messiah." By the way, kings Saul, David and Solomon, as well as High Priest Samuel were all "Christs" in the Greek idiom since they were all "Anointed" into OFFICIAL OFFICE as Hebrew idiom "Messiahs" another word purposefully mistranslated by ALL Christian English translators of the Old Testament to lie by omission that there were hundreds of Official Messiahs or "Christs" in the Old Testament and that the term "Messiah" is an official political title of office and does not mean "God's Supernatural Superhero."

    Genealogies x 3 page 1.jpg
    Genealogies x 3 page 2.jpg
    Genealogies x 3 page 3.jpg

    And since the New Testament Superhero character of Jesus was never-ever-never Officially anointed into Office as either an "Official" High Priest of the Temple or as the "Official" King of Judea, he was never-ever-never either a "Messiah" nor a Greek idiom "Christ." This means right off the top that every person you ever hear use the term "Jesus Christ" (or just "Christ" by itself) absolutely does not know what it means to be an Official High Priest or King anointed into Office as an Official "Messiah" or Official "Christ." So the New Testament story-tellers turned Jesus into a Symbolic, allegorical, "Christ" comic book style Superhero, "Son Of God." "What? Do you mean His last name is not 'Christ?' "

    At best all the Cretins can allege is someone named Joshua (a Hebrew pun for "Savior," in the Greek idiom "Jesus" or Aramaic idiom "Yeshua," which some people pronounce thinking the sound of the name gets them Brownie Points with God) was kinda-sorta of the genealogy bloodline, by his step-father Joseph, to some day maybe get appointed as an official High Priest of the Temple or as King. That is 'er, if he was really in line for it at the time and if it became available as political slots so do. Claiming Kingship is why the Romans executed Jesus for Sedition Against the State. But he wasn't the only one they executed for the sedition of claiming to be the Kingly Messiah: There is a former slave of king Herod's, Simon, who crowned himself Messiah and rallied together some men and plundered the royal palaces at Jericho. He was captured and beheaded. A shepherd named Athronges crowned himself Messiah and launched an attack against Roman soldiers and was caught and executed. There were also claimed Messiahs named Hezekiah a bandit chief, Judas the Galilean and also his grandson Menahem, another Simon bar Giora and a Simon bar Kochba, all caught and executed for sedition against the State just like in the Jesus Story.

    How else does Luke tell us he is just making his Gospel up? Why, in his very first paragraph he explains to his friend Theophilus that many other writers before him have made accounts of the events of Jesus' life, many only "alleging" to be eyewitnesses (Thus Luke's Gospel is mostly hearsay) "following traditions handed down." The Gospel of Luke may have been written as long as 40 years after Jesus' alleged Execution.

    Not only is Luke's Gospel hearsay with a phony genealogy but it and hoax Matthew are the only "accepted" Gospel accounts with the Supernatural "Virgin Birth" which they ripped off from a foreign Greek translation of Isaiah 7:14 where the Greek idiom "virgin" should have been the Hebrew "almah" for a "veiled young woman" her sexual virginity not really part of the equation back in those days. In Isaiah's time (which covered at least 3 separate authors combined for convenience into one scribe copyist's Old Testament scroll) you bought a young wife(s) for a couple of pieces of silver and a couple of goats. Today that might purchase an hour with a harlot out at Sherry's Ranch in Nevada.

    In the New Testament Epistles, many of which were actually written before the accepted 4 Gospels, many terms are being used allegorically. The reader should read the term "Spiritual" in the Spirit of the symbolic allegory that Spiritual writing is written in the Spirit of, For he who has a Spiritual eye to see what the Spirit has written for you Spiritually.

    Elaine Pagels, the Harrington Spear Paine Professor of Religion at Princeton University ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/.....ine_Pagels ), would make an interesting interview as she published the book: The Origin of Satan: How Christians Demonized Jews, Pagans, and Heretics. New York: Vintage Books, explaining how the New Testament authors use the symbolic term "Satan (adversary)" to refer to their perceived religious or political enemies and NOT as an actual Chief of Demons and Fallen Angels.

    The Origin of Satan by Elaine Pagels.jpg

    A good example of New Testament allegory is the New Jerusalem coming down out of heaven in the book of Revelation. Some people think this is a UFO "Mothership" coming down out of the sky. But in Galatians "heavenly Jerusalem" is explained as just an allegory for the New Church spreading out all over Asia Minor, since the old "real" Jerusalem was destroyed in its END TIMES by the Romans who literally had wiped it and its Religious Zealots off the map and then rebuilt a new city there called Aelia Capitolina and renamed the territory of Judea, as Syria-Palestine (which is a corruption of the older name for it of Philistine). This means the Palestinians of today can trace their roots back to the Philistines who lived in the territory before the Old Testament said God lied about giving all the territory to Joshua since the MOST IMPORTANT BIBLICAL CITY OF ALL TIME: "At Jerusalem, the men of Judah were unable to drive out the Jebusites who lived there, and to this day Jebusites and men of Judah live together in Jerusalem."--Joshua 15:63. This anachronism of calling the city "Jerusalem" also tells us that the book of Joshua was written, after the fact, in the times that the city was called Jerusalem and not during Joshua's own time when the Jebusites called their city Jebus.


    It is little clues like these author anachronisms that demonstrate that the entirety of the Bible, and all the made up extra-Biblical books like ENOCH, cannot be used to make modern arguments as if these stories are eyewitness accounts of Extraterrestrial UFO activity; or Interdimensional Phenomena such as demons, ghosts, skinwalkers or even Carlos Castaneda's shamanic allies. Many of the Bible stories barely qualify as actual Jewish or Christian "Historical Fiction."

    And as far as the New Testament goes was there ever a Historical person Jesus who was so well known in Jerusalem that after a 7-year ministry, the causing of an uproar in the Temple during Tabernacles and being brought before the Roman Procurator; where he was whipped till his bones were laid bare, and was written up outside the Bible by no less than the Governor of Galilee in his tome The Wars Of The Jews. The problem with this Historical Jesus is, of course, he wasn't crucified on a cross as he was killed by a boulder from a Roman catapult and so nobody has paid very much attention to his-story. The 4 accepted Gospels (there are another 20 Gospels found outside the Bible you can cross-reference) are all together about a little over 140 pages. The entire New Testament a little over 330 pages. The Governor of Galilee wrote prolifically over 900 historical pages and was a contemporary of many of the New Testament authors. But nobody reads him either.


    Technically because ETs are "Messengers" from the "Skies" that makes them Old Testament, mis-translated into English, "angels" from "heaven." That includes even the less popular ETs mutilating cattle for their human-hybrid incubator parts or giving alien abductees colonoscopies. Being an "angel/messenger" from the heavens gets you No Respect at all necessarily. Maybe we should nickname the ETs "Dangerfields."

    Ancient Aliens, "Messengers" from the "Skies" or "Angels" from "Heaven." http://tinyurl.com/zae4muj

    Some Problems with Zecharia Sitchin's Tales of the Anunnaki & Nefilim: https://tinyurl.com/y7zed4m9

    Some people have suggested I should write a book about all this stuff:

    A (FREE) cyBook eBook hidden in plain sight: http://tinyurl.com/pex65lu

    Quickly master Biblical things that Idiot at Work who is always trying to Save you is Clueless About: http://tinyurl.com/hcjgg7m
    stack -of-bibles.jpg


    Your friendly neighborhood alien abductee and editor of The Chronological Bible

    April 14, 2019
    5:24 pm
    cyber west hollyweird
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    November 11, 2011
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    Just keep in mind I'm not saying anywhere that some ETs or Interdimensional entities (like out at the Skinwalker Ranch) do not present themselves to our limited animal sensibilities as very "Negative Characters" with what we perceive as nefarious or "bad" behaviors. Some people have negative experiences. This is why I've always stressed, "Extraterrestrial is what we call Them; Alien is how They behave." Alien to our sensibilities.

    I'm just saying that using the Biblical terms of "Satanic" or "Luciferian" which implies a Particular Religious Cult's Chief "Devil" who commands evil behaviors of subordinate demons and selling of Souls and all their other religious nonsense should be avoided. To Organized Religion pushing the Fear of the Unknown is Big Bu$ine$$. And these phenomena are the epitome of the Unknown. Castaneda's Tonal & Nagual, not in the sense of an animal totem and a leader of a shamanic group, but his concepts of the absolute "Known" to humans and the absolute "Unknown" or even "Unknowable" surrounding us in the Eternity of our very busy Universe.

    Maybe we need new terms, which, of course, are hard to come up with because of our own human perception and conception limitations with not understanding such an abstruse and elusive phenomena. Our toughest job is trying to describe the indescribable in terms we can convey visualization into others. Trying to turn the Nagual into the Tonal, turn the Unknown into the Known.

    Worse yet, maybe we are not supposed to figure it out which is why every time we think we've got it figured out it does something unexpected. It's like it wants some of us to know it is there and exists but doesn't want any of us to actually understand it, just witness its presence. Like a cat playing with a mouse.

    Or maybe it reacts to our subconscious expectations. Ever notice more Catholics get "possessed by demons" so that Catholic Exorcists can come chase off their "Unclean Spirits" in the "Name of Jesus." Catholics have a higher expectation of the possibility of being possessed by demons and so that may be how Interdimensional entities accommodate their expectations. Christians have "visions" of Jesus, Mary and Angels in Near Death Experiences and people in other religions have visions of their own expected deities. Has anybody met Gandalf yet during an NDE?

    Maybe we don't get the paranormal experiences we want, we get the paranormal experiences we need.

    I know some Psychics and Mediums have simply stated there are no demons, per say, just ghosts who were assholes while they were human so why expect them to change when they are stuck in a haunting purgatory. Then there is the ETs that show up with a visit with a Dead Relative (or screen memory of a Dead Relative) in their UFO. Then they take the Dead Relative back to the "Other Side" which is a point for UFO Interdimensional Travel through the Cosmos by changing their vehicle's Resonant Frequencies.

    Mainly what my own Close Encounters taught me was how stubborn people are to stick to their old paradigms learned since childhood. Couldn't tell you how many times I've heard the expression, "I think you think you saw something." One of these days maybe I'll do the hypnosis thing and see what pops out of my amnesia of "Missing Time."

    My "Opinion" is, drawn from my ET conversations, that all this Phenomena is connected in the sense that it is all part of the same Universe and Cosmos. Different aspects of the same underlying Forces of Creation both in the Physical Universe and the higher non-physical dimensions of the "Other Side" Cosmos (to put it in Rosicrucian terms). And that the "Other Side" dimensions Existed long before and Created the template for our lower Physical Creation. In the "Big Bang Theory" physicists believe that something Existed before the Singularity Event that became the Emanation of the Physical Universe. Something set the template for atoms to electromagnetically bond in valence shells like the gears mesh in a transmission.

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