• November 2011
  • Paul and his Followers as the 2nd church's Contra (or anti-) christ(s).|Who were these Christian Antichrist(s) anyway?|Forum|Forum: Apocalypse & Armageddon

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    Paul and his Followers as the 2nd church's Contra (or anti-) christ(s).
    June 16, 2014
    6:12 pm
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    November 11, 2011
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    Hard to believe, I know, that Mitch McConnell is not the Antichrist come to run the One World Government for Satan's Multinational Corporations. He just so looks and acts the part.

    Maybe there is a simpler answer that has just been overlooked because it doesn't play very well on Sundays.

    June 16, 2014
    10:56 pm
    cyber west hollyweird
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    November 11, 2011
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    What most people don't understand is that most all of the Epistles (or letters) collected into the New Testament were written before the 4 main "Gospel" stories were invented...from even earlier material. By the time the 4 accepted Gospels (and there were many more) are being composed, Paul's Roman (Gentile) Contra-church's dogma is being established in his Epistles throughout the Roman Empire and James' (Jesus' brother's) Original Church in Jerusalem is having its Apocalypse, or its "End Times" have already Come in 70 CE when it is Destroyed (literally for real, but allegorically like Sodom) by the Romans.

    That the Matthew and Luke Gospels were invented can easily be seen in their "need" to invent fake genealogies to prove that supernaturally born--without a human father--baby Jesus belongs to the Kingly (or "Messiah" blood line) family tree of king David. They attempt to do this with fake genealogies for his adopted human father Joseph. And if Luke's Gospel is a writer's invention, which it is, then that throws some real credibility issues on the stories in the book of Acts.

    After Jesus is executed for sedition against Rome, for claiming to be an independent King (or Anointed one of Israel, i.e. "Christ"), his brother James takes over his followers as the local "Jewish-christians" Original Church in Jerusalem (which city is occupied like "Egypt" by Rome, and soon to be destroyed like "Sodom" in the crushed rebellion of 70 CE; the allegories given in Revelation 11:8 for where "their" Lord was crucified). "Their" crucified Lord Jesus had been a human ("Jesus in the Flesh") who had been following the ministry of--also executed--John the Baptist. Jesus "in the flesh" had personally been known by Jerusalem Church followers James, Peter and John (not to be confused with the other Johns who wrote the Gospel of John and the Apocalypse of John [i.e. Revelation] and were followers of Paul's church).

    But Paul, who never met Jesus "in the flesh" before he was executed, is starting up a Roman Contra (Gentile or Anti-) church to the basically original Jewish-christian Jerusalem Church of James, Jesus' "in the flesh" brother. And Paul, similar to televangelists today, claims to be getting his dogma directly from the deceased and supernatural Jesus. Paul's evangelizing is for a Roman (Gentile) supernatural church which becomes the Anti-church to the Jerusalem original Church. Paul is the original Church's "Anti-christ" and his followers are all "anti-christs" in the plural. There is no predicted future world Leader "Antichrist" in the Bible the only 5 times the terms are used. There are only people who don't care that the Jerusalem Church was based on the teachings of a human "in the flesh" Jesus. They are the "spirits" of anti-christs--of the Epistles of John--whom had broken away to form their own sects back then in his day, and not for some prophetic future 2,000 years henceforward.

    Since it is a different John, a follower of Paul and his Contra-church, who wrote the book of Revelation, you can't mix the antichrists (only found) in the Epistles of a different John (a follower of Jesus' brother James' Jerusalem Original Church) together with Revelation and try to project that into some fruitcake recipe of a 2,000 years later prophecy than the audience the letters and books (and dogma) were addressing at their own time of 1st Century writing.

    And, according to the Old Testament Messiah (i.e. "Christ") king Solomon, more wise than all those who preceded him in Jerusalem, "In dealing with men it is God's purpose to test them and to see what they truly are." And to pass that only test of God you must understand that you too are a "beast," the same as all the other animals (Ecclesiastes 3:18) who take breath. Solomon says, "Stand up and do the funky Stupid Dancing Naked Ape hand jive bugaloo!"

    We are the "Beast" ourselves and our "Money," which nothing can be bought or sold without, is the "Mark of the Beast," which money has always had on it the image of the Beasts of Government, the image of the Caesars and Governors, Presidents, Tyrants and Queens, and Beastly Animal Nation Symbols (images and marks).

    "Now the weight of gold which Solomon received yearly was 666 talents, in addition to the tolls levied by the customs officers and profits on foreign trade, and the tribute of the kings of Arabia and the regional governors."--1 Kings 10:14

    "You shall have the record of it as a sign upon your hand, and upon your forehead as a reminder, to make sure that the law of the Lord is always on your lips, because the Lord with a strong hand brought you out of Egypt. This is a rule, and you shall keep it at the appointed time from year to year."--Exodus 13:9

    From the first pages the New Testament authors were searching for Old Testament passages to cherry pick to make their writings sound authoritative the same way Televangelists still do today. Having the "Mark of the Beast ( and 666 )" on your hand or on your "forehead (money on your mind, like it is everybody, and they literally worship the image of money)" was not meant to be taken literally about some debit technology still 2,000 years in the future. That the numbers 666 of the letters also added up to the name for Emperor Nero, an opponent of the church, just demonstrates how clever the author John was at picking out symbolism his readers in his day would "get."

    You've been buying and selling all your lives with the marks of the beast. Some of you even once used the old Deutsche Marks of the Beast.

    The John who wrote the book of Revelation (the Apocalypse) is simply trying to reinterpret Daniel and other Old Testament books to fit in with events of his own several Centuries later time period ( very near the time of the eruption of the Fiery Pit of Brimstone of Mount Vesuvius which had just destroyed the Roman cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum in an "Act of God") at the end of the 1st Century, the same way Televangelists are trying to interpret the Apocalypse of John (the book of Revelation) to make it fit in with Twenty Centuries later events of their own time period today. Two thousand years and they are still cherry picking scripture passages and predicting Gloom & Doom for everybody else but themselves.

    Preachers and Priests spinning Bible verses as prophecy for modern times makes about as much sense as listening to 14-year-olds try to predict prophecy out of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. Or listening to 9-year-olds still trying to justify their belief in Santa Claus. Faith makes it so.


    This does not mean we are not Spiritual Beings (Souls) having a Human (Beastly) experience here on Earth, or that there isn't Supreme Being expressed in Dimensions that physically incarnated bipedal hominids have trouble comprehending or explaining Gravity for. But it does mean you shouldn't let con-artist Priests and Preachers decide your politics for you for running a 21st Century World nearing an ecological and economic cata-strophe.

    The New Testament story is basically 2 different competing churches (the Gentile church and the Original Jewish Church) airing out philosophical differences (mud slinging at each other) using religious writing allegory in stories and letters. Re-read the New Testament sometime with this in mind and it will just jump off the pages at you. They really were adults arguing over whether God wanted penises circumcised. Red Flag!!! To write spiritually, in the spirit, is to write allegorically. To have a "spirit" or an "angel" come visit with you (or one of the churches) is allegorical for having a church leader come visit (or send a letter) with a religious doctrine message. "Hear, you who have ears to hear, what the Spirit says to the (7) churches!"

    All Old Testament kings were messiahs and christs "in the flesh." It was a title of office for both the Old Testament kings and the high priests. Anointing was just an Appointment of Office ritual. And Jesus of Nazareth was only one of several claimant "Messiah-kings" the Romans executed for sedition during that same time period.

    So if the first words out of a person's mouth, to justify some Biblical mumbo-jumbo they have been brainwashed by a preacher with is, "First, let me tell you I'm a Christian, but..." then it tells you right away that person doesn't even know what the terms "christ, anointed one, or messiah" really means.

    "There's your sign!"

    No adult with a normal level of reading comprehension can actually read the Bible and then still attend church. Preachers don't even read the Bible. They use a set of books that give them cherry picked (out of context) passages by topical subject matter (what ever topic is in the TV News bites this week) to write their sermons by each week so they can look and sound authoritative while "quoting scripture." Its a show, a scam, it's religious Performance Art, "Can I get an Amen! A Hallelujah!" You can go to any Bible bookstore and they'll be glad to sell you hundreds of books of sermon cheat sheets.

    There is a former slave of king Herod's, Simon, who crowned himself Messiah and rallied together some men and plundered the royal palaces at Jericho. He was captured and beheaded. A shepherd named Athronges crowned himself Messiah and launched an attack against Roman soldiers and was caught and executed. There were also claimed Messiahs named Hezekiah a bandit chief, Judas the Galilean and also his grandson Menahem, another Simon bar Giora and a Simon bar Kochba, all caught and executed for sedition against the State just like Jesus.

    And one of the biggest red flags of all for Intertestamental period (the centuries between the writings of most of what we call the Old Testament books and the first Christian New Testament Epistles) religious dogma text hoaxing is introducing Archangels into the story line and especially everybody's favorite Archangel, Gabriel (i.e. like in the non-Biblical books of Enoch), to give us some sort of Revelation:



    Even the Gospels death and resurrection story was a plagiarism.

    And since Jesus' and James' Church in Jerusalem was crushed (like Sodom) during the Jewish Rebellion of 70 CE, it is basically the Roman (Gentile) Anti-christ's church of Paul that survived and that they all attend today. Where a better place for the Adversary of Wisdom and Understanding to hide than right out in front in plain sight up at the Pulpit every Sabbath. Don't forget to pass the hat. And the Hebrew word for an "adversary" is simply "satan." There is no Devil with a capital "D" in the Old Testament the only 4 times the term is used, and there is no story of Lucifer and his fallen angels in the Bible. Lucifer, the nickname of a human king, was killed in 538 BCE by the Persian Messiah Cyrus The Great.

    There is a story as if God and Satan have been drinking all night together and make a bar bet over whether they can get Job to quit kissing God's ass if they only screw with him long enough. But that's the only time "Satan (for God's Adversary)" is used as a story character in the old Hebrew Scriptures. Not to worry though, once God sobered up from his mean drunk, he replaced Job with twice as much as he murdered just to win his bet. I wonder if those murdered by Acts of God feel like Grateful Dead?


    I guess that's my Sum-day Sermon from the Church of the Holy Tax Loophole for this week.

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