• November 2011
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    The Angel(s) & Archangel(s) Red Flags
    January 24, 2014
    6:46 pm
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    November 11, 2011
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    The Angel(s) & Archangel(s) Red Flags:

    Have I mentioned before I had my UFO/ET Conundrums back in '99 - '00 I had been working on a modern translation of the Bible, but with the books--for once--placed in actual chronological order so people could actually read the Bible without being confused whether they were reading "history" or "prophecy?"

    To just sit down and try to read the Bible as literature is almost impossible. I was well on my way to sorting out the "chronological problem" when there was a fire and I lost my computer and most of my hard copy files, research notes and library of books.

    Then I ran into a UFO flap that destroyed, as Carlos Castaneda would say, my "Description of Reality." ETs are Paradigm-Busters.

    I already knew that Greek idiom "angels" from the Alexandria, Egypt Koine Greek Old Testament Septuagint translations from the Hebrew idiom just meant "messengers." Likewise the Greek idiom "heaven (with all it's Greek Mt. Olympus baggage)" in the Hebrew idiom just meant "the sky or skies." In English Old Testaments we read the Sun and the Earth and Moon are located in heaven; and the birds fly and make their nests in heaven.

    So suddenly I became confronted with ET "Messengers" from the "Skies." Well Duh!


    But there are several red flags you can learn that expose that if people are not just outright con-artists and making Biblical sounding stuff up, then our Interdimensional Friends may be playing the old "Screen Memory" appearance game on them. It is very possible that Intermensionals (including Ghosts, which are a type of "messenger" are they not?) like to "appear" to the beholder in the form that the Interdimensional thinks the beholder needs to perceive/conceive at that time in their life.

    So now I had one foot in the "Messengers" from the "Skies" paradigm, and the other foot in the Stupid Dancing Naked Apes 9-to-5 work-a-day world inculcated by authority figures description of reality, and getting back to re-writing all my THE CHRONOLOGICAL BIBLE & THE GUIDE TO THE CHRONOLOGICAL BIBLE handbook sort of seemed like an awful lot of work with this new "Messengers" from the "Skies" and OBE experiences I had to assimilate.

    Lucifer and his fallen angels are one of those red flags:




    You have to dig a little deeper, but "Archangels" being mentioned by anybody is another of those red flags.

    It was during that Alexandria, Egypt period, we call the "Intertestamental Period," between when most of the Old Testament books had been written and collected that many of the non-canonical intertestamental Dead Sea Scrolls "books" were written and collected. This is a time when Angelogy
    ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Angelology )
    and writing about it became a "thing." It is during this time period that the idea of Archangels was invented, and note that only the book of Daniel in the Old Testament mentions "Archangels." The New Testament is a whole other can of worms where Matthew and Luke couldn't even agree on Jesus' human step-father, Joseph's, family tree, and by then Archangels were taken for granted as story characters.

    A quick reading of Daniel will show that it is a book combined of 2 different authors (absolutely different writing styles telling the same story); and a more careful reading shows anachronisms
    ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anachronism )
    that demonstrate the book was not written during the actual Babylonian exile but was a later Alexandrian Apocalyptic allegory Biblical fiction.

    The non-canonical Book(s) of Enoch--which Erich von Daniken and the Ancient Astronaut theories are based upon--are of these Archangel/Alexandrian Biblical fictions (I call them hoaxes). The easy Enoch anacrhonism to spot is Enoch claiming he looked upon the face of God who in appearance was like molten iron. And Enoch would have had to have written this 1000s of years before the Iron Age, and even 1000s of years before Noah's Flood.

    The hoax writers usually slip up and set their stories with backgrounds from their own later time period. "I looked upon the face of God and it was hard like Carbon Fiber!"

    Erich von Daniken's latest book claims Enoch built the Great Pyramid, although he never spotted this anachronism in the books he bases all his research on.

    I'm not saying ET wasn't flying around doing whatever it is that they do Paradigm Busting human beings back in the ancient days. ET flys around now Paradigm Busting, and so they were probably flying around then. The only thing we know about ETs for sure is, "They" like to fly."

    What I am saying is that not all "ancient" texts are authentic infallible texts written in stone by the finger of God, or even really by God inspired authors. Usually there is a Political Agenda behind most ancient religious texts. Whomever wrote the various books of Enoch were just the Hal Lindseys (The Late Great Planet Earth) of their day, cherry-picking Biblesque arguments and inconsistencies apologies and trying to explain things as they imagined them.

    Not all ancient texts are actual first-hand UFO close encounters or angel reports; they are just "inspirational" Biblical or scriptural fiction.

    And if you really want to separate the paranormal wheat from the chaff you need a working idea of the difference.

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