• November 2011
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    Some Personal UFO/ET Close Encounter Experiences
    February 19, 2018
    1:41 am
    cyber west hollyweird
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    November 11, 2011
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    Some Personal UFO/ET Close Encounter Experiences:

    Some people who have had Close Encounter experiences with UFOs & ETs don't exactly remember Little Gray Men, but have something like a post-hypnotic trance suggestion of remembering something like stopping their car to get a better look at a UFO and then becoming surrounded by very large eyed Owls or big eyed Deer instead of Gray ETs during their "Missing Time" alien abduction experiences.

    I have no Owl or Deer screen memories that I am conscious of, and only had one holographic figure Reptilian experience. When I asked him why he didn't show himself fully physical, he replied that at that time (early in my Close Encounters) I would be frightened if the experience was too physically real. So some things I've always been left questioning is were the experiences all "real" or was my "mind" filling in the blanks of non-ordinary reality like it does with Rorschach ink blots, except with audio and your other senses included. I actually got a message in what I came to believe was this same "Reptilian Telepathic voice in my head" that I had burglars cutting a hole in the fence over by the BNSF Railroad tracks, and when I got over there I captured a stolen U-Haul truck the burglars got stuck trying to get away from me after they had already cut the fence and cut locks off 3 freight trailers full of Nike sporting goods. I got an at-a-boy from the Federal Task Force that works the Interstate Freight Yards. Was it a real Telepathic ET message, or was it just some form of Intuition? Sounded just like a very specific voice message to me enough that I responded to it and stopped a burglary in progress. Some people get Guardian Angels, and I got a fracking Reptilian's voice that night.

    Keep in mind that during my amnesia periods of "missing time" ET knew there would be no trucks dropping off or picking up trailers (or intermodal containers), or surprise supervisor visits, so there were no witnesses to our "Missing" time except for James and I being each other's witness (which meant ET screwed us because "They" left us no room to try and mentally explain it away since it happened to both of us together). Sometimes I think ET is the Native American Trickster "Coyote." And, of course, once in awhile we would see a coyote out there where we were almost on the State line with Mississippi. Maybe ETs are Carlos Castaneda's shaman's "allies." Which is why I like to say, "Extraterrestrial is what we call them, and 'Alien' is how They behave." ET seems aware of the whole human synchronicity surrounding our activities.

    Of course, I've had none of the negative experiences that others do report. Not even any bad dreams.

    One of the reasons I suffer with insomnia is I did so much security work on the graveyard shift playing cat & mouse with burglars (as well as lab rat to UFOs, at work, I had over 30 sightings I kept track of in my pocket security notebook, and 3 episodes of missing time during that flap). James and I were both on duty at work when we came up with an hour and twenty minutes of missing time (amnesia) after a cigar-shaped UFO hovered over us and hit us with some sort of blue/gray beam. And no, we did not make any "official" report on our Nightly Report Record sheets, because ET didn't appear to be stealing anything from work other than our sanity.

    Besides being Captain and head of security out at the 60-acre Intermodal freight yard where this happened, I was a year working with the Military Police and Department of the Army Civilian Police (DACPs we called them) and also armed security for Special Forces out at Camp Mackall ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/.....mp_Mackall ) which is out in the middle of nowhere with all those same signs as Area-51 about "No Photography Allowed" and "Use of Deadly Force Authorized." I was the "Deadly Force Cammo Dude." And sometimes there are very good reasons to keep Journalist and cameras away from National Security concerns. I've also worked undercover (theft) for NCIS when I was stationed at Marine Corps Air Station Yuma. Just saying, there is more to my "security" credentials background than work I've done as a rent-a-cop for an apartment complex dealing with Raccoons getting into kitchen cabinets.

    The one Owl incident I did have that kind of spooked me was also at work, at night, when an owl circled over me staring down at me behind a warehouse where we had stacks of palettes about 3 deep; 6 wide and 20 feet high. My thinking at the time was maybe "she" had a nest with chicks near by and might not like me making a foot patrol too near the trees. I never saw this owl again.

    One of the reasons I know UFOs are not ours is because when I was a young paratrooper I was re-assigned to anti-aircraft missile Air Defense. We had to be experts in Aircraft Recognition of all of Our's and NATO and (Communist) Warsaw Pact Military aircraft and flight characteristics. And you don't want to accidentally shoot down any civilian airliners. I've also stood below large cargo CH-47 Chinook helicopters hovering over me being the guy holding the harness up to the helicopter's hook so they can lift a truck up and away off to some other LZ (Landing Zone). I've parachuted out of helicopters as well as several types of planes. So I've been up close and personal from all sorts of angles to our military aircraft including fighter jets practicing dive bombing my position while I practiced putting a heat seeking missile up their exhaust pipe--so close up the pilots and I could wave at each other.

    Later I would move into becoming a repair technician of Air Traffic Control electronic systems and literally spent months out between Air Station runways at the TACAN site or mobile ATC vans watching every aircraft in our inventory do touch-and-goes or practice Aircraft Carrier landing procedures. I've been the keeper of the keys to the Radar video and audio recorder that would capture the screen images if Radar or Air Traffic Controllers picked up any UFOs (which I heard zero rumors of, btw). Later I was selected to be an Instructor in Air Traffic Control electronic systems repair at the old Naval Air Technical Training Center, Naval Air Station Memphis.

    So when I say (preaching to the choir) a cigar shaped UFO hovered over James and I hitting us with some sort of blue/gray beam, that when it first came out stopped about 10 feet in the air above the ground--just high strangeness stopped in mid-air--and then engulfed us both in light, I can be pretty sure it was not any of our technology because we have not learned how to stop a spotlight aimed at the ground from hitting the ground with its light yet. They were demonstrating this to make a point. The next point they demonstrated was an hour-and-twenty-minutes of "missing time" amnesia.

    Everything "They" did, in my case, seemed to be some sort of demonstrations. To what ends I've never figured out because I have very little influence on anybody. If I had a dollar for every time a family member or friend said, "I believe, you believe, you experienced something," about UFOs.

    I've not done the hypnosis regression yet, mainly because it costs a bit. Usually you have to fly somewhere and stay in a hotel and then pay for the therapist sessions. Since I haven't had any nightmares there seems no need for the expense. Some day I'd like to do the hypnosis thing just to better recall what those marvelous craft's details were like. Maybe scratch build some models. And, of course, also find out what happened during the episodes of missing time amnesia.

    I don't know if the amnesia happens because we get so frightened by the alieness of the experience (sort of what the holographic Reptilian vision suggested) and block it out, or if the ETs simply give us some sort of post-hypnotic suggestion to forget whatever it was They were up to, "We gave you a colonoscopy check-up while you were wide awake Pal, but don't worry you won't remember a thing."

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