• November 2011
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    WARNING: Playing with UFOs can Be Mind-bending!
    July 14, 2013
    8:55 am
    North America mostly
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    November 11, 2011
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    Dawson had written one of his Fear & Loathing pieces warning some folks somewhat naive about the HAZARDS of going out UFO Hunting and seeking out alien Close Encounters of Any Numbered kind.

    So I thought he should post it here as a little advice for the would Be UFO Hunter in Us All.

    "So two things you must be clear in your mind about before you get all Patagonia or Bass Pro Shop outfitted up to go out in the field UFO Hunting is (1) are you really ready to suffer finding out you might be the hunted and not the hunter; and (2) are you willing to bear the mental consequences of something unpleasant happening to whomever you let tag along with you?"--Dawson

    July 14, 2013
    10:17 am
    cyber west hollyweird
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    November 11, 2011
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    WARNING: Playing with UFOs can be hazardous to your Mental Health!

    {NOTE: Due to recent software updates no links to other web sites can be made in these posts and all had to be removed}

    No matter how seriously or not you take my subject of my UFO/ET Conundrum, at least take away this idea that you had better truly know in your own heart that you are ready to suffer the consequences--for good or ill--of going out in the field and playing UFO Hunter.

    There is a very real Fear of the Unknown within the Human animal that is tied to our Survival Instincts ( Is that Unknown thing dangerous and could it squash me like a bug--will it eat eat me--animals instinctually comprehend the Law of the Great White Shark, "The World is a first-come, first-serve diner." ).

    Getting up close and personal with Cosmic Beings can be like being in a car wreck where everything suddenly goes into that high strangeness of slow-motion feeling and then the mind has to try to make a Rorschach ink blot pattern of "something similar to things known" out of a Close Encounter with either the Cosmic Unknown or perhaps even to the bipedal hominid "Unknowable." There are some things which just could be "Unknowable" to our little bipedal minds, ya' know.

    A Close Encounter of Any Numbered Kind becomes a SEE ( Significant Emotional Event; see Morris Massey's psychology works ) that forever changes the way you view your World and your Universe. And I say your World and your Universe because it no longer is the same World and same Universe almost everybody else you know lives in, in their Description of Reality.

    Think about that too for a moment.

    "Reality" epistemologically is nothing but a Description that you carry around in your head and agreed with yourself that everything is such and such and so and so, and basically drawn from your own limited experiences and what Authority Figures have inculcated into you since grade school. Get a job, get married, get picket fences, buy on credit and buy cemetery insurance. Thanks for the scripts Teachers!

    A Close Encounter is a "Paradigm Buster," it is a line crossed whence you cannot ever go back. Never! Let that sink In!

    For some people it can be simply devastating to suddenly comprehend that mankind is not the be-all and end-all of Anthropocentric Creation. I'll coin here "Cosmic Denial!"

    So two things you must be clear in your mind about before you get all Patagonia or Bass Pro Shop outfitted up to go out in the field UFO Hunting is (1) are you really ready to suffer finding out you might be the hunted and not the hunter; and (2) are you willing to bear the mental consequences of something unpleasant happening to whomever you let tag along with you?

    I was a professional (I got paid to do it) military calculated risk taker as a paratrooper. I came to grasp quickly I could be on the verge of Alien (to us) Contact and was willing to risk my personal safety against the regrets--for the rest of my life--of not attempting to make Extraterrestrial Contact.

    Since most (but not all) of what was happening during the UFO flap seemed to be happening around me I really wasn't worried about anybody Else's safety past warning them to be careful. There were only a few of us whom actually saw anything, and to everybody else it was just curious stories to wonder if we were pulling their leg or not.

    Then the night James M. got abducted put a whole new twist into the reality of playing with fire and getting burned. This was something I hadn't really considered and then once it happened it was too late to ever undo it.

    You cannot ever un-rape a rape victim.

    So if you decide to play UFO Hunter it is one thing, but you had better explain truly well what the consequences of going out in the field can happen to anybody else that wants to tag along with you. James had said he wanted to see a UFO, and it was all fun & games; and instead he got abducted. Things Happen Out There playing around in the Unknown!

    Of course, most people don't comprehend that just taking a trip to the grocery store is a trip into the Unknown; you might never make it back. Some people don't. Things Happen Out There hanging around in the Unknown! The Unknown surrounds you all the time everywhere! You are surrounded by the Unknown sitting there all feeling comfy right now reading these characters emanating as gamma particles from across 4-D Minkowski Space-Time at the speed of light crossing from your computer Monitor to your eyes this very moment. Hate it when he does that!

    What? Okay, so you describe the "Unknown."

    Crap, I can't even find anybody brave enough to go camping with me anymore just in an RV in a National Park. I couldn't guarantee James safety and I can't guarantee anybody Else's safety, because Contact is Always Always Always on ET's terms.

    Of course, I don't have my camper anymore...but if anybody has an RV and is buying the beer and wants to go camping and sky watching sometime...

    Then...what happens if something does Happen? Who do you tell? Ufologist? Preaching to the choir. Both friends and relatives will think you've flipped out because "everybody knows" UFOs and little green men don't exist. Of course by this time you know they aren't green. Make sure to tell the folks at work so you can be out looking for a new job just as soon as they can look for an excuse to get rid of you, slow economics and all you know.

    The fact is you are living on a planet populated by superstitious bipedal hive animals whom are in Denial of a Greater and Busier Galaxy than they have a clue about...and probably never will. You see, they all have a "Book," which they usually haven't even read, that tells them so, and what is what, and Authority Figures to reinforce this idea for a small tax free donation.

    So what would you do if a Cosmic Being landed in a UFO and stood in front of you and said "We want you to do your darnedest to wise up these Stupid Dancing Naked Apes that there is a Galactic Reality larger than killing each other over turf and shiny metal and pretty rocks and pieces of paper," but forgot to mention how you were supposed to wise them up?

    You forgot to tell us how!

    Must be in the missing time amnesia...

    When I asked "Them" for some "evidence" I could take back to prove to mankind we are being visited "They" told me "Abductees are the evidence!"

    Go Figure!

    It's an ET/UFO Conundrum.

    ---------- Forwarded message ---------
    From: Dawson
    Date: Tue, Jul 2, 2013 at 7:24 PM
    Subject: Fwd: Playing with UFOs can be mind-bending
    To: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    You probably read the Alejandro Rojas HuffPost article about Doug Trumbull going UFO Hunting to get himself a UFO caught on film.
    And then here is Trumbull's own site about about this you can reference.


    So I sent Doug a bit of a warning that ET might be watching him back if he goes in the field to watch for "Them." Then I edited it a little and forwarded it to Stephen Elliot of The Daily Rumpus since he casually dropped the UFOs along the Hudson River subject today.
    Both Doug and Stephen might be interesting future C2C interviews for you.
    But since Doug actually worked on Kubrick's & Clarke's 2001: A Space Odyssey I figured I'd name drop you as an important Ufologist of Record he might want to contact.
    As far as reading through my Warning to him about Playing with UFOs, it doesn't matter if you agree or disagree with my "telepathy" and ESP explanations. This is just the best way I can describe the "Unknown" from my own first hand experiences in such a way as I think is a fair starting point compared to most explanations I've studied. I like to think it's eclectic.
    But eclecticism is also in the eye of the beholder.

    And, as usual for new contacts I have to start out with "Back in the old days I used to be a credible witness...," and collection of pics.

    ---------- Forwarded message ----------
    From: Dawson
    Date: Tue, Jul 2, 2013 at 3:34 PM
    Subject: Fwd: Playing with UFOs can be mind-bending
    To: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Saw in your latest "Rumpus" you had been "talking" about UFOs. Thought you might enjoy this piece I sent to Doug Trumbull, who worked on the Special FX way way way back on Kubrick's feature 2001: A Space Odyssey.

    Seems Doug has outfitted his Hummer with state-of-the-art camera equipment to become a UFO Hunter and catch him a UFO (on film).

    The problem can be, of course, what if the ETs/UFO catches him, or a side-kick, first?

    I call this a "piece" instead of a letter or email because it is actually derived from another short piece for my (below) mentioned book on the Great Economic Downturn of the Cyber Age.

    But as I point out, no matter what angle you look at what I like to refer to as my UFO/ET Conundrum, there is no future of mankind in which Close Encounter Conversations are not part of the landscape.

    And, oh yeah, Playing with UFOs can get you "Paradigm Busted!"

    (Your friendly neighborhood Alien Abductee)

    ---------- Forwarded message ----------
    From: Dawson
    Date: Thu, Jun 27, 2013 at 8:55 AM
    Subject: Playing with UFOs can be mind-bending
    To: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Saw the Alejandro Rojas HuffPost article about your outfitted Hummer and attempts to "film" an "actual" UFO.

    I taught college classes in Air Traffic Control electronic systems at the Naval Air Technical Training Center, (old) Naval Air Station, Memphis as a Marine Corps MOS instructor. I spent 8.5 years in Air Traffic Control units to include a year over in Japan. Before that I spent 3 years in the paratroopers in an Air Defense unit as a SAM missile gunner, team chief and expert in aircraft recognition (don't want to shoot down our own planes or civilian airliners now do we). I also was called back up to Active Duty for 2 years after 9/11 for Homeland Security where I worked with DACP, MPs and was armed security for Special Forces out at Camp Mackall. In between tours I taught classes in physics for electronics and was a field service engineer for nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy and imaging equipment for Siemens Medical Systems.

    I'm also your friendly neighborhood Alien Abductee.

    Investigative Journalist and Ufologist George Knapp, TV 8 News Las Vegas, has copies of my military, civilian and UFO documents. I consider George one of the most level headed guys in the field.

    Back in '99 and into '00 I was part of a 6 month UFO flap when I was head of security (Captain) at a 60 acre Intermodal freight yard just south of Memphis, TN. I documented over 30 sightings and 3 cases of missing time. In one instance myself and my lieutenant both came up with an hour and twenty minutes of missing time after a silent cigar shape UFO flew over us and put a blue/gray beam on us. I'm not sure where this example image comes from (although it is triangle in shape) but this is as close to what I've been able to find to what it looked like that early morning. The globe like lights look about right though.

    And I've worked around; hooked trucks up beneath hovering; ridden in and parachuted out of helicopters. That, it was not.

    Keep in mind this was not happening to people at home in bed with sleep paralysis, this was happening right off the lot at work at like 4:20am.

    One of the things not mentioned in this report (with the attached images) of the NUFORC letter from Peter Davenport about the 9/7/99 UFO Fireball/Pulser shuttle-craft drawing I made, was there was also a Minister from Tampa, FL (Pastor Len Sane I think his name is) who did some work with the Chaplin's office at MacDill Air Force Base (also where Headquarters U.S. Special Operations Command is located) had a sighting that same exact morning, as he went out to get his morning newspaper, that he originally described almost exactly as my first impressions of thinking he was seeing an airliner in trouble and engulfed in flames.

    Later he found out from his work with the base that some F-16s had been sent up to intercept the Fireball/Pulser craft and one of the pilots had been very upset because the thing turned off his engine and he had to re-fire it while he was falling out of the sky.

    Later I would conclude the "Fireball effect" was probably plasma being ignited by an exactly replicating "pulsing (electromagnetic?)" field around the craft. I can remember having the thought at the time, "Well no wonder ancient man called them chariots of fire." If a "disk" is a Ford, that Fireball/Pulser craft was the Ferrari of UFOs.

    By the way, of my 30 plus sightings I never saw a classic "disk." I did see one group of 3 fluorescent white boomerang craft.

    I've never gone the hypnotic regression route yet. I've had a couple of offers if I wanted to travel and pay for sessions. I'll be damned if I'll pay someone to use me for their case study.

    Most sightings lasted 20 seconds or less. Sounds fast, but not to the trained Air Defense eye. Twenty seconds is following a racing car on TV at 200mph for half-a-lap at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. But even if I'd had a camera I would never have been quick enough to fumble around and use it for most UFO encounters.

    Unless "They" have decided to get up close and personal.

    Let's cut to the chase: Contact is only on ETs terms. Let that sink in real good for a few moments.

    The mountain gorilla doesn't get to dictate terms to the field biologist who shoots him with a tranquilizer dart, gives him a medical exam and then puts on a tracking device.

    "They'" know you are sitting out there watching. Even if "They" don't show up.

    "They" are not Movie or Syfylys channel Pretentious Cretins with humanesque fallibilities whom somehow still manage to design and operate way beyond our understanding and capabilities Advanced Technology.

    We are talking about telepathic beings. Telepathy is not like (Air Traffic Control) radio or cell phones. Telepathy is direct Soul-to-Soul communication through the "matrix" of the dimensions of the "Other Side" we refer to as "Death." You might need to read that a few times and let that really sink in too. You've read about OBEs (Out of Body Experiences), and the Soul does exist and ET can yank it Out of your Body. I've 2 late uncles were Southern Baptist ministers that couldn't prove the existence of the Soul that way.

    Ever thought about all these UFO sightings and SETI isn't getting any radio signals. Telepathic Beings don't need radio.

    If you haven't tried it yet, you might want to take a generator along and a portable search light. Shine it up in the sky at one point (you don't have to spin it around--again, "They" already know you are going out there) and make a statement, "I'm right here like a squirrel coming for peanuts waiting to see if you'll accept me for Contact." For me the old Mag Lite I shined at "Them" was like a signal it was okay to come hover right over top of us. I'd get a cop flashlight holder and put on your belt and always have a light there all the time in the field in case you get to make a signal "personal."

    I can go into more details if you bother to write back. But I won't bullshit around about what you are attempting to do.

    "Contact" is not some sci-fi story thing about the future. "Contact" is going on right now and has been for some time. But "They" set the rules. I like to say, "Extraterrestrial is what we call 'Them,' Alien is how 'They' behave." And, again, Contact is always on "Their" terms!

    And if you take somebody out in the field with you, you have to be absolutely sure in your heart you are prepared for the consequences of what "Contact," or just a sighting, might do to their bipedal hominid self image coming face to face with the very real Fear of the Unknown. It's not all fun and games. "Things" happen to people. There were times after I figured out "They" were putting on a demonstration to get my attention and I started letting them know I was making myself available for "Contact," I was still standing out there with my knees knocking together watching and waiting. If "They" decide to come grab your pal there isn't any protesting that will do you any good to stop it--so remember that!

    And if "They" grab you...well, you bought the ticket, take the ride.

    But I find your project laudable and interesting (maybe a little naive) and thought if you have any questions, you might need an experienced sounding board for, I'm not doing much but playing the Disabled Vet (yeah, I got hurt on Homeland Security) right now and working on my own book, working title: Fear & Loathing In The Great Economic Downturn Of The Cyber Age.

    I also like to call ET "Paradigm Busters." Just coming face to face with the Real "Unknown" will destroy your normal Description of Reality that you carry around inside your head. There is a big difference between accepting the intellectual idea that we are probably having visitors and coming face to face with a first hand up close and personal Close Encounter with Cosmic Beings and Mind-readers.

    Like I said, even if you go out in the field and they don't put on a show for you, telepathic beings already know exactly where you are because your Soul always attaches you to the "Other Side." We are not Alone, not even inside our own heads.

    On a lighter note you may enjoy the other UFO stories from our Apocalypse & Armageddon web site.
    And you might find just a general perusal of the web site articles of interest.


    Think of them as by someone who has been "Paradigm Busted" and had to start from scratch rebuilding a new Description of Reality for a busier Cosmos than any of my authority figures inculcated into me from my childhood. One foot in the Stupid Dancing Naked Apes 9-to-5 world, and the other foot in a very busy Universe.

    I may sound a little irreverent to such a serious subject (I do take it serious, but not myself), but I've understood for a long time now that for me using the dry scientific method is a waste of time reaching people. Most people's defense of their Description of Reality--and that's all it is epistemologically, it is just a personal Rorschach description of the universe surrounding them--is like listening to seven year-olds still trying to make an argument that Santa Claus exists.

    Just a few things to think about.


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