• November 2011
  • The 9-Dimensional Space-Frequency Continuum Within & Without You|The 9-Dimensional Space-Frequency Continuum Within You & Without You|Forum|Forum: Apocalypse & Armageddon

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    The 9-Dimensional Space-Frequency Continuum Within & Without You
    August 3, 2016
    9:27 pm
    North America mostly
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    November 11, 2011
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    NOTE: Dawson once again asked me to post this piece for him because he was having problems including links. Who knew we were made up of 37.2 trillion cells all chock full of atoms spinning at audio frequencies of about 2,000 times-per-second.



    My little sister got me to write this piece (below) on 9-D for the A&A web site.

    This makes no attempt to explain String Theory Quantum Entanglement Higher "Dimensions" associated with the Unified Field of Death & the "Other Side" or the Fabric of Gravitational Dark Matter & Energy.

    Q: moondansyr

    So 5-D might be x+y+z+T+E
    E = actual experience
    Experience would entail touch, audio, scent, etc.

    A: Dawson

    Just like people get confused by phrases like "Space-Time Continuum" which simply means any width-height-depth x-y-z axes Volume--like your room--through which "Time" measurement by your watch changes "Continuously" in an almost never-ending continuum (until the batteries stop) with your metabolic/catabolic aging, just as obvious as the nose on your face.

    People don't realize that the term "Dimension" is just a synonym for a measuring "Magnitude."

    Like Uncle Albert said, "They want to turn 'magnitudes' into some kind of occult dimensions."

    "The non-mathematician is seized by a mysterious shuddering
    when he hears of "four-dimensional" things,
    by feeling not unlike that awakened by thoughts of the occult.
    And yet there is no more common-place statement than that
    the world in which we live
    is a four-dimensional space-time continuum."
    —-Albert Einstein, Special Theory of Relativity, chapter 17, Minkowski's Four-Dimensional Space

    Don't make it so "esoteric." A "Dimension" is just a type of measuring ruler.

    The 1st dimension/magnitude is actually "Time (not the 4th)" because it takes Time t1; t2; t3; t4; t5...to ponder the next 3 magnitudes of Space measurement width-height-depth x-y-z axes which are referral/reference lines of massless points stretching forever into infinity.

    Maybe we should have called it the Continuum of "Time-Space."

    But for convenience we need to measure the combination of the first 4-dimensions/magnitudes of Hermann Minkowski (and not "Einsteinian") "space-time" which together make up the 5th magnitude/dimension of a "Volume" of empty space, like your room BEING empty space without any furniture (except the imaginary anthropocentric clock projected on the wall).

    Think of the t-x-y-z 5th dimension "Volume" like that proverbial half-full or half-empty glass. Or 6th-Dimension "Density" of a completely empty Volume glass, or 6th-Dimension Density of a completely full of 5th-Dimension H2O molecules glass.

    So a 5th-Dimension/magnitude of t-x-y-z-v may be a massless Volume-Density of a 35,400-mile cubed area volume vacuum of outer space the exact same size as the gravitational collection of t-x-y-z-v-d 6th-dimensions molecules-Density we call the Earth along with it's lighter elements atmosphere reaching out all-over above the ground some 6,200 miles into the Exosphere.

    Most Volumes of Space-Time actually "appear" to be empty between the atoms or between the Stars.

    For example, we have no other Stars near our Sun in any gravitationally spherical x-y-z axes dimensions within 4 light-years, or less than about 24 trillion miles away distance, of "empty space" across the Milky Way.

    But there is an "Ambient Background Motion" to everything that fills the Time-x-y-z-Volume-Density dimensions of the Universe. So although you "feel" like you are sitting still there in front of your computer monitor, the 6th-dimensions of you, your room and your house are all moving at about 1,042 miles-per-hour with the rotation of the Earth through its own Time-x-y-z-v-Density of all the Space-Time-Volume of the Earth.

    The very Volume-Density dimensions of collection of molecules which make up your body, your room, your house and gravitationally the Earth are also moving at another 67,000 miles-per-hour "around" our closest star we call the Sun. And collectively the Volume-Density 6-dimensions of molecules that make up you, your room, your house, the Earth, and the Volume of Space-Time of the Sun and the Solar System are moving at an additional 514,000 miles-per-hour around the Minkowski Time-x-y-z-Space-Volume-Density of the Milky Way galaxy.

    And you thought you were just sitting here taking up your own Space-Time continuum reading about common everyday life lived in the first 6-Dimensions.

    But wait a minute. The human body is made up of 37.2 trillion cells, none of which by-and-of themselves make up that abstract concept called "Your Mind" or Experience-Memory (in this case short-term memory as you read this in your home Time continuum), and 60% of you which is made up of molecules of water, H2O. And in the Earth's natural background magnetic field those Hydrogen protons have a spin, on average, in the audio frequency range of 2kHz, or spinning at 2,000 times-per-second or spinning 7,200,000 times-per-hour.

    You are a very busy person just "sitting still."

    Increase that background magnetic field using a liquid helium cooled superconductor magnet, like in a 63Mhz radio frequency medical MRI unit, and the spin of all those Hydrogen protons in your body goes up to 226.8 Billion-times-per-hour.

    In other words, there is a whole lot of ambient background motion going on in the Universe, just in your body, not to mention the Volume-Density of your body, your room, your house moving with the rotation of the Volume-Density of the Earth in its ambient magnetic field to every molecule moving gravitationally with the Sun through the Volume-Density of the Solar System through the ambient background Minkowski Space-Time continuum Volume of the whole Milky Way galaxy.

    And with all that Gravitational-Inverse-Square-Law ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/.....square_law ) tangential velocity motion we come to the t-x-y-z-v-d dimensions of "Volume-times-Density" which gives us the 7th-Dimension of Mass. And each "Quantum" or "Quantity" of a Volume of Space-Time-Density can be broken down into its discrete "Quantity" of (quantum-particle) Mass according to its own motion Relativity to the Ambient Background Motion of, well, it's background body, room, house, Planet, Star, Solar System, Galaxy and the Universe itself. The 7th-Dimension of "Mass," like variable Magnetic Field Strength Nuclear Spin, is Relative to its background environment and motions.

    And your body's atoms, room, house, Planet, Sun and Solar Systems are all in various tangential velocity motions (a fancy way of saying something orbits something else without falling and crashing into it) around the Galaxy which have a resultant gravitational 8th-Dimension "Cycle," of say, like between 365 days for the Earth "around" the Sun, to the Sun's own 8th-Dimension (gravitationally tangential velocity) "Cycle" around the Milky Way of about 250 million anthropocentric years.

    Then on the Cosmic scale, as these 8th-Dimension t-x-y-z-v-d-m-Cycles repeat themselves (continuously) you have the 9th-Dimensions of Cosmic "Frequencies," or "Frequency Continuum."

    And all "Cosmic" Frequencies from the orbital angular momentum cycle-frequency of electrons to atomic nuclei (you might recall Planck's Constant--the Quantum of Action), to the orbital angular momentum cycle-frequency of Stars around their Galaxies are "Reciprocals" to the very first continuum of anthropocentric "Time" projected upon the Volumes of anthropocentric dimension-rulers of measured x-y-z axes "Space."

    Space is not some flat 2-D CGI plane on some "science" TV docu-channel that can be "folded" like 2-D paper by some TV celebrity physicist.

    So the 9th-Dimension of Frequency is the reciprocal of the 1st-Dimension of Time; and the 1st-magnitude of Time is the reciprocal of the 9th-magnitude of Frequency that we live within in common everyday life within the Universe. And F = 1/T & T = 1/F in the everyday t-x-y-z-v-d-m-c-f (and fractional division magnitudes thereof) Space-Frequency Continuum.

    We don't live in 3-D like--frozen in time--marble statues, we live in the mass motions of the everyday space-frequency continuum of 9-D.


    August 3, 2016
    9:43 pm
    cyber west hollyweird
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    November 11, 2011
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    August 3, 2016
    10:19 pm
    North America mostly
    Forum Posts: 174
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    November 11, 2011
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    DJ Sadhu Helical Vortex 4-D CGI

    Here is a good CGI to help you visualize what's been explained (above) about how the Earth and other planets are actually traveling in spirals following the Sun's passage around the Milky Way Galaxy through the Minkowski 4-D Space-Time & the 9-D Space-Frequency continuum.

    This comes from DJ Sadhu's, "I'm a DJ, not a scientist, damnit!" web site:

    Here is DJ Sadhu's YouTube link for the Helical Vortex 4-D CGI:

    Part II (Inspired by the model published by the late Dr. Keshava Bhat, M. Sc., Ph.D):


    Well, I might not be a DJ, damnit, but I've been a field service engineer for Siemens in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy and Imaging systems; taught college classes in Air Traffic Control electronic systems for the Department of Defense and taught Physics for electromagnetism theory, and I say these are totally entertaining CGI videos.

    August 3, 2016
    10:25 pm
    North America mostly
    Forum Posts: 174
    Member Since:
    November 11, 2011
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    For the Full, Time Travel Conundrum:



    Minkowski 4-D Space-Time-Continuum demonstrated with a Basketball & a BB:



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