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    The Tarot and the Mnemonics of the Gnostic Cycle of Learning from The Apocryphon (The Book of the Secret)
    December 13, 2016
    9:57 am
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    The Tarot & The Circle Of Iron

    Within the 22 Trump Cards of the Tarot deck's Major Arcana are illustrations of the Gnostic Circle of Knowledge (gnosis)...Before his Death Bruce Lee was working on a Zen (zazen) based Screenplay which eventually was produced as the feature film CIRCLE OF IRON (which had the Gnostic Path that is not obvious to the seeker from The Quran's THE CAVE, 18 al-Kahf 65. - 82.).

    THE TAROT except from THE APOCRYPHON a Story of Nostradamus:

    Then as Nostredame refills the pipe's bowl and relights it, he tells de Chavigny, "Jean Aymes, it is now your turn. Show Louis the lessons of the mnemonics in the Tarot cards."

    Jean Aymes fetches a small wooden box from which he takes a hand drawn deck of Tarocco cards that had once belonged to Botticelli. He takes the top twenty-two cards and lays them on the desk in a figure-eight. He says to Louis, "Notice how the cards perfectly form the emblem for infinitude" he emphasized with the inflection of his voice, then continued with, "when laid out in the proper sequence, they form the mnemonics of the Gnostic cycle of learning, the Mystic Seeker's Path.

    "Starting with the unnumbered card," Jean Aymes points at a card, "at different times of our lives we are like THE FOOL, whom recognizes there is something he is lacking, but is yet unsure of what he is searching for to give him the meaning of life.

    Sooner or later in his search he crosses the path of THE MAGICIAN, usually a charlatan," he says as he now points to the next card numbered one, and continues with, "and although not really a man of knowledge himself, is clever enough to inadvertently point The Fool in the right direction.

    "But before one can come to real understanding," he goes on, "one must overcome the conservative pedantry of the ruling powers of the status quo, represented by THE HIGH PRIESTESS; THE EMPRESS; THE EMPEROR and THE HIGH PRIEST," he says as he taps his finger on each card in their Order.

    "Once one perceives the fallaciousness in most public leadership, one can leave one's older political and religious conceptions behind, as if he leaves his Mother, to cleave to another, the Gnosis he seeks, represented by THE LOVERS..

    "THE CHARIOT," he tells Louis as he points to the next card in the figure-eight, "is the persona of the seeker that he rides and projects to the world, for he is among the world and the world does not know him."

    Then looking to Nostredame and then back to Louis, he tells the boy, "By now the seeker has learned that JUSTICE, ‘Doing unto others as you would have them do unto you,' is a double-edged sword, as you will not always be treated Ethically by others but instead by their expedient Mores. Ethics and morals are not the same thing. For it is a moral act to burn a ‘witch' at the stake, but that it is not Ethical to execute someone just because their Beliefs are different," and here Jean Aymes points out the two-edged sword drawn in the blindfolded lady's hand.

    Seeing Louis shake his head in recognition, he points to the next card and says, "Peter, THE HERMIT, is the last card before the crossroads, and shows the seeker turning away from the day-to-day concerns of the world to follow his Path, by land or by sea, by Illumination." Now he points to Peter carrying his veil lamp before him to illuminate his path in the card's illustration.

    Jean Aymes smiles as he lifts the top crossing card from off of the bottom crossing card, and says, THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE symbolizes the mid-point on the Seeker's Path where he wonders if the meaning of life is not just a wild ride on the seeming merry-go-round of life's fortunes." He waited until the boy looked up from the crossing card and winked knowingly, and then he laid the top crossing card back upon it."

    He poured a cup of water from a pitcher on Nostredame's desk, took a drink, and then began with the first card of the second half-cycle of the card's figure-eight. "By now, the seeker has learned the FORTITUDE to stay on the path of Gnosis. He has learned that it is not God that has punished him with the sufferings that one runs into of everyday life, but that lessons are common to all mankind, everywhere.

    Thus," he went on, "THE HANGED MAN stands for this reversal in a man of knowledge's description of reality.

    This brings about the DEATH of childish superstitions."

    Jean Aymes points to the next card, and adds, "Now, self-disciplined TEMPERANCE will allow the seeker to control the appetites of the Beast within Man, symbolized by THE DEVIL.

    "THE LIGHTNING STRUCK TOWER is the inner illumination that appears to come from above like a flash of light," he says, and then adds, "notice that the lightning bolt has destroyed a church's bell tower?"
    "Yes," noted Louis, "we once had a church bell ringer fried by lightning. The Priest always insisted he ring the bell at the beginning of storms as an alarm warning for the congregation."
    Hearing this Nostredame almost choked on his last puff of tobacco as he chuckled at the stupidity of sending someone to the highest point in a building to ring a large metal instrument during a thunderstorm.

    After they all regained their composure, Jean Aymes continued with the lesson. "THE STAR is the symbol for the minute light that draws itself to the attention of a man surrounded by Darkness. The stars are focusing points of wonder that lead a man of knowledge to recognize that the Earth is located, as it is, itself in the Heavens. Thus," he goes on, "there are greater realities to perceive and comprehend than just our day-to-day existence.

    "THE MOON," he said, "symbolizes the madness in an illusionary reflected illumination of a lesser great light. A religion that preaches turning the other cheek, and then burns dissidents at the stake is an example of conception through a lunar illume.

    "THE SUN, however, is the true irradiation of a life giving force from somewhere else, outside of the Earth, across the universe–thus the change is made through the agency of the radiant–for the seeker!

    "Now," cautions de Chavigny with the lesson, "a man of knowledge must speak with caution, for he will be Judged by others by the JUDGEMENT he makes.

    "And lastly," he concludes, "once again the seeker has come to the crossroads." Here he points to the top crossing card in the center of the figure-eight, and says, "In his own reflection he is again facing The Fool. For now The Seeker realizes that he is not really his own projected persona, but is, in reality, a tiny sentient facet of the universe existing in the synchronicity of THE WORLD," he summed, and took a drink of water.

    "Well done Jean Aymes," complemented Nostredame clapping his hands. Then he turns to young Louis, and says, "We will have to get you your own Tarocco deck. You must be careful, though, to avoid the superstitions surrounding the precognitive powers of the Tarot," he warns the boy.

    "Now Gentlemen," Nostredame tells them, "I have an appointment with Midnight, the navigator through the court of the crimson king. You must now leave me to my studies and see that I am not disturbed. For tonight I must drink the smoke of the lamp."

    As de Chavigny and the boy return their fezzes to the rack, Louis consoles Nostredame with, "Surely by your works you will become immortal!"

    Nostredame smiles at this, but Jean Aymes, however, reminds him, " ‘For a glimpse of heaven, men have died!' Do be careful Michel. Remember, the Cher-amen Agora turned the Norsemen into Berserkers."

    "Well, I hope I know what I'm doing," Nostredame replies lightly. Then changing the subject, he reminds Louis, "Don't forget you still have wood to chop and stack before bedtime." And with their adieus Nostredame is left in the study by himself.


    On How All Divination Systems Work:

    Whether using the Tarot Cards; The I Ching; Astrology (an actual individual chart) or any similar system...you are asking the Universe to show you a unique to you Event in the Space-Time Continuum. Nowhere else in the entire Universe is your Tarot card Singularity layout of the Archetypes of Transformation using the mnemonics of the Gnostic cycle of learning, the Mystic Seeker's Path, being presented for your Psyche to intuitively interpret as an Oracle from the Collective Unconsciousness of the Cosmos itself and It's Matrix of the Akashic Records for the occurrent moment. Your Oracle is a unique Singularity Psyche intuition event in the Life-Force of the Universe.


    December 13, 2016
    12:42 pm
    North America mostly
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    November 11, 2011
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    Having been asked about the symbolism in the artwork of the Tarot cards I separated out this section from the Nostradamus short story The Apocryphon (The Book of the Secret) and made it a short post all its own.

    Keep in mind over the Centuries (Nostradamus pun intended) many people have made their own interpretation--and drawn their own artwork--for what they think the symbolism of the Tarot deck should be.

    Here we are only interested in the artwork symbolism that matches the Mnemonics of the Gnostic Path of the Seeker's growth and transformation.

    This can be observed when watching the feature film CIRCLE OF IRON ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/.....le_of_Iron ) which was originally written as a Zen story before his death by Bruce Lee. Part of this story can also be found in the section of the Koran referred to as THE CAVE ( Quran: 18 al-Kahf 65. - 82.) where it is being referenced as coming from a more ancient source story of Moses from before the Old Testament story, which source I've yet to track down. But Bruce Lee included this "more complete version." After Lee's death in 1973, Stirling Silliphant & Stanley Man completed the screenplay. Bruce Lee's part of the Blind Monk was given to David Carradine of the KUNG FU TV show. Roddy McDowall, Eli Wallach and Christopher Lee were also in this
    Zazen movie that takes place in
    "A Land that Never Was, but Always Is."

    The Seeker's Path of Gnosis is always there, no matter the land and customs of your birth circumstances, whenever The Fool stumbles across it.

    ...and, btw, according to the History of the Ancient and Honorable Fraternity of Free and Accepted Masons, and Concordant Orders, Illustrated (edited from an earlier version by Benjamin Franklin) Published in 1891 by The Fraternity Publishing Company, the "G" in the Masonic Symbol of the Compass & the Square stands for "Gnostic." It's only a Path and Out of Many, one.


    December 13, 2016
    1:43 pm
    North America mostly
    Forum Posts: 174
    Member Since:
    November 11, 2011
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    For further reading about Nastydramasus (Nostradamus), including the full short story THE APOCRYPHON (THE BOOK OF THE SECRET):

    A ​Nostradamus & Biblical Ezra soma mushroom read: ​​The Apocryphon (The Book of the Secret): ​​ http://tinyurl.com/p4v3rb4


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