• November 2011
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    March 30, 2013
    8:52 am
    North America mostly
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    November 11, 2011
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    One of You sent me a question about a "Christian" "Friend" who seemed to be giving you some friendly needling about Saving your Soul from the wages of Sin. So I decided to pass this question along to Dawson, Our resident Theologian and Ufologist. I may have inadvertently unleashed the "gods" 'er, that's backwards, the "dogs" of war, Holy War. SOS!!!


    I've got a Christian friend asking me to research mirror neurons because he's afraid of what pornography is doing to our society, which I think is funny since porn is a byproduct of our society. Anyway, between that and this one conspiracy theory nut who is constantly sending me weird links (sometimes up to ten per day for over six months now), I am pretty over the weirdo whatnot. "Christian" wants me to read a tome on mirror neurons and I just don't have time. What are your scholarly thoughts on the Christian anti-porn ideas. This person wouldn't call himself anti-gay, per se, but through medicine he states that the mortality rate for homosexuals is far less than heterosexuals. And to that I say, "Quality over quantity. Everything balances out." The judgmental crap is getting on my nerves.

    July 30, 2014
    10:52 pm
    cyber west hollyweird
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    November 11, 2011
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    NOTE To Reader: These were written some time ago in response to the above question.

    It really bothers me when people who PARADE themselves around calling themselves "Christian," with a phony Moral Superiority to everybody else, keep wasting our time with searching for Justifications for their Bigotry. Justifications are not Answers, they are just Excuses.

    And just as soon as you pop one of their phony Justification balloons, they scurry off trying to sneak up behind you again with some other phony Justification balloon. Always full of Hot Air.

    If they spent as much time actually "Loving Their Neighbor As Themself" and quit searching for any (ironically often "scientific") excuse to claim the infallibility of their Priests & Preachers and their 2500 year old book(s) of Jewish Mythology mixed with some Historical Fiction that they also claim gives Them the Right--in the name of Their god (sic)--to Run The whole-wide World for the rest of us, then the World for the Rest Of Us would be a much nicer place.

    Organized Religion is the Curse on Mankind. How many Wars in the World right now are over Religion?

    Maybe some Future Generation will have the common sense to turn all churches and cathedrals of any meaningful architecture into museums, and the rest of the ugly churches into convenience stores.

    Keep in mind I was writing these "Steps" off top my head at the time and I might be calling (NSFW) fucking stupid religious cretins..., "fucking stupid religious cretins."

    I know from Twitter we get both Christian and Atheist readers, so I might as well state that I am a Pantheist and believe in both Supreme Being with a Sole Cosmic Soul, and I believe in what you refer to as an "After-life (after all I've had 2 spontaneous Soul-Out-Of-Body-Experiences while I was wide awake...not home in bed dreaming)." I've experienced the "Other" Dimensions of the Soul first hand, which is something neither of my Southern Baptist minister Uncles ever demonstrated for me.

    And I think when certain people die they are going to be really surprised on the "Other Side" to learn they wasted an awful lot of time they could have spent "Having A Life" simply trying to prove their Hate for other people was their god (sic) ordained. They are pissing off their Time in this Incarnation in Physical Being (Existence) with useless rituals & traditions, and filling the pockets of Con-artist clerics.

    But I don't believe in the "If you don't kiss my ass 24/7 I'll punish you for all eternity" descriptions (plural, there are several different ones) of God(s) as given in the Old & New Testaments. That's just Fetishism & Idolatry.

    With that stated, here were my responses to some fucking stupid religious cretins trying to make everybody else worry about if you imagine you are a Jet Pilot while watching and playing a video game it is just as "Sinful," due to Mirror Neurons, as dropping real bombs on real people. Or thinking that if you masturbate to porn it is the same as committing Adultery and god will french-fry your soul in Hell for all eternity after He grows hair on the palms of your hands. God, these neurotic religious fanatics are all preoccupied with Sex & Guilt. Have they decided yet whether only guys with circumcised penises can into Heaven yet?

    July 31, 2014
    1:43 am
    cyber west hollyweird
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    November 11, 2011
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    I've got a Christian friend asking me to research mirror neurons because he's afraid of what pornography is doing to our society, which I think is funny since porn is a byproduct of our society. Anyway, between that and this one conspiracy theory chick who is constantly sending me weird links (sometimes up to ten per day for over six months now), I am pretty over the weirdo anti-porn whatnot. "Christian" wants me to read a tome on mirror neurons and I just don't have time. What are your scholarly thoughts on the Christian anti-porn ideas. This person wouldn't call himself anti-gay, per se, but through medicine he states that the mortality rate for homosexuals is far less than heterosexuals. And to that I say, "Quality over quantity. Everything balances out." The judgmental crap is getting on my nerves.


    You do realize I can be a not so nice person when it comes to knowing that Religion is the number one enemy of a Free People. The Bible literally causes people to think delusionary.

    Can your "Christian" friend answer me why both Matthew and Luke are lying about Jesus' Family tree, beginning on page 1 of the New Testament? In other words the authors (plural) of the New Testament are making shit up from the very first page. And obviously for Political purposes.

    And you cannot hope to run a modern society on shit that was made up 2 millenniums ago.

    If he answers one genealogy of Matthew is for the Virgin Mary and the one in Luke is for step-daddy Joseph (their standard excuse; and also an outright lie), it shows right there he hasn't really read it. He is just repeating what preachers have told him. And Preachers are Professional Liars, because if they weren't they couldn't be a preacher.

    Play dumb when you ask questions and let him give you their standard pack of lies. They hate evolution but they sure play the tune of monkey hear, monkey say.

    You can't teach "spirituality" with lies.

    And neither genealogy in Matthew or Luke even match the family trees as given in the Old Testament.

    It only takes 15 minutes to write Matthew and Luke out side-by-side. But nobody ever does this. It is just too much trouble. It's also frightening to them to prove to theirselves that their sacred book was a scam from page one.

    So in 15 minutes by writing the genealogies out in parallel columns you can prove that the Bible is not the "Infallible" "Word of God" and is in fact, from the very beginning, the first page of the New Testament, a collection of Political writings trying to replace Judaism, which the Romans had run out of Jerusalem as a bunch of funking religious fanatics. It's where today we get the word "Zealot" from.

    And what's with the deal in the New Testament of grown men actually arguing over whether or not God wants only guys with circumcised penises in Heaven? That should be a Red Flag enough for anybody with a little common sense. "Nope, your penis looks ugly in God's eyes so you have to go straight to hell."

    Any good Psychiatry college textbook will tell you the Number One Reason for guilt and sexual neuroses is religion.

    Religion wants to control sex because it only wants children born into its own religion so it can take over the world on sheer reproductive numbers. This is what the abortion issue is really all about.

    The Catholic church is full of child molesters telling people they should throw their youth away raising unwanted children. Preaching is the number one Confidence-artist game in the world. And if we did not have laws in place to prevent it they would be burning people at the stake again still today. If they could get in control here it would be just as bad as it is in the Middle East bloodbath going on today. Can we say "Catholic & Protestant civil war in Ireland--and the fuckers are both "Christians." I compared 8 different churches' Bible versions, and there isn't enough of a difference in them, at all, for all their petty pointing fingers at each other to accuse each other of having the wrong Dogma in God's eyes. The wrongness is in the Priest's and Preacher's eyes.

    You can only have healthy sex after you are married in a God approved religion, and then you can only have sex for the procreation of children. Sex just for fun or recreation is a "Sin." They don't even know where the word "Sin" comes from.

    When Terah, Abraham's father, is taking his tribe of semites out of the land of their birth in Ur of Chaldea (Sumeria), they are leaving the land of "Sin" who was the Moon God (or the Moon personified as the god "Sin"). And all the Chaldeans who worshiped the Moon god Sin were called "Sinners."

    So all the Chaldeans who worshiped different than the migratory (bedouin-esque) semite Shemites (from Shem, the son of Noah of the flood story whom Terah and Abraham are descended from) are all "Sinners."

    So as the semite Shemites migrate to different regions of Mesopotamia, anyone they run into who worship differently (Moon gods, Sun gods, Sea gods etc..) become known as "sinners" as a term also. And "Sin" is just anybody not following semite Shemite social rules, which is pretty much everybody else in the known world. "Everybody but us is sinners," and does that still sound familiar thousands of year later?

    If you want to see "Original Sin" then just step right outside on a clear night and look up into the sky at the Man on the Moon.

    It is Abraham the semite Shemite who is first mentioned as being a "Hebrew."

    There are no "Jews" in the Bible yet, they aren't mentioned until the the book of Esther. "Jew" is basically a word that came into usage between the writing of (most of) the Old Testament books and the New Testament books. What scholars refer to as the Intertestamental period between the Old Testament Babylonian Empire through the Persian Empire and the inter-testamental Greeks to the coming of the New Testament Romans. It is by the usage of terms like "Jews" that we can date when certain books were actually written compared to when their author claims they were written. And king Ahasuerus, by-the-way, who Esther married, you know better by his Persian name of Xerxes whose Persian forces fought "The 300" Spartans at the battle of Thermopylae.

    There were no Israelites yet during the time of the semite Shemites Hebrews of Abraham. The Israelite term would come later with the sons of Jacob leaving the land of the Canaanites (a.k.a. the Phoenicians, who gave us the Phoenician alphabet and books from Byblos from where we get the term "Bible," the papyrus book) and migrating to Egypt. In actual Egyptian writings they refer to Jacob's progeny as only Canaanites.

    The real usage of the term Israelite isn't used until the Egyptians (their version) run (A)Moses and his Canaanites out of Egypt after the volcano Thera (Santorini) caused one of the largest eruptions in recorded history which caused a Tsunami that wiped out the Minoan culture and caused an ecological disaster in Egypt known as the 10 Plagues of the book of Exodus.

    And when the Egyptians ran the semites off, they were known then as the Hyksos Dynasty who then settled a city in Philistia (a.k.a. Palestine) called Jebus, which later would be called Salem, which later would be renamed Jeru-Salem. That is another way we can tell what time period a Biblical book was actually written in by how it names places when the author wrote it.

    And, by-the-way, at the beginning of the book of Joshua where God promises to give Joshua the entire Holy Land and no one will ever be able to stand against him; God lied. God didn't help Joshua overthrow Jeru-salem, which was then called Jebus (Joshua 15:63), "At Jerusalem, the men of Judah were unable to drive out the Jebusites who live there, and so to this day Jebusites and men of Judah live together in Jerusalem." Somehow they left that part out back when I used to go to church. Church left out a lot of stuff they don't like to talk about.

    Thus, the Palestinians are the Philistines who had settled in Canaan (Southern Phoenicia) well before the coming of the Jews (so whose land historically is it really) into the Kingdom of their God, which at the height of its combined powers of the Northern kingdom of Israel (Samaria, and Armageddon--the valley of Megiddo--by the way) and the Southern Kingdom of Judah (Jerusalem), was never much bigger than the State of New Jersey, for all of about 2 generations (David & Solomon) before they split it up again. Some Big Ol' Kingdom of God, ay! Funny how everybody everywhere thinks their city, state or nation is the "chosen one" in their god's eyes. You'd think human beings were just naturally territorial animals wouldn't you.

    "And then the Israelites did" what they always do in the Old Testament, "something wrong in God's eyes," and he kicks them in the nuts and gives their land over to foreign kings. You'd think they'd learn after the first dozen times or so of fucking up in God's eyes in the 4 books of Kings & Chronicles. But the Israelites never seem to learn their lesson of doing those wrong things that they keep doing wrong in God's eyes. There it is right in the Bible, over and over and over again, just a traditional bunch of in God's eyes Wrongdoers.

    Of course, one of the wrongest things the Israelites did was give the Jewish spin-off Cult of Christianity their "Old Testament" scriptures--out of chronological order--so that the Christians couldn't make heads or tails out of whether the Old Testament books were actually prophecy or historical fiction. So thanks guys for spinning-off a Cult of two-thousand years of Bible verse cherry picking religious fanatics. Goddamn blood appears to be on everybody's hands!

    You know, as a literary work the Bible has some profound philosophy running through it. But the religious fanatic only gloms onto those supernatural stories he can use to justify trying to take over society in his god's (sic) name. Turn the other cheek, but burn the heretic at the stake.

    And what I hate worst of all is how they are sneaky little bastards always trying to take over your Public School Boards or slip through legislation favoring the merging of Church & State while everybody else is just trying to get on with their lives. God must love a Sneak!

    September 16, 2014
    10:55 pm
    cyber west hollyweird
    Forum Posts: 124
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    November 11, 2011
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    NOTE To Reader: These were written some time ago in response to the above question (which I will repeat from time to time so we don't lose track how this got started). This took place in private eMail correspondence and I have been some time getting back to correcting typos to put them here, as requested by some other readers who also find religious "friends" to be a real pain in the ass.

    Just because you grew up with someone (even in your own family), or went to school with someone, or were in Basic Training or in a Military unit with someone, or work at the same job with someone does not really make that someone your friend. It only makes that someone your acquaintance. All too often some acquaintance will pretend to be your "friend" while they are maneuvering you to use you for some ulterior motive to their own advantage. It is important to teach your children the difference between acquaintances and real friends. Most of us will go through life with many acquaintances but with only a handful of real friends. Learn to know the difference.

    I've said in places that the Bible makes people Delusional. Actually, it is Priests & Preachers cherry picking passages and verses out of the Bible and often simply outright lying about what is either in or not in the Bible that is the brain-washing method by their "Authority figures." They really don't want you to read the Bible for yourself, because if you do read the Bible for yourself you can't but help catch the Priests & Preachers in their brain-washing lies. It doesn't take any longer to actually read the Bible than it does to read about three Harry Potter books, or as I like to say to read The Lord Of The Rings trilogy.

    No Adult with any Reading Comprehension skills whatsoever can actually read the Bible and then still attend Church or Temple. Because you will see through the scam. The secret is, nobody really reads the Bible. Oh, they may have read a little of it before it bored them to tears. But the Bible is not even compiled in the chronological order its collection of books were written in which makes it a bit complicated to follow. The church could have straightened all that out centuries ago, but not only didn't they do that to discourage people from actually reading the Bible for themselves but the church leaders on purpose mistranslated a lot of words to confuse you on such important concepts as were Samuel, Saul, David and Solomon all "Christs" & "Messiahs" simply because they want you to think that there could only be one Christ or Messiah in the Bible and that had to be the New Testament character Jesus. He wasn't the "only" Christ or Messiah.. So every time the Hebrew word "Messiah" is used in the Old Testament the Christian bastards changed it to the "Anointed One" so you might not catch on. Again, if God likes these Christian bastards then God must love Sneaks and cheats.

    So really it is the Priests & Preachers whom cause people to be deluded with religion and what they are "told" is in the Bible.

    All Priests & Preachers--we probably agree it should be their job to actually know and understand the Bible--leave one of two conclusions: All Priests & Preachers are sociopathic or psychopathic Con-artists, or else they are dangerously delusional (with arrested development of the brainwashed) themselves. Take your pick if you decide you must follow them.

    What follows then are sort of in the form of "Steps" that I had put together originally for a friend to better understand Religious Fanatics, with sort of a starting all over from what I had written above.

    By The Way, I actually think we should teach the Bible as literature in Public school the same way we teach other ancient mythologies and cultural literature of historical fictions. The Bible should be taught by secular teachers and not by Ideologically brain-washing Religious Fanatics. The Religious Fanatics want to take over your School Boards so only their version of what is in the Bible can be taught. They are selfish that way.

    And even though the Religious Fanatics will tell you their way is what "God wants," I've yet to ever hear of God calling a Press Conference on all the News networks and informing the rest of us of this. Their "god (little g)" seems to be a prick towards the rest of his "Intelligent Design" creation that way. "God is Love" but only if you kiss his ass 24/7 for all Eternity. What a guy, this god made in anthropomorphic idolatry human image.

    Take a careful look around you and you will see most of the strife in the World today is either caused by Warring Religious Fanatics or Politicians manipulating the Religious Voting Bloc to win elections to continue their Graft as fronts for Corporate fascism.

    Not the path I would choose for our Posterity.

    September 17, 2014
    4:32 am
    cyber west hollyweird
    Forum Posts: 124
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    November 11, 2011
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    But first some background on why the people are manipulated to vote against their own best and self-interest. Amendment I of the Constitution first guarantees Freedom from Religious inspired Laws before the subordinate clause of freedom of religion.

    Any Religious Organization that attempts to coerce secular legislation to force the rest of society to conform to their mores and morals has self-admitted that their brand of spirituality is not powerful or authentic enough to convert others by its own merits. Especially Religious Organizations calculating on tax exempt deduction donations funded by… the Company Store.

    These Preachers are in Bed with the Company Stores.

    And when "Globalist" Foreign Bankers, Manufacturers & Importers who disguise themselves as American companies by having office space here or listing themselves on "our" (e.g. filthy rich man's casino) stock exchange, and then make huge campaign contributions (i.e. bribes) to their oligarchical front men politicians whom dupe The People by soliciting Votes on Religious "Values" that belong in Church among their Congregations, but not in promoting alleged moral Amendments to the Constitution, such as the forced peer pressure conformity of school prayer (which runs counter to Jesus' own words in Matthew 6:1 through {especially 6:5} 6:7), and then get in office and create de-regulation of The Sherman Anti-trust Act and trade tariffs and tax breaks to move blue collar manufacturing (to Nation-, Red, -state Communist China), and even move Internet-computer-terminal white collar office space jobs (to India) out of the US to create an economic downturn Depression, third-world labor market, Here, so as to not have to pay working adults more than 50 cents per hour over minimum wage, hired through pseudo Temporary Agencies, with no health care or retirement benefits, while trying to Privatize public services by selling them off to their Campaign Contributors.

    And the Delusional Religious Voting Bloc keeps buying into this bullshit over and over and over again hook, line and stinker.

    NOTE: If you run into problems clicking on links simply highlight the link and use Ctrl C and then open a new tab and enter that link Ctrl V on your Address bar and search it.

    September 17, 2014
    5:44 am
    cyber west hollyweird
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    November 11, 2011
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    I started writing a reply hours ago and found myself starting out simple enough but then adding layers of complication (obvious shit to me, but the volume alone tends to confuse and numb the mind). I've been sitting here flipping through several reference books (including Bible verses, by the numbers--passage numbers). Let's try this another way.

    So let's take this in hopefully digestible steps.

    This is Step 1.0:

    More importantly I don't want you to get angry (read: "pissed") at me if I say something like, "There is no such thing as a 'Christian' friend."

    Because I have to say things like that.

    You'll either get it or you won't.

    And we are back to the book The True Believer. No matter how "friendly" you are, you do not belong to their "Group." Right or wrong does not matter, belonging to the Group is the only thing that matters. And all Groups are "Political." And historically anybody outside of any "Christian" Group, no matter how well meaning you are, is fair Game to get back-stabbed by their Group when the shit goes down.

    Their Charity is the Masque of Divide and Conquer.

    Before you can eat in their soup kitchen, you have to repeat their brain-washing slogans. The Religious children's fund is teaching children to read, but from cherry-picked Bible verses. Teach the children early about that wonderful baby Jesus; not about the 30 year-old nut case running around challenging the government of Rome & God to crucify him as a martyr. "Gee everybody, if I piss them off and they crucify me it only proves my bullshit is right. Sign up here. Follow Me. Do it now"

    The stated purpose of "Christianity" is to Take Over The World in the name of their god (little "g" "god," although they think it is the big "G" of Supreme Being). It is not to take over the world to make it a better place for people and their ecology. It is about Money & Power and not about Spirituality, at all.

    You may actually have a friend, who also claims to be a "Christian" because he doesn't know any better. You might also know a friendly child who still has "faith" that Santa Claus exists. There is a difference between having a friend who still goes to church, and having an acquaintance who throws their being a "Christian" in everybody else's​ face.

    More than likely you have an acquaintance trying to use you just like "Mo..." did. If you can be converted to his delusional thinking--and it is delusional thinking, make no mistake about that--he can use your bit of celebrity to convert others.

    Example: If Shelley had no past notoriety, she would not be jack-shit religion wise. Her whole church scam is based on selling her congregation on the fact that she used to be a prostitute before she found out she could make more money as a preacher.

    People confuse "acquaintances" for "friends" all the time.

    I hear the "Christian" delusion all the time on the graveyard (insomnia) shift radio program I listen to. Some talk-radio caller will call in to the program and the first words out of his mouth are, "First of all, I want you to know, I am a Christian, but..."

    Anybody "claiming" to be a "Christian" means they don't know what the actual term "Christ" means. So by "claiming" to be a "Christian" they are stating that they are as delusional as a child who has "Faith" in the existence of Santa Claus. "Christians" only "know" what they have been told the term means by Preachers with a vested interest in misleading them. Pass the collection plate please!

    Preaching is the number one confidence-artist game in the world, right out in the open before the masses (pun intended) very ​eyes.

    The New Testament story character Jesus was never officially "Anointed" by another official Jewish High Priest as either an official Jewish High Priest or the official Jewish King. Only-only-only an official Jewish High Priest or the official Jewish King could bear the title (in Greek idiom) of a "Christ (or in Hebrew idiom "Messiah")."

    Because "Christ" is simply Greek for an officially "Anointed One," the official title of office of both Jewish High Priests and Kings. All the High Priests and Kings in the Old Testament are also "Christs" and "Messiahs."

    English Bible (Church) translators changed the Hebrew "Messiahs" in the Old Testament to English "Anointed Ones" on purpose so the masses would think that the New Testament story character Jesus was the only messiah or christ. And "he" just wasn't. They have lied by omission.

    "Christ" is a title of religious and political office and nothing more. Nothing more! "It" does not mean "Savior" or "Son of God" or supernatural christian superhero.

    The "Christian" god of "Jesus Christ" is both a religious fetish and idolatry.

    And all Jewish males in good standing with their Sects were "Sons of God." There is no real difference between calling them "Sons of God" or "Sons of Israel." It's like saying "My school number one!" It's like calling your school sports team the "Sons of God." Today's game features the Samuel High Sons of God verses the Biltmoore Battling Bears.

    My God's better than your god
    My God's better than yours
    My God's better
    'Cause He likes us best
    My God's better than yours

    All the Sons & Daughters of God around the World are blowing each other up and killing each other off to prove "God is Love." Seems I wrote a screenplay about that some years ago that couldn't get made. Hummmm.

    The whole "Death & Resurrection" story had been used before the New Testament story character of Jesus had it attributed allegedly only to him. The New Testament is a plagiarism.

    As far as that goes, many of the "collected" stories in the Old Testament are plagiarisms from more ancient Sumerian stories with simply changing the names of the main story characters to Jewish puns (like using the term "Mankind" as a pun name Adam, or "Rest and Consolation" as Noah, or "Father" as Abraham).

    Put more succinctly: All religious fanatics who believe these "children's stories" are actual "history" are fucked in the head (period).

    The curse of Mankind, is organized Religion.

    That's why the Pseudo-Cons run for political office on Religious and Moral platforms and then sell-out the jobs to off-shore factories from beneath the very feet of the people who are delusional enough to vote for their bullshit. They own the Religious/Delusional voting bloc. And the Wall Street Bankers own the Pseudo-Con politicians.

    Prostitution may be the World's oldest profession; but the second oldest profession is the Priests selling good luck charms & gods to credulous hunters, warriors and old wives (tales).

    Let's see how this Step 1.0 hits you and maybe in the next step I'll get into why religion needs to control people's sex lives. Boy "they" sure talk about sex a lot, don't "they."

    Godly aural Porn.

    But think about this, why is so much space in the New Testament taken up by grown men arguing over whether God will or will not allow men with uncircumcised penises into Heaven? 2000 years ago, and still, fucked in the head!

    And as far as your "friend" trying to get you to read up about mirror neurons sounds like he's trying to convince you with the same "Science" they always disagree with unless, of course, it advances their own religiously apologetic arguments. It's like calling the Christian only 7 Days of Creation god the pseudo-Intelligent Designer, "If I see a clock I see a clock designer." Poor bastard doesn't see the evolution of the clock gears and transmissions or the atomic valence shell electrons which electromagnetically bond you and the clock's molecules together.

    Technically it's called " Apologetics." Every time you show them a hole in their Bible arguments that a freight train could run through, they "apologize" for the inconsistency and look (sometimes for years) for some new sneaky way to make their bullshit arguments.

    It took them years to change the term "Creationism" to "Intelligent Design" and then they try to lie with straight faces and tell you they don't mean the same thing. They are Weasels!​

    It never occurs to most of them they could spend less energy wasting their lives on their own ​bullshit, and making everybody around them miserable, and just accept their lives as a Spiritual Being having a human experience.

    Jesus fucking Christ, you would think God (Big "G") had a plan when He made sex the funnest and most powerfully motivating thing on Earth! Fuck you too Albert Einstein...God does play dice and statistics with the Universe, which is why he throws a million sperm at one egg, or throws out billions of Suns per Galaxy. Sooner or later He'll get one living World​ right among all the aborted efforts.

    With all the religious fanatics among the Earth's top Predator, I'm not sure this is one of those "right" Worlds.​

    September 17, 2014
    6:55 am
    cyber west hollyweird
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    November 11, 2011
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    Well, here is the quick link for reading about "Mirror Neurons."

    Some mirror neurons basically fire in the brain when you watch porn the same as specific regular (normal) neurons fire in the brain while you are actually having sex.

    So what!

    Mirror neurons also fire in the brain while you are watching basketball; watching dancing with stars; watching home improvement DIY​ and cooking TV​ shows; or watching monkeys figure out how to stack boxes to figure out how to reach a banana on a shelf.

    Mirror neurons are the learning neurons for "Monkey See, Monkey Do." Mirror neurons allow you to read a book and then change the spark plugs in your car. Or read a Harlequin Romance novel while masturbating. Monkey want to fuck his wife more skillfully, monkey should probably watch porn (NOTE: some porn positions are informative in nature and you might not want to try them at home as porn stars are trained professionals).

    As usual, self-proclaimed "Christians" are fucked (pun intended) in the head about sex. It's called brain-washing.

    This nonsense about "their fear" of what pornography is doing to "their society" is supposed to mean that by simply watching porn your brain's mirror neurons are vicariously making you commit Sin and your Soul is now doomed to Hell and being forced to eat okra and watch The Rocky Horror Picture Show for all eternity.

    Any sex that is not for producing baby Christians is a Sin and will cause you to go straight to Hell, do not pass GO! do not collect $200, unless you can find a Preacher to bribe Jesus--with that $200--for you. Jesus makes a pretty good living and sure has a lot of his franchise buildings, churches, collecting nasty-dirty guilty-feelings bribes from the bipedal hominids.

    Porn has done more to make people's attitudes about sex become more healthy--since the end of World War II with the advent of home movie projectors--away from religion's neurotic brain-washing, than any high school health class.

    Here's a challenge for Doctor​ C. : Find me any good college text book on Psychiatry that does not say the number one reason for guilt and sex neuroses is religious strictures and tenets.

    It's brain-washing, and they try to start it with children as young as they can. Don't you want to be good just like baby Jesus?​ Baby Jesus never cried at all for no reason! Baby Jesus never even shit his diapers because supernatural ​fictional characters don't poop!

    Why should grown adults be regulated by secular laws about sex designed by people whose whole paradigm about reality is religiously delusional? That sounds like someone attempting to make a law respecting an establishment of religiously approved sex to me. Isn't there a 1st Amendment about that? "Christians" just seem God-awful obsessed with sex don't "They?"

    If they don't want members of their own congregations having sex except in the "missionary" position, and only for the purpose of making more Mirror Neuron ​Moron little baby Christians, that's okay for them. But it is none of their fucking (pun intended) business what anybody else who does not belong to their church is doing.

    They are knee-jerk reactionary Jerks (pun again intended) who think prayer to Jesus will solve dishonest CEOs from embezzling their company's bank account; all the while Preachers are raking in dough and picking their pockets off the very guilt feelings the Preachers themselves planted in their own congregations heads. It is the slickest Confidence Game in the World.

    If a Con-artist swindles you on the street we can arrest him and put him in prison. If a Con-artist Preacher is running a scam on his congregation in church we pretty much have to let the suckers take it. Religious Fanatics get the phony spirituality (religion) they deserve.

    Everybody, down on your knees to the Preachers ("And when you pray, you must not be like the hypocrites; for they love to stand and pray in the temples and at the street corners, that they may be seen by other men. Truly, I say to you, that is their reward. But when you pray, go into your room and shut the door and pray to your Father in secret; and your Father who sees in secret will reward you."--Jesus, Matthew 6:5). No Temples? No Preachers? No prayer in Schools? Who do we give the money to? Lady Madonna? Who finds the money when you pay the rent? Did you think that money was Heaven sent?

    The economy is a wreck with our US manufacturing base having been moved off-shore by Politicians elected who ran on pro-school prayer and anti-abortion "Moralist" platforms, supported by the Preachers they give tax deductible religious contributions to, and then sold U.S. out. Those Politicians and Preachers are the two sides of the same unholy coin. They are in bed together protecting each other from common sense discovery.


    We are throwing good money after bad with the Ghost of Richard Nixon's whole War on Drugs, which is just "Prohibition Jr.," because of Religious idiots wanting to use your taxes to put every pot head in prison for smoking the Devil's weed. And taking the Devil's weed to the extreme that we are losing a whole new Tax Base for Farmers to grow non-dope Devil's Hemp. That's called being High and to the Right! Because it sure ain't on the Center of the (Smarts) Target.

    And even the funking Liberal politicians (many just pseudo-con lite) are afraid to do too much about Hemp Farming too soon (enough) because of the delusional/religious voting bloc having these religious conceptions that are INSIDIOUS in the back of people's minds. "But what if they are right and what I'm doing is a 'Sin' and my Soul might be ca$t in Hell if I don't repent in Je$us' name." And even the Liberals $till have to get elected. It is an election $ystem that has been encroached by the delusional/religious voting bloc, and the Pseudo-Con Politicians are laughing all the way to their Wall $treet Bankers.

    This is why Minister Shelley can suck in ex-porn stars and parade them in front of her congregation, which only enriches herself, because the religious brain-washing is still so insidious in the back of people's minds. "Maybe my Sin of being in porn caused God to give me Aids and the only way I can save my Soul now is to repent. Momma told me when I was little, it was a Sin and God would 'get me' for doing it."

    Is this the same God who could not design a perfect world and so in a temper tantrum decided to drown and murder everybody in it except for Noah's family, thereby causing them to commit incest in order to repopulate His same hasty creation? Maybe God should have taken nine or ten days to create the whole Universe instead of just six days, before taking His nap. That does seem a touched quick.​ And why did God have to Murder all the animals in the Flood too. That Jewish Old Testament God, plagiarised from the Sumerians' Flood Story, sure is a Prick.​

    When religion learned that the main instinctual survival drive in humans is the sex drive, it strive​d​ to control people by claiming any non-religion approved sex is a Sin. So if you want to have non-Sin God-approved Sex, you must join the religion and pay your $unday due$.

    There can be no fucking except the fucking the church and God, and his self-appointed Preachers, approve of. Got It!

    ​ And, then, amazing how many reports about Preachers getting caught committing acts of Adultery with members of their congregation or molesting their children. Wake the Fuck up People!​

    Seems to me it is Organized Religion that is fucking the whole World. Organized Religion is The Curse of Mankind.

    No telling where humanity might be investigating in the solar system today, and what riches of discovery we would know of the Real Creation of the Cosmos and of Supreme Being​, if it hadn't been for the oppression of religious mind control and the Politicians who abuse and take advantage of​ it for Graft. We quit going to the Moon because it wasn't exciting enough to help win any elections. What wins elections is calling yourself the "Moral Choice" candidate. Then you can help the other politicians embezzle the Treasury for their campaign contributors.

    {NOTE: in case there is anybody still out there that doesn't know it, F.U.C.K. is a legal term acronym that means: For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge. So anybody who is having legal consensual sex cannot possibly be "F.U.C.K.ing" in any way, shape or form but metaphorically. In Fear & Loathing parlance the acronym F.U.C.K. is: Facts Utilized for the Conveyance of fucking Knowledge. It is religious moralists who try to force everybody else to think certain "words" are "dirty," since the rest of us couldn't give a rat's ass or ​damn about such waste of time nonsense. It is always about their trying to enforce their thought "Control" beyond their own churches.}

    A lot of people simply go to church to find a spouse (can we say ChristianMingle.com for those poor souls church doesn't even help) just so they can get laid legally; because Jesus is like the ultimate peeping-tom motherfucker (God got his mother pregnant, and Jesus is Gawd, so another motherfucking pun intended) keeping his eye on everybody for potential Living in Sin. Busy little peeping-tom ​prick isn't he.

    You better watch out
    You better not cry
    You better not pout
    I'm telling you why
    Jesus Christ is Rapturing soon

    He sees who you are sleeping with
    He sees you masturbate
    He knows if you've been bad or good
    So confess your sins to date

    You better watch out
    You better not cry
    You better not pout
    I'm telling you why
    Jesus Christ will get you in The End

    Anybody got a list of Preachers chased off for committing adultery with members of their congregations. Happened in my Mother-in-law's church. Happens all the time. Jim Bakker? Jimmy Swaggart? Where are they now? Prayer sure kept them safe from Sin, didn't it. How about those Preachers who ran off with the church's money or tried to hire a hit man to have his wife murdered? I'm sure Jesus will forgive them if they only ask, since He's so good about that kind of stuff. ​ Like Jesus forgiving Homo-bully Pastor Ted Haggard for getting caught with his pants down around his ankles and snorting crystal meth and sucking dick himself.​ Still see ol' Ted show up as a religious expert on FOX News Network; imagine that.

    Prayer, as performed in Church (or school) is not about Spirituality. It is a forced act of Group Conformity, and an act of Compunction. It is peer pressure to conform to the Group ethos. It becomes a lynch mob looking to hang (bully) the non-conformist. There's a lesson to make sure they teach to your kids.

    What they are doing when they come up with these "Mirror Neuron" type of theories is the same thing they always do, grasping at any straw to prove their arguments about the superiority of their brain-washing over everything else. They claim science is un-Godly and just another theory, but use science to transmit electromagnetism signals on TV asking for money. They don't just cherry-pick the Bible, they cherry-pick "science" too.

    And if you show them their theory is bullshit, then they will apologize and then just start looking for another theory. Their whole "deal" is to keep you baffled with their bullshit while they attempt to usurp your Constitutional Rights and take over your Country​ (period).

    It's always really about Control and Power and the love of Money wearing the Masque of spirituality.

    And whenever you don't call them on their "Bullshit!" they will run over you.

    Human beings are predatory animals. Some even have weak egos and can't control their ids to the point of being sociopaths or psychopaths and are going to be criminals, murderers, back-stabbers, tyrants, con-artists, religious fanatics, etc... and no amount of prayer by other con-artist Preachers and their congregations is going to change that. Most Preachers are preying on their own congregations. And we have prisons full of plenty of people who used to go to church.

    It is "Self-fulfilling prophecy." "If all other people aren't converted and don't go to our church--and only our church--God is such a prick he will keep the world a troubling, worrisome and dangerous place." And since there is no way they can convert 7.243​ Billion people in the Real World, they always keep their Preacher in a job. Remember, it was the Preacher's black slave that started the whole Salem witch-hunt, which was really started over a land dispute.

    God is such a prick, He sent Satan to fuck over Job's entire life just to win what amounted to a bar bet. "Watch this everybody, Job will never say anything bad about Me no matter what I allow to happen to him." Maybe Job forgot to pay His Protection Money. Is God in the Extortion Racket? Then God let Job win the Bible version of the lottery and all was forgiven. What a book!

    "What we need is to get tough on crime, improve our schools, and pray more, and God will make the whole world be like the old TV show Father Knows Best forever and ever." Again, most Preachers and Politicians are opposite sides of the same Coin. One religious law, the other economic law. You are their Ca$h Cow caught in between them!

    Unfortunately, Stupid Dancing Naked Apes do not really change things until there is some absolute crisis that demands they change things. Usually takes something like an act of god (you know, earthquake, tsunami, drought, volcano, hurricane, nuclear power generator melt down). So I don't see any cure for religious toxic mental poisoning any time soon.

    It's a slow God Damned (pun intended--God, Big "G" Supreme Being, Condemn them) process, while we watch the Mirror Neuron ​Morons pollute the Planet and shit in their own nest and not care about their great-grandchildren's environment or quality of life as beasts of burden, because, hey now, there is a Better Life/Party in the Afterlife, after death, Kissing God's Ass 24/7 for ALL ETERNITY:

    "After this I looked, and behold, a great multitude which no man could number, from every nation, from all tribes and peoples and tongues, standing before the throne and before the Lamb, clothed in white robes, with palm branches in their hands, and crying out with a loud voice, 'Salvation belongs to Our Gawd (sic) who sits upon the throne, and to the Lamb!' And all the angels stood round the throne and round the elders and the four living creatures, and they fell on their faces before the throne and worshiped Gawd, saying, 'Amen! Blessing and glory and wisdom and thanksgiving and honor and power and might be to our Gawd FOR EVER AND EVER! Amen.' " --The Apocalypse of St. John (a.k.a. Revelation 7:9); and this from a Bible book author who couldn't even name the 12 tribes of Israel correctly.

    Sounds like a deal to me, where do I fucking sign up?

    Oh Yeah, and... :

    ...and you might enjoy:

    And in case you wonder, I'm a Pantheist myself, just hanging out in the evolved Supreme Being (Utter Existence) of the Creation of the Cosmos:
    ( just read/substitute the "Big Bang" for the Kabbalah term "Emanation" )

    And here is a Historical Jesus the New Testament story character Jesus was probably based upon:

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    Question, Part 3.0: Not what is sin, but who was "Sin?"

    The Bible was not written by God, or was it written by God through the hands of priestly scribes inspired to infallibility in the "Word of God." Nor is the Bible actual Jewish or Christian "History." Parts, however, are historical or have historical settings which is part of why it confuses people.

    The "Bible" as we know it is not exactly assembled in chronological order either which makes it really difficult to even read it as a literature story. Are we dealing with a bunch of "flashbacks" or "prophecy." Even the New Testament Gospels which are presented first, were mostly written after many of the Epistles or Letters. Bet your Preacher never told you that.

    At best we could refer to the Bible as an ancient collection of many separate author's books of historical-fiction, and letters, that later generations of priests (and preachers) have self-promoted as "sacred." At worst books like the Gospels According to Matthew and Luke can be considered outright Hoaxes for the political purposes of founding a new Gentile religion from the dregs of the Fall of Jerusalem in 70 CE to the Romans. Most people don't even know that most of the New Testament is about two separate churches (James' original church verses Paul's supernatural church) vying over followers and calling each other phony or "Anti-christs (in the plural)."

    The New Testament is a mesh of Babylonian Zoroastrianism (Magianism/3 Wise Men) mythology symbolism (the Devil/the Whore of Babylon) mixed with and plagiarizing Inter-testamental (the some 400 year period between most Old Testament Jewish books being written and the New Testament Christian books being begun) Jewish Zealot Messianic Mysticism (the Savior/the Cosmic Battle of Good and Evil Apocalypses).

    At the New Testament times setting of the story of their character Jesus (a pun name which means "savior," by the way), there wasn't yet even an officially established set of books that made up the "Old Testament." There were lots of other accepted "scriptures," as found among The Dead Sea Scrolls, and also dozens of books mentioned in today's Old Testament canon that were back then quoted as authentic scriptures that have, for now, been Lost to History (e.g. "...are they not written in the chronicles of Shemaiah the prophet and of Iddo the seer?" 2 Chron.12:15).

    The Bible started out as a collection of selected ancient Near Eastern books kept by the priests. It was simply a library of books that eventually were translated into Hebrew with many characters' names changed to Hebrew puns to create a historical-fiction account for the two small kingdoms of Israel (of Samaria in the North) and Judah (of Jerusalem in the South). What was the Ark (chest) of the Covenant but a box with poles for a migratory people to carry around their religious library for their priests.

    And at the height of the combined kingdoms of Israel and Judah, which only lasted for two (2) generations, "The Kingdom of God" was never much bigger than the modern American State of New Jersey. And it is their great successes of this insignificant and small short-lived "Empire" from over 2000 years ago, led by their "God" of a compiled and plagiarized book, that the religious fanatics want us to run a Twenty-first Century World by?

    God (sic) Help Us All !!!

    Any adult with any decent level of reading comprehension can ascertain that there are two (2) versions of many of the Old Testament stories, such as that of the "Creation" stories and "The Flood" stories just present in Genesis. One version with a Northern Samaritan slant and vocabulary, and another with a Southern Jerusalem slant and different vocabulary syntax. And later there would be a Priestly editing job that attempted to redact the two versions, Northern and Southern, together (with yet another, third, differing priestly syntax) into one "blended" compilation of historical-fiction and religious myths. Just sitting down and reading Genesis by itself makes this obvious. But other later books like Daniel and The Acts are also simple to tell had multiple, combined, authors.

    Most of the pre-kingdoms (of tiny Israel and Judah) texts of the Old Testament (e.g. the Creation, the Flood, the Exodus, the Laws) are plagiarisms from older Sumerian or Egyptian texts from the Great Assyrian Library of Nineveh, which is why the Nineveh story of Jonah and the "Whale (i.e. a big fish)" is even included in the Bible since Nineveh is nowhere near the two small kingdoms of Israel or Judah..

    But nobody actually "reads" the Bible as literature. It is too boring. So they weekly pay their charismatic priests to lie to them about what is really in this collection of ancient plagiarized stories, which have been given a Nationalistic supernatural Spin. Again:

    Our God's better than your god
    Our Book's​ better than yours
    Our God's better
    'Cause He likes us best
    Our Book's better than yours!

    It's like a high school freshman pep rally mob screaming not "Our school number one," but "Our god number one," and all over the World people do this. There's no distinction there. Everybody is claiming their religion is "Right" and everybody elses' religion is delusional bullshit. So if "A" is claiming "B's" religion is bullshit; and "B" is claiming "C's" religion is bullshit; and "C" is claiming that "A's" religion is bullshit, it shouldn't take a rocket scientist to figure out all "A," "B" and "C" religions are probably equally bullshit. And that's actually where the god (whom, not what) "Sin" and his followers, the "sinners," comes into existence (below) in a minute.

    Some words from the Old Testament Prophet Jeremiah about the prophets and priests "An Appalling thing, an outrage, has appeared in this land: prophets prophesy lies and priests go hand in hand with them, and my people love to have it so..." or about the priestly scribes, "How can you say, 'We are wise, we have the law of the Lord', when scribes with their lying pens have falsified it?"

    Or the Prophet Hosea, "Priests? By day and night you blunder on, you and the prophet with you. My people are ruined for lack of knowledge;..." or "The more priests there are, the more they sin against me;..."

    Or the Prophet Amos, "I hate, I spurn your pilgrim-feasts; I will not delight in your sacred ceremonies. When you present your sacrifices and offerings I will not accept them, nor look on the buffaloes of your shared-offerings. Spare me the sound of your songs; I cannot endure the music of your lutes (I guess he didn't like church music much either--ed.)."

    Or the Prophet Micah, "Listen to this, leaders of Jacob, rulers of Israel, you who make justice hateful and wrest it from its straight course, building Zion in bloodshed and Jerusalem in iniquity. Her rulers sell justice, her priests give direction in return for a bribe, her prophets take money for their divination,..."

    Or the Prophet Isaiah, "How the faithful city has played the whore, once the home of justice where righteousness dwelt--but now murderers! Your silver has turned to base metal and your liquor is diluted with water. Your very rulers are rebels, confederate with thieves; every man of them loves a bribe and itches for a gift; they do not give the orphan his rights, and the widow's cause never comes before them..." or "Money-lenders strip my people bare, and usurers lord it over them..." or "...and their religion is but a precept of men, learnt by rote, therefore I will yet again shock the people, adding shock to shock: the wisdom of their wise men shall vanish and the discernment of the discerning shall be lost."


    Of course, the self-proclaimed "Christians" will claim I'm Cherry-picking Old Testament verses that only apply to God kicking the Jews in the nuts over and over and over again every time "They did what was wrong in the eyes of the Lord." But these verses sound amazingly similar to the behavior of modern self-proclaimed prophets; priests; preachers; rabbis; and their associated congressmen; industrialists; and Wall Street friends.

    Besides, I like to introduce people to those verses in the Bible they don't teach you in Sunday School, you know the ones like where the Judge over All of Israel, strongman Samson, loved to go visit the Gaza prostitutes ("Gaza," ...where have we heard that name lately?). God did not punish him for that. Nope! God punished him for cutting off his "Nazarite" length hair. I think the author of the Biblical book of Judges thinks his God is a gay hairdresser who throws hissy-fits. And that is the Old Testament sacred "Nazarite" Order that Samson belonged to, and not some contrived story about only being from some New Testament village called Nazareth.

    Again from the Old Testament Amos, "I raised up prophets from your sons, Nazarites from your young men. Was it not so indeed, you men of Israel?...But you made the Nazarites drink wine, and said to the prophets, 'You shall not prophesy.' Listen, I grown under the burden of you, as a wagon creaks under a full load."

    A wagon creaking under a full load of bullshit! A couple of Old Testament passages appropriated by New Testament authors for their story character Jesus who they had to claim was from the town of "Nazareth" since they didn't realize that Nazarites were the very religious order to which was Sworn an Oath to: the Gaza prostitute-monger, Judge over all Israel and Hebrew Hercules, Samson.

    And since Samson didn't seem to be committing "sin" by sleeping with regular Gaza prostitutes (they weren't the evil foreign religious "Temple Prostitutes," just normal working-girl prostitutes like the Old Testament "Messiah" King David tells his son (and also future Messiah) Solomon to visit instead of married women in Proverbs 6:24 "...to keep you from the wife of another man, from the seductive tongue of the loose woman. Do not desire her beauty in your heart or let her glance provoke you; for a prostitute can be had for the price of a loaf of bread, but a married woman is out for bigger game."), just what then is this "Sin" business.

    After the story of the Biblical Flood, centuries in Biblical-time after The Garden of Eden story, Noah has 3 sons. One son is "Shem" from where we get the word Shemite or Semite and Semitic peoples of whom Hebrews, Samaritans, Israelites, Judeans, Jews (no they are not all the same thing), and also Chaldeans, Ishmaelites, Arabs, Canaanites, Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Hyksos (the short-lived Semitic rulers Egyptian Dynasty of A-moses and the founders of Jebus/Jerusalem), Dilmunites, Bahranis and Arameans amongst other peoples with related languages belong. Pretty hard to be anti-semitic and hate all those different peoples.

    From the genealogy, family tree, of Noah and his son Shem and the (Shemite) Semites comes the story of Terah and his son Abraham (Abram) and their relatives, a Bedouin-esque tribal group, migrating out of the city of Ur of the Chaldeans (Sumerians) who worshipped and personified the Moon as their pre-eminent god "Sin." The Semitic Moon god "Sin" had another Assyrian name you may have grown up using for your grandmother, "Nanna." "Sin" was also the Moon personified as the pre-eminent god of the city of Harran where Abraham's father Terah settled and died (at only 205 years-old).

    Of course, the Semitic peoples who worshiped the face of the Man on the Moon personified as the god "Sin" were known as "Sinners." And most of us know about the once-a-month power of the Moon god Sin over women's menstrual cycle, and upon people in general which you can ask any Policeman or Bartender about people acting nutty on any night of the Full Moon of "Sin."

    So, if you want to actually view "Original Sin" you need only go outside at night and look up in the sky for the face of the Man on the Moon...and you will be staring at actual "original Sin."

    The non-Biblical doctrine of the Garden of Eden "Original sin" did not come along with "Christians" until circa 180 CE with the writings of Irenaeus, a Bishop of Gaul (Lyon, France today​; not from Jerusalem or even Rome​). This just only 1700 years after the story of Abraham ("Father-of multitudes") leaving the city of Ur in the land of "Sin."

    Abraham and Terah and their tribal Shemite Bedouin-esque relatives are a bunch of migratory sheep herders leaving the city of Ur where the people who believed different from them were labeled the term "sinners" because they worshiped the Moon god "Sin." So as the Shemites wander the Fertile Crescent of Mesopotamia (Sumeria, Chaldea and Babylon); Assyria; Phoenicia (a.k.a Canaan) and the Levant and Egypt, Abraham's Shemites would notice that every different place they camped would worship a different local pre-eminent god. To Abraham and his Shemites the local gods and worshipers of "A," "B" and "C" religions all became generic "Sin" and "sinners."

    So the term for believing in different gods from the Shemites' god Yahweh (Yehoweh/Jehovah) and having different beliefs from the Hebrews became a generic "sin" and the people who practiced different beliefs from the Hebrews became generic "sinners."

    By the way, it is Abraham (Abram) who is the first Shemite (Semite) referred to as a "Hebrew." Only after they had been settled--assimilated--in the land of Canaan (a.k.a. Phoenicia where the Alphabet was first developed and written on papyrus paper in Byblos from wince we get the term "Bible") are the refugees to Egypt from the severe Canaan famine, the great-grandchildren of Abraham, referred to as "Israelites."

    The term "Jew" for Judean really didn't come into use until 1200 years later at the times of the Persians and Greeks, Xerxes (& Esther) and the Alexander the Great period.

    So Technically today, anybody who does not toe the line of Jewish derivative Christian, Islamic, or Mormon religions are all generic "sinners" in their every waking thought, faith or belief and are all going to Hell. In their view, even each other are sinners by default of not belonging to the One True Faith, whichever self-proclaimed One​ True Faith​ that is. All of them claim to be the only One True Faith; imagine that.

    Everybody and everything else is going to Hell in a hand-basket except the Chosen Few who have self-proclaimed themselves as "The Chosen of God." We (humans) are all sinners, except only the self-proclaimed "Chosen" Whom only can be "Forgiven." Sounds to me like a rigged game with house odds in favor of the priests who pass the collection plates. A Confidence-artist Game where only the priests are the winners and everybody else, including their own congregations, are their victims of:
    "The God Con!"

    So Amos, ol' pal, how do you argue with a blanket policy (delusion) of a creaky wagon-full load of bullshit like that?

    While right outside my window I can see the face of original Sin hanging in the night sky like the Man in the Moon.

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    "Reader's Digest (sort'a) Condensed" Biblical research:

    The other day when I was working on a piece about The Two Old Testament Kingdoms & The Two New Testament Churches, I literally had 7 books spread over the desk, printer and floor--either open or bookmarked--and was bouncing back and forth between them looking things up. I pretty much know where to flip to pretty quick because I've read (and highlighted & underlined and scribbled in the margins) these reference books (and both versions of the Bible I had out) and can flip to the pages I need fairly quickly.

    But how about for other people who better want to understand the Bible without all the baggage of some particular Religious perspective getting in the way of understanding the Bible as a library of ancient BCE (Before the Common Era) and CE (Common Era) books that were collected over about a 1000 year period and have a somewhat Israel, Judah, Babylonia, Assyria (Nineveh), Egypt, Persian, and Greek & Rome slant to them.

    I compared many (let's call it 8 or more) versions of the Bible and have done extensive comparisons of mistranslations from English back to Hebrew & Greek meanings and found The New English Bible with the Apocrypha, c. 1972 CE, New York, Oxford University Press, is one of the most readable Bibles, as literature, which I often compare verses with Oxford's, King James Version (because so many people rely [are hung-up] on the KJV word-for-word) The New Scofield Reference Bible.

    You could do it the long way by comparing these two​, New English & Scofield,​ Bible versions paragraph by paragraph with the 12 Volume The Interpreters Bible which ​itself ​ uses a parallel column per page verse by verse readings of both the King James Version & The Revised Standard Version. But even with the wealth of information given between chapters of the various books of these two Bibles, there is still a
    ​ slight​ "Christian" slant to the wealth of its scholarship notes, and with Volume 1 alone being some 1100 pages and only covering a discussion of the Bible's first two​ books of Genesis & Exodus. And there are 11 more Volumes after that to work your way through The Old and New Testaments for about 12,000 plus pages.

    Not many people are going to do that. So I often get asked by people if they'd like a reasonably good understanding of the Bible without having to do much more reading effort than as if​ just sitting down to read The Hobbit & The Lord Of The Rings trilogy, how can they do it.

    Again, I suggest if you are going to have a Bible as literature to read, The New English Bible with the Apocrypha is very readable. The main reason to keep a KJV (King James Version) around is mainly for
    ​ verse​ comparison because some people will only make their arguments by quoting verses directly from the KJV, as if they think God Himself only wrote the Bible in the British King's English. The very "fact" that it is any "King​'s version" should tell you that Bible had Politics behind the translation.

    By the way, the books of The Apocrypha are some of those Jewish Books found with The Dead Sea Scrolls that were composed between the completions of the writing of the books of the Old Testament & the beginning of the writing of the Letters [Epistles], books and Gospels of the New Testament, and originally were included in the KJV but were later dropped out (Oops! So I guess that original KJV collection wasn't really all that infallible after all, was it).

    I think having The Apocrypha books included is important for Biblical study as: (1) they are included in many other than American Southern Bible-belt versions of the Bible; and (2) they fill in the blanks of some important information about what was happening in the Ancient World at the time of their writing, and illuminate what is going on in other Old Testament books.


    One of my quick background references is How Came The Bible, 1940 CE, by Edgar J. Goodspeed ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edgar_J._Goodspeed ) who taught at the University of Chicago. It is only about 135 pages and​ takes you through, simply, how the various books of the Bible were collected by the Jews and Christians over 10 Centuries by Priests, and their redactors & scribes, various translations and versions "published" right up to modern times when some early English translators & publishers were put to Death like criminals by kings & their churches simply for trying to translate & publish the Bible in English so everybody else could read it for themselves.

    But after 36 years of Comparative Religion & Bible research, I've found the best​, most convenient,​ "Reader's Digest Condensed" Bible reference books to be​ (originally in 2 volumes, but lately published together in 1 book) is Asimov's Guide To The Bible, The Old Testament & The New Testament (and includes The Apocrypha)​ 1969 CE, by Isaac Asimov ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Isaac_Asimov ). Asimov's Guide is written so a layman can understand the secular rest of what was going on in the larger Ancient World right along side all the Bible's​ drama & pageantry​​ of the relatively insignificant and small kingdoms of Israel & Judah located in the middle of the Superpowers' of the Day, Trade Routes.​

    Keep in mind most Bible verses Asimov uses are from the KJV or The Revised Standard Version. So there could be minor differences in how the translator of your Bible version worded a particular verse. Realistically, of the 8 plus Bible versions I've compared there is not enough difference between what is being told in the Bible stories to make all the fuss people make over their version being superior to others, except for readability. ​Does it really matter if you read something like "And so the Persian king Cyrus the Great conquered mighty Babylon" or a different version might write the same sentence "All of mighty Babylon was conquered by Persian king Cyrus the Great." ​ ​People forget that translating from one language into another language is often not a simple word-for-word substitution process. ​
    ​And, ​​every one of those 8-plus Bible versions have specific mistranslations to advance one Church's doctrine over others. Every one of the "Christian" Bible versions, for instance, mistranslates the Hebrew word for "Messiah" in the Old Testament as an "Anointed" One in order to confuse their congregations into thinking that there were not hundreds of Jewish Kings & High Priests who carried the title of office "Messiah" so that their Bible version readers think New Testament Jesus was the only "Messiah" in the Bible, and that the word means some kind of God's only Superhero. It doesn't, as that would be Jewish blasphemy. But every one of the English "Christian" versions of the Bible hide this fact from you for Political reasons. And that's lying by omission and ain't Spiritual!

    You can take all 12 volumes and 12,000 plus pages of The Interpreters Bible and pretty much get out of Asimov's Guide To The Bible all the essential information. And sitting down and reading each Biblical chapter section of Asimov's Guide To The Bible along side each chapter/book of The New English Bible with the Apocrypha shouldn't take you any longer than reading The Hobbit & The Lord of the Rings trilogy (come on, we know you read faster now than you did back in high school). Asimov's Guide is like Cliff's Notes, but with all the important background scholarly detail.

    Then when you are finished you'll have a working knowledge of the Bible that most SOB Televangelists, Priests, Preachers and that Religious Fanatic at work always pestering you, can't come close to. You'll soon discover that most Preachers & Religious Fanatics are bullshitting everybody about what is really in the Bible and are cherry picking Bible passages to try to win secular Political arguments for their agenda, which is nothing less than trying to take over your Country & the World if you let them. Their agenda has always been Political and not Spiritual. And their Political Advantage has always been (and continues to be) Nobody actually reads the Bible and knows they are Lying.

    Other than these short pieces that I write once in awhile for the Apocalypse & Armageddon web site (which most people can't remember two weeks from now or tie into the Bigger Picture), that's about as Easy as I can suggest as a Biblical Self-help course. God is Love; Turn the other cheek; and Burn The Heretics at the Stake! What, Me Worry?

    NOTE: Asimov also wrote a pretty good 3 Volume set of books on Physics that has been used for Freshman University classes as Isaac Asimov was also a Professor of Biochemistry at Boston University besides being a prolific writer of fiction. One of my favorites is his book on The Neutrino.


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    If you are interested in that piece on The Two Old Testament Kingdoms & The Two New Testament Churches, which I wrote because "History" Channel is showing movie version of its book of REVELATION: The End Of Days.

    Some Biblical clarifications: http://www.apocalypseandarmage.....t-churches

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