• November 2011
  • The Whole Trick of Mysticism & ESP is Self-hypnosis (or Self Gnosis, "Know Thyself")|Mysticism & ESP 101|Forum|Forum: Apocalypse & Armageddon

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    The Whole Trick of Mysticism & ESP is Self-hypnosis (or Self Gnosis, "Know Thyself")
    July 15, 2014
    10:24 am
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    November 11, 2011
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    Here are several lifetimes and re-incarnations of lessons from all the different Mystery Schools rolled up into a Reader's Digest condensed version. But if you digest it in just a few bytes at a time...I think you'll get it.

    When Buddha said, "The World is an Illusion," he didn't mean if you try to beat your head on The Wall that it wouldn't hurt. It will hurt, and you'll have a bump on your head to prove to yourself your Ontological experiment in head banging Epistemology. Pay attention here, as words don't always mean to Mystics what your teachers taught you in school.

    The Illusion of the World is your lack of Consciousness of the Eternity you are surrounded by and only perceive (think of) as the "Flat Earth" of the human hive you live in and call your 9-to-5 job and city, state or nation. Yes, we all know the World is really round but from our childhood we have been brainwashed into perceiving that the Moon rises and the Sun sets (and that can only happen on a Flat Earth) among all the other GIGO (Garbage In-Garbage Out) we were taught by our Authority figures.

    But Buddha was a Drop Out. The rest of us don't want to renounce our lives and jobs and recreations and pastimes (and having sex) and just become a Buddha-esque Spectator monk observing all the other people being 9-to-5 drama queens of their Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World. No, we are only here in this Incarnation once and should experience Being (Experience Existence) to the fullest. And we should "Love" to help all others do likewise. Moderation is for monks...who are all drop outs anyway.

    We are always in a state of Hypnosis--all the time--that the Inner Eye of the mind Assembles into a trick we call "Consciousness." You won't even be conscious of assembling the strings of these c h a r a c t e r s in this sentence into coherent patterns of association of learned and memory terms and become cognizant of the English language Social consensus of the inference of arriving at some conclusion that, though it is not logically derivable from your assumed premises, possesses some degree of probability relative to your premise that you won't really comprehend the full impact of these streams of c h a r a c t e r s until a few milliseconds (of "reaction-time") after what you think of as in "the future." And by the "time" you realize this, that will all then be in what you think of as in "the past." Then your mind tricks itself into thinking this is the most natural thing "in the World" to be "Conscious" in the right here and right now. We are all actually never "conscious" of the right-here-right-now, "the present," and are always living milliseconds in "the past," and Your mind is simply just making the extrapolated Self-Hypnotic suggestion to yourself that you are proleptically "Conscious." It's a neat Trick and has Great Evolutionary Survival Value.

    Now read most of this same paragraph in Arabic c h a r a c t e r s whose c h a r a c t e r pattern associations probably won't "Consciously" mean heads or tails or diddly-squat to you, and you'll realize the neat trick your mind just did pretending to be "conscious" of "assembling" the (above) paragraph symbols:

    نحن جميعا في حالة من التنويم المغناطيسي كل الوقت الذي يجمع "العين الداخلية" للعقل إلى خدعة نسميه 'الوعي'. أنت لن حتى تكون واعية لتجميع السلاسل هذه ح ج ص ج t e r s في هذه الجملة إلى أنماط متماسكة من رابطة المستفادة وشروط الذاكرة وأصبحت تدرك من توافق الآراء الاجتماعية اللغة الإنجليزية للاستدلال من التوصل إلى بعض الاستنتاجات، على الرغم من أنه ليس منطقياً المستنبطة من أماكن العمل الخاصة بك المفترضة، تمتلك بعض درجة من الاحتمال بالنسبة إلى الفرضية الخاصة بك يمكنك حقاً لن تفهم الأثر الكامل لهذه التدفقات من ح ج ص ق ص ه ر ج حتى بضع ميلي ثانية (من 'وقت رد الفعل') في ما رأيك في وصفه 'المستقبل'. ومن ف'الساعة' يدركون ذلك، التي من شأنها جميعا ثم تكون في رأيك في وصفه 'السابق'. ثم حيل عقلك في التفكير هذا هو الشيء الأكثر طبيعية 'في العالم' لأن 'واعية' ي حق هنا والآن. أننا ندرك في الواقع ابدأ ''

    The whole idea of a "Mystical Order (the lessons from the Mystical School are given in a specific "order" to achieve the desired adept results)" is just to teach the student the self-hypnosis (or self Gnosis) to relax the animal-born-self and to allow the Soul to become Lucid, to wake back up, and make use of the "Other Side."

    During those first three years of your childhood which you can't even remember very well, the Soul is lulled asleep by the animal flesh and blood brain being inculcated with your Authority figure's pedagogery of a dogmatic Description of Reality until one day when the child "wakes-up" and from then on is "conscious" of perceiving "The World" by-rote in its Learned Paradigm. The child has now become a "Member" of its society's "known" Description of Reality (the Group's paradigm). And that is all it is...just a description...an inculcated consensus description of the World which is just but one of many social consensuses on how to portray and communicate and make sense of what-is-what in the Cosmic Eternity of the Unknown that surrounds us all. And we think we've got it all figured out because just "Everybody Knows" it is so and so. But it isn't.

    Apparently (according to the Mystery School lessons about "this mystery") when we are born our Soul falls asleep within our animal body and just travels along with us recording our memories over on the "Other Side." It's like the Soul has fallen asleep and is "dreaming" it is a human being. It's like we are filming a memory movie of "What we did on our summer vacation to planet Earth," to Life-Review when our Souls goes back home to the "Other Side."

    But if we can use Self-hypnosis to make our Soul Lucid we can play on both "Sides" at the same time and develop various ESP talents.

    Some musicians play the piano, some play guitar, some play the bass and some are drummers. So it is the same with ESP, as some are more capable with talents at different levels of different ESP disciplines such as telepathy; clairvoyance; clairaudience; precognition; psychometry; mediumship; Astral travel Out of Body Experiences or even the modern protocol techniques of Remote Viewing. ESP can help you perceive when, and how (like watching their conversations in backrooms making deals behind closed doors), Politicians World-wide are lying to you...if you need a practical application to consider.

    But all paths (no matter which Mystery School, Mystical Order or religious allegory or scientifically technical protocol) to the gateway seem to be pointing to the same Self-Hypnosis (Self Gnosis) Gate for opening the Doors Of Perception to become Conscious to waking up the Lucid Soul and then allowing the Soul to roam around through its preferred dimensions and disciplines of the "Other Side."

    Every different basic Teachings of The Mystery all seem to boil down to this same common denominator: The Soul is asleep in our animal-born-self, and then when we Die the Soul wakes up and goes "Home" to the "Other Side" to its "Real Life." Unless, of course, it gets stuck between "Sides" as a ghost because it refuses to wake-up and go to the Light.

    This is what the Mystery Schools and Mystics mean by having "Faith." For first you must have "Faith" that you yourself really can relax your animal-brain and simply allow your mind to become Conscious of and awaken your Soul to lucidity. It's just Self Hypnosis. The rest is up to you and your Soul's predilections.

    Even Zen is just a shortened version for Zazen and only means to Meditate (self-hypnotize) by quietening the mind. The first Zazen exercise I was taught over in Japan was not sitting like a Yogi in the "lotus-position (ouch!)" but the Zen of "Sweeping the floor." Sweep the floor; Paint the fence; Wax the car; Carve the wood; Knit the yarn, it doesn't matter as long as you do it with the Zazen of turning off your reverie (your internal dialogue) and just meditate on "Feeling the World" around you with all your other senses. Hearing the World surrounding you instead of your reverie jabbering away inside your mind repeating all those "What-should-have-beens." We are so busy jabbering to ourselves with our reveries that we are not paying full attention to the solicitations of the Eternity surrounding us to come out and play.

    And the Zen (meditative) art of "Not Doing" by "not" looking at the tree, but by looking through the spaces between the (leaves and) branches. By not looking at the clouds, but by looking at the spaces between the clouds. By "not" looking straight forward at the World, but by looking left & right at the same time with your peripheral vision. All while shutting off your reverie (a.k.a. "quietening the mind"). Sit outside and listen to the conference of the birds in that Eternity surround you and them. You don't need to lock yourself away in the silence of some monk's cell. Just silence your reverie. You can even do it playing a video game.

    By lying down at night and suggesting to yourself that your animal-born-self is going to relax so that your Soul can take a little trip Out of your Body to The Dark Side of the Moon (which is just a way of saying it is dark to our Earthly perception of it...it isn't without Light at all). Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one...there is my body lying on my bed in my room asleep, whilst my Spirit does a Midnight Creep...

    So some music to Zazen Self Gnosis Meditate to:



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