• November 2011
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    An Abductee's Perspective on Realism in ET/UFO Conundrum Movies
    June 18, 2014
    7:26 pm
    cyber west hollyweird
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    November 11, 2011
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    A friend (our web masteress, actually) had written me telling me she had just seen the film Dark Skies and wasn't real happy with it. So I'm mentioning some other films on the subject she may want to watch, and why.
    My problem with most ET movies is that the writers take pop culture ideas they have only heard about the phenomena and actually do no research on the subject and then just start spinning a tale. It seems if they can get the audience to say, "that scene was Cool," that is all they care about from a Feature Film marketing standpoint.

    The X-Files was the worst.

    Signs, sucked! You are not going to trap telepathic beings in the pantry and cut off their fingers reaching under the door after you, or hit them with a baseball bat while they are distracted.

    Close Encounters Of The Third Kind ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/C.....Third_Kind ) was not bad for its day. It dealt with the obsession that overtakes people when they have a SEE (Significant Emotional Event as originally explained by Morris Massey, but here is the idea [where were you when the planes flew into the World Trade Center on 9/11, a "SEE"] : http://www.ianpercy.com/articles/I_once_was_blind.html ).

    Coming into "Contact" with The Fear of the Unknown (with "that" which is not supposed to exist according to Authority figures, but pops into your reality whether you like it or not and goes BOO!!!) can literally cause your Soul to spontaneously leave your physical body. That's one of the things that happened to me (while I was wide awake and at work, mind you). I kid that ET proved to me the Existence (Being) of the Soul which no preacher ever accomplished. I've never been able to repeat an OBE using self-hypnosis.

    Anyway, SEEs (Significant Emotional Events) such as UFO/ET Contact can cause obsessive behavior which Close Encounters demonstrated well.

    Communion, based on Whitley Strieber's book, actually portrayed the concept of how Contact with "The Unknown" can be interpreted by the abductee "victim" as what we call "High Strangeness ( http://www.cassiopaea.org/cass/high_strangeness.htm )." A lot of people didn't get the end of the film, but I thought it showed how the "victim" can experience High Strangeness...which just could be the mind interpreting events as similar to known things that are in reality happening to us so "alien" to our comprehension that our minds are just substituting "known remembered experiences" in bits and pieces--like a montage--to fill in the mental blanks of the "alien unknown" behaviors. Making a Rorschach pattern of "the Unknown" external alien activity into a High Strangeness montage of "Known" visualizations in our minds.

    I know when I write things like that they sound far out. But if you read them as separate three to four word "bytes" they string together into a mental visualization. I'm trying to explain "the Unknown" by using visualizations of the "Known."

    Fire In The Sky ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fire_in_the_Sky ), based on the Travis Walton abduction, although the screenwriter was forced to add the ETs as movie monsters to the script's ending in order to sell the movie to audience morons, was pretty close to telling the story of what happened to Travis Walton and a group of lumberjacks out in that infamous, "Isn't this the kind of place way far out in the Boonies where people report they get abducted by aliens." The real story here is how the small town's people were split over whether the guys had killed Travis and were using the crazy UFO story to cover up his murder. Or 5 days later when the ETs returned Travis had the whole group just planned a publicity stunt. They passed several lie detector tests.

    Roswell ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roswell_%28film%29 ) covered fairly accurately the stories--as told--by several witnesses.

    The Interrupted Journey (now on DVD was a made for TV movie with James Earl Jones) was based on the hypnosis sessions of Betty & Barney Hill ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_UFO_Incident ). For it's time was very well made.

    Taken ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taken_%28TV_miniseries%29 ) was a mini-series with 10 episodes produced by Steven Spielberg to attempt to get a little deeper into the phenomena than when he was younger with Close Encounters Of The Third Kind. It did cover a lot of ground and bring up some interesting theories about what is happening.

    Mainstream movie critics opinions don't count when it comes to these films because they try to rate everything on a Hollywood formula based on the idea that Independence Day is a great movie as marketed "entertainment." They simply can't comprehend that the semi-documentary elements of these more realistic ET/UFO Conundrum films can actually be really happening to credible people, so they see it as silly and boring. Mainstream movie critics want Roller-coaster ride CGI movies and Julia Roberts films.

    Many UFO researchers complain about these "more realistic" films because they might not exactly follow their "pet theory" about the "alien agenda." That is sort of like back when Playboy panned The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas as musical theatre, when they should have been thrilled that it made it into mainstream family theaters helping to evolve social mores. UFO researchers should be happy and promote any film--even Hollywooded up flawed--that at least attempts to legitimately explore the phenomena and present it to the mainstream public.

    Hollywood is worse at confusing the public about what rings authentic with the ET/UFO Conundrum than any Government disinformation.

    The reason I stress, "Extraterrestrial" is what we call them, "Alien" is how they behave, is all too often I hear UFO researchers attempting to too closely associate Human motivations to what could be completely alien motivations to our anthropocentric perceptions and comprehensions. We haven't even figured out Gravity yet, and simply invented the term "Dark Matter" to make our Best-Guess mathematical calculations seem to be solved, because we simply do not know.

    Are we bipedal hominids actually biological specimens and lab rats to ETs? Probably a part of it.

    We "abduct" Mountain Gorillas and sea Dolphins and do biological tests and "implant" tracking devices for future long-term study and research. And then we return them to 'the Wild." Our return to "the Wild" just happens to be as Beasts of Burden to Corporations, Concrete Hives we call cities, and mating ritual dancing watering holes we refer to as Nightclubs. Or as Psychopathic Politicians with their fingers hovering over Nuclear buttons. I have no idea why any ET would want to study that.

    But, and you should get this...there is also some "breeding" element going on with many of the abductees, just like we breed race horses. And playing with our alien kidnapped (abducted) women's goodies tends to upset the Stupid Dancing Naked Apes and their Air Force Generals who can't catch the ET bastards with their most expensive airplanes. They get some film footage once in awhile which they quickly Classify because it is incriminating evidence of their incompetence and inability to Control their own Airspace.

    Anyway, there is a fair list of movies as a starting point to watch to "get a feel" for how the ET/UFO Conundrum phenomena is being observed by some movie directors and producers.

    Just keep in mind that the screenwriters still have the chore of only having a relatively short period of time ( 120 minutes) to "tell a story" and sometimes have to resort to "theatrical liberties" in order to connect the legitimate ET phenomena details into a salable motion picture story that will sell enough movie tickets and DVDs to get the green-light to get the movie made in the first place. Some screenwriters are Beethovens and some screenwriters are Billy Ray Cyruses.

    Any hack can write some alien monster movie, or cowboys and indians (as aliens) in space war movie, or a soap opera with space props and call it "Cool," and some call its genre "syfy (sif-ee)."

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