• November 2011
  • Methuselah Star & Dark Matter found to be older than our Universe Itself|"Methuselah" Star & Dark Matter found to be older than our Universe Itself|Forum|Forum: Apocalypse & Armageddon

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    Methuselah Star & Dark Matter found to be older than our Universe Itself
    August 13, 2013
    12:36 am
    North America mostly
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    November 11, 2011
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    Methuselah Star & Dark Matter found to be older than our Universe Itself:

    Astronomers Find Ancient Star 'Methuselah' Which Appears To Be Older Than The Universe


    Understanding How A Star Can Be Older Than Our Universe: Interview With Astrophysicist Dr. Steve Quhawlking

    Apo: How can we resolve the conundrum that astronomers seemed to have found an appropriately named "Methuselah" star that appears to be two billion years older than the Universe itself?

    Dr.Q: Well, since Methuselah is a Biblical name and according to the Bible, and specifically according to Primate of all Ireland and church Archbishop James Ussher, where God Intelligently Designed, created, the entire Universe, and I quote: "...the night preceding Sunday, 23 October 4004 BC...," and that according to the proleptic Julian calendar, then astronomers feel that this star, HD 140283, a.k.a. "Methuselah," was probably a 15 Billion year-older prototype Intelligent Design by God of a Vertically Challenged practice Galaxy.

    Apo: Do you mean the "Dwarf Galaxy" that astronomers believe was swallowed up by our Milky Way Galaxy some 12 billion years ago?

    Dr.Q: Just like Pluto is no longer a planet, but is now re-named a mythological "Munchkin" planet, we don't say "Dwarf" Galaxy anymore because "dwarf" is not Politically Correct, so we currently call them "Vertically Challenged Galaxies."

    Apo: So you're saying this Vertically Challenged Galaxy was 2 billion years older than the rest of our entire Universe?

    Dr.Q: I, myself, am not saying anything of the sort. I am only giving you the popular consensus of an explanation of how this Methuselah Star will probably be presented as 2 billion years older than our own Universe in peer reviewed scientific journals and future Star Trek franchise movies or TV series.

    Apo: Sounds reasonable to us. So go on.

    Dr.Q: The Methuselah Star is actually part of a cluster of "Two billion years-older than our own Universe" stars from this Vertically Challenged Galaxy that was gravitationally swallowed up by our own Milky Way Galaxy just 1 billion years after our own Universe's Big Bang Singularity. Early days!

    Apo: That would be 12 billion years before Archbishop Ussher's Biblical date of Intelligent Design according to the calendar of the pagan Roman "Dictator in Perpetuity" Julius Caesar he based his calculations upon?

    Dr.Q: Correct. According to Quantum Physics, which absolutely nobody definitively understands, but all physicists and astrophysicists attribute with all sorts of tangential mathematical models based mainly on old episodes of The Twilight Zone in order to fool politicians into keeping them in outrageous amounts of government grant monies with future pie-in-the-sky promises of weaponizing Quantum Physics with Time Travel--you know, going back in Time and defeating your Enemies before they had even thought of a reason to attack you in the first place--or making politicians unimaginably filthy rich on Insider Trading information about new Quantum Physics Energy breakthrough patents which will make Nuclear Power Plants look like nothing more than extremely complex and expensive tax-payer subsidised built radioactivity boiling water steam engines and tax payer subsidised radioactive toxic waste dump generators--which is all they really are--so we can get away with stating things like "according to Quantum Physics" Parallel Universes are possible with anything a SyFy Channel made-for-TV-movie writer can think up as an "All Possibilities are Possible" possibility possibly happening. Because any Politician pissing off that much tax payer money on abstruse hypothetical mathematical models and particle colliders has to have faith that somehow he and his campaign contributors can either kick-back, extort or embezzle some of that money; and Politicians intuitively understand that the physicists and astrophysicists are not going to confess they have next to nothing to show for all their work since they do not yet even have a working model for how the fabric of gravity works, which is the true Holy Grail of the Unified Field Theory as envisaged by Einstein. Got that!

    Apo: Okay, I think I'm following you so far. If a scientist states that "Quantum Physics" claims such-and-such-and so-and-so, then who is the Politician or his average constituent layperson, whom barely understands algebra and have trouble calculating a household budget or balancing a checkbook, to question the scientists' college grant money cash cow neo-placebo mathematical models derived from old Heavy Metal comic book dialogues?

    Dr.Q: Exactly! It is really a whole tax payer subsidized Quantum Physics grants of a college industry. Which means "According to Quantum Physics" this Methuselah Vertically Challenged Galaxy came from an older than ours Parallel Universe which had spun it off in the path our own Milky Way as it just happened to be traveling some 12 billion years ago when it was gravitationally then assimilated. So since the Methuselah Star came from an older Quantum Physics Parallel Universe, there is no problem with anybodies' mathematical models being wrong since we can always play the "Dark Matter 'X' the Unknown" we-still-don't-have-a-clue-how-gravity-works "Card" and nobody is ever the wiser that the term "Dark" is just a euphemism for "We are in the dark" because we can't get our calculations to come out right, and that "Dark" doesn't have anything to do with any observable matter in the known Universe, even though technically there should be a lot of "Dark Mater" hanging right around our own observable Solar system, according to the Dark Matter theory itself, even though we cannot find any. But it sounds "reasonable" as something--almost tangible--and is repeated so often as a "fact" by media and movies as to be part of the "Commercial Paradigm" of modern reality and pop culture.

    Apo: Okay, so the Methuselah Star simply came from an older Parallel Universe which spun it's Dwarf Galaxy off which floated though the fabric of Space-Time until at some point in the past it was gravitationally absorbed by our own Milky Way Galaxy and so all hypothetical Laws of Quantum Physics are conserved.

    Dr.Q: Conservatively speaking, I would say you've got it.

    Apo: Why haven't astronomers photographed an image of this older Parallel Universe?

    Dr.Q: Because, at the speed of light, the image of that Parallel Universe has not yet had time to cross the gap in distance from the edge of that other island Parallel Universe to the edge of our own island Universe yet, and then travel on to our Milky Way and on to our own Solar system yet. Space is a very big place you understand, and astronomers can only document objects whose light is both bright enough and has traveled less than enough Light-years distance through Space-Time to reach the Earth at the exact moment of taking the photograph. Or else, "According to Quantum Physics" that Parallel Universe is actually in a Parallel Dimension which occupies the same Space between the atoms as does our physical Universe and thus is not intelligible to our physical senses or technology.

    Apo: Flip a coin?

    Dr Q: According to Schrodinger's Cat and Quantum Physics, I would say yes.

    Apo: One last question. Do we really know how old our Universe is?

    Dr.Q: We don't even know the shape or size of our own Universe yet. It is all just extrapolated educated guesses to fill the pages of textbooks and peer reviewed journals and make the authors sound authoritative.

    Apo: Thank you Doctor.

    Dr.Q: Don't mention it. Anytime. Or as we like to jest, anyspace-time.


    September 30, 2016
    8:54 pm
    North America mostly
    Forum Posts: 174
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    November 11, 2011
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    For more reading on how Quantum Theory is pure GIGO where single photons are supposed to expand in "waves" light-years across until some single anthropocentric astrophysicist "observes" it and it suddenly "pops" into his "vision" of a far away star both defying the Speed of Light constant for the far edges of that "wave" itself and the Inverse-Square Law ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/.....square_law ) which has photons being electromagnetically emanated in waves millions of photons to the inch at varying Energy Frequencies--and then dispersing in a spherical pattern from their source--just like molecules of water being carried in Energy Ocean waves sometimes miles long along the coast. Seems some Quantum mechanics theoretical physicists had left out all those non-visible-light-spectrum gamma particles in the ambient background of their Quantum Theory Equations which is like shooting a "single-photon" visible light billiard ball at a target through a billion randomly zipping background billiard balls of non-visible light spectrum gamma particles (which is what they call non-visible light spectrum photons to confuse you and sound more "scientific"). Some visible photons make it through to the target and some visible photons get knocked off course by the random zipping billiard ball non-visible light spectrum gamma particle (photons).

    And, by-the-way, vacuums in these experiments are not actually empty of all this ambient background gamma particle/photon billiard ball field of obstacles. Ever look through the vacuum of an "empty" glass vacuum Bell Jar? If it was "empty" of ambient background photon light particles you could not see through it. But you do see through it, as the light particles reflecting off all the objects across the room just zip right through that ol' Vacuum, just like it wasn't even there, to obviously register those across the room objects right on your ol' eyeballs. That air-molecule-sucking-vacuum ain't "empty" at all, is it! Neither is the vacuum of Outer Space, which is literally a soup of crisscrossing visible light spectrum photons and other non-visible electromagnetic quanta.

    ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​4-Dimensional (Minkowski) Space-Time-Continuum demonstrated with a Basketball & a BB: http://tinyurl.com/q8rgzbv​

    ​The 9-Dimensional Space-Frequency Continuum Within You & Without You​: ​http://tinyurl.com/hw7txuw

    The Time Travel Conundrum: http://tinyurl.com/pjdz2df


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