• November 2011
  • Islam: Allah is an Arabic term for "God" the same way you might say, "There is no God but the Lord," so get over it already.|Islam|Forum|Forum: Apocalypse & Armageddon

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    Islam: Allah is an Arabic term for "God" the same way you might say, "There is no God but the Lord," so get over it already.
    August 20, 2012
    3:50 am
    North America mostly
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    November 11, 2011
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      It was brought to my attention that we needed this new Topic as many are unfamiliar with the Muslim Holy book "The Recital" or The Quran (The Koran as most here know it).


      As I mentioned above, Allah is a non-plural and non-gender (for our feminist friends) term for "God" used by Arabic-speaking Jews, Christians and Muslims alike.  Not all Muslims use the term "Allah;" as Turkish Muslims would say "There is no God but Tann;" and Persian Muslims would say "There is no God but Khoda."


      I've known many Christians who say "There is no God but The Lord."  Then I've also known some New Testament fundamentalists who claim "There is no God but Jesus" but that is just Idolatry (making a fetish idol out of Jesus) and not saying the same thing, at all.


      But as we may soon see, not all Radical Islamists may know their own Holy book as well as they think they do, just like most Christians don't know what is in their own Bible (the Secret here is most people don't read these books for themselves but allow some Authority Figure Preacher to tell them what he wants them to think is in the Book).


      I think these literary classics, religious books, should be read (straight through from page 1 to The End) in high school Literature classes–mandatory away from Ecclesiastical brainwashing cherry-picking techniques–so "young adults" will be able to make their own minds up what the books say to them.  But Preachers have a vested interest in not allowing their young congregations to think for themselves, so I don't expect to see this before about the year 2068CE.  Of course, those of you Home Schooling your children could implement this idea into your curriculum, but I doubt we will see much of that either.


      For those not familiar with it, there is a really neat series of scenes from the screenplay written by Bruce Lee for his posthumous Feature Film "Circle Of Iron" that is also mentioned  in a chapter of The Koran entitled "The Cave (not to be confused with Plato's very profound The Cave from his book The Republic)."  If I were you, I'd rent Circle Of Iron today and disregard the martial arts as simply background to this Zen Story in-which not one spoken line is wasted, that"…takes place in a land that never was, but always is."  There is know book!

    August 20, 2012
    4:46 am
    cyber west hollyweird
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    November 11, 2011
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      I asked Apoadmin to create this "Islam" topic as I have recently been asked some questions about The Koran.  So I thought I would add, here, this piece I wrote as a comment for an article elsewhere, back when the creators of TV cartoon South Park (which I've watched maybe 5 episodes of total) were being given Death Threats like they were Salman Rushdie.  The good news for Journalism students, everywhere around the World, it doesn't look like you are going to run out of religious zealots of any demographic that want to become lynch mobs to Report upon, any time soon.


    Quran Passages Florida 9/11 Christian-Jonesing Pastor Should Quote:


      Whenever a mean-spirited religious authority figure is fire and brimstone christian-jonesing  I'm reminded how I always believe that no adult with any degree of real level of reading comprehension skills could actually read the Bible and still attend Church or Temple.  

      I mean The Old Testament Prophets are always blaming the priests for corrupting religion for their own benefit and leading the people to ruin doing what is wrong in God's eyes.  Isn't that why Jesus turned over the Bingo tables in the Temple?

      So for the Anniversary of 9/11  I share some moderating passages from The Holy Quran that I picked out when the group Muslim Revolution wanted "Death to All who produce the cartoon South Park."  Especially since Florida Pastor Terry Jones (wanting to burn Korans as Satanic) is just as confused about his own holy books as are Muslim Revolution about theirs.
      Concerning groups like "Muslim Revolution" and all Hypocrites whom call themselves "Islamists" and swear in the "Name" of Allah claiming they do (God's) will, mortal men as aggressors attacking the blind simple-minded, like the Authors of a make-believe cartoon (South Park).
    Favorites from THE RECITAL, THE QURAN (The Koran):
    (from Al-Naml) "It is not for you to guide the blind out of their error.  None shall hear you except those who believe in our revelations and surrender themselves to us."
    (from Al-Ra'd) "Say: 'Allah (God) leaves in error whom He will, and guides those who repent and have faith;' "
    (from Al-Tawba) "They (Islamist hypocrites) swear in the Name of Allah (God) in order to please you.  But it is more just that they should please Allah (God) and the Apostle, if  they are True Believers."  "The (Islamists) Hypocrites are AFRAID least a CHAPTER be REVEALED about THEM, telling them what is in their hearts.  Say: 'Scoff if you will; Allah (God) will surely bring to LIGHT what you are DREADING.' "  "Allah (God) has Promised the (Islamist) Hypocrites, both men and women, And the unbelievers, the Fire of Hell.  They shall abide in it forever: a sufficient recompense.  The Curse of Allah (God) is upon Them; Theirs shall be a lasting torment."
    Have not the unbelievers always said of the Prophet: "He is just a poet, a soothsayer, a mad man and we are waiting for some misfortune to befall him."  It is for no mortal to correct whom Allah (God) misleads.  Do not worry yourselves about the unbelievers.  Live your own lives in Islam (Peace).  Allah (God) will provide for All on the Day of Reckoning.
    (from Al-Ma'arij) "Thus Allah (God) misleads whom He will and guides whom He pleasesNone know the warriors of your Lord but Himself.  This is no more than an Admonition to Mankind."  "No, they have no fear of the hereafter, this is an Admonition.  Let him who will, take heed.  But none takes heed except by the will of Allah (God).  He is the Spring of Goodness and Forgiveness."
    If you attack unbelievers or hypocrites First, because of the error of their ways, You have become an Aggressor and are no better than the hypocrites and will be treated the same on the Day of Reckoning.
    (from Al-Baqara) "Fight for the sake of Allah (God) those that fight against you, but do not attack them FirstAllah (God) does not love the Aggressors."
    (and from Al-Anbiya') "We shall set up Just Scales on the Day of Resurrection, so that no man shall the least be wronged.  Actions as small as a grain of Mustard Seed shall be weighed out.  Our Reckoning shall suffice."
      So if Allah's Reckoning shall suffice on the Day of Resurrection for the likes of simple-minded Authors of a make believe cartoon, mortal Believers should live their lives in Islam (Peace) knowing Allah (God) alone judges the Souls of All Men; including Yours!
      Now would reading any of the passages above have caused Satan (the adversary) to steal Florida Pastor Terry Jones' immortal soul, simply for taking the time to read some other book commenting on someone Else's conception of the plans of God, any different than maybe reading the based on the Bible conceptions in the Left Behind best-selling novels by Tim LaHaye & Jerry Jenkins; or the book paper Rapture Eschatology of John Nelson Darby as taught by Bob Jones University.  Amazing that Pastor Terry Jones  graduated from Cape Girardeau Central High-school with Rush Limbaugh, another Wing-nut Media Attention Monger Windbag.
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