• November 2011
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    Fear & Loathing with the Flu Shot
    January 19, 2013
    11:32 am
    North America mostly
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    November 11, 2011
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      It's that time of year again when we question have the Flu Vaccine Wizards mixed up the correct brew for the strain and type of flu(s) making the rounds this year and do we really want to spend that much on some vaccine that might not even be effective and has at least a small percentage chance in killing us over dead. 


      But, we don't want to get sick with the flu either. 


      Preventive Medicine or just this season's Placebo?

    January 19, 2013
    12:24 pm
    cyber west hollyweird
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    November 11, 2011
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    So Okay, 
      "Worst flu season in years"  all over the News, like a Karl Rove handed out Political Talking Points to be repeated by FOX News Parrots, and suddenly  there is this New Improved "Insect Based" Vaccine  coming on the market (that doesn't use eggs to grow):


    …and make sure you look through the "Similar Posts" list at the bottom of that article page.

      The WHO's (World Health Organization's) declaration of a "pandemic"  is a term for how wide a seasonal flu is spreading,  but has nothing to do with the severity  of the illness effects of the epidemic.  A "pandemic"  may actually have a lower mortality rate and less severe symptoms than what are called "Common Flu" outbreaks.

      Every year, on average, there are about 36,000 deaths and 200,000 hospitalizations in the U.S. for flu.  So any numbers below that in any annual "Bad" flu season "News" and you are being bullshitted!  And the "News" Parrots never tell us of the people whom do die of the flu, how many did take this season's flu shot?  So what are the actual real numbers this year so far???  Does anybody really know?  Are we counting hypochondriacs  that show up to Emergency Rooms with runny noses?  And so what if the flu is in every State–there are car wrecks in every State too  this year with about 40,000 deaths Nation-wide.  So does that mean we have a "Stupidity Pandemic."   A Bowl of Biskies Makes A Growing Boy--Raymond F. Jones

      I'm not a morning person and wake up congested  and feeling blah  this time of year until I can step outside into the freezing cold air, fresh with the odor of chemically treated fireplace logs, and then get down at least one cup of caffeine.  The congestion is probably not  the common cold or the flu, but I wonder about Radon (21,000 deaths a year, compared to the flu, or maybe even combined with compromised immune system flu deaths–They don't yet know, is The Secret ).

      And why the hell am I being treated like a drug dealer  or addict  if I ask a pharmacist for what used to be OTC (Over The Counter, in the Dollar $tores) Actifed, which actually worked great for treating flu symptoms; ever since the ex-Governor of Iowa, Tom Vilsack, pro-Big Pharma and pro-GMO Monsanto corn pusher, now politically appointed as U.S. Secretary of Agriculture, passed legislation to get Actifed,  which worked fine, off the Dollar $tore shelves.  Hey, I'm a Good Citizen and don't have a Meth Lab so why penalize Me  from getting a cheap OTC pill that works well for flu and cold symptoms and then ask me to buy the more expensive prescription Tamiflu.   Hey Cops, do your job yourselves  and bust the Meth Labs, but give Me back my Freedom  to buy cheap OTC Actifed,  which I know works, without Tamiflu's Gilead Science's lawyers hiding their failure rate data.   And has anybody actually seen Crystal Meth sales go down?   Like maybe the big suppliers were getting their Meth ingredients from Mexico and not from Walgreen's anyway.  You can drive out on the street and still find Meth in 15 minutes just as quick as you can find pot, which doesn't grow in Dollar $tores, which puts the lie to that bullshit argument.  Actifed was a test case  to see if Americans would roll over on their rights  for the good of "The War On Drugs."   Thank you the Ghost of Richard Nixon haunting US still!  Are Vitamins and other OTC supplements next to be Banned from the Dollar $tores at the behest of Big Pharma?

      It has been reported (not in the News but in a radio program interview) that one of the reasons for flu numbers being reported as way up along the East Coast has to do with Hurricane Sandy  forcing evacuees, that can't go back to destroyed houses, to be living in close proximity and contact with relatives where they usually wouldn't be this time of year, allowing the flu to spread worse in those areas than usual.

      Also, of the Influenza A (the one we catch the most) H# N# viruses there are H1 -  H17 different H antigens and N1 – N9 different N antigens so far discovered. H & N antigens combine to make a "Type"  of RNA virus, but then you can have mutated "strains"  of each virus "type."   A lot to remember between flu seasons for Grandma.

      So it is very easy to confuse  the public with throwing about some H & N antigen type numbers (i.e. do you know off hand if this year's H3N2 flu strain is more deadly than this year's H1N1 flu strain from last year's H3N2 & H1N1 flu strains) to market Fear to sell vaccines.

      I also have heard that the European Countries are not vaccine "Pushers"  the way we market  the stuff in the News Media here in the U.S. with such Fear Tactics.  Maybe here it is a slow day for murders so reminding us about flu deaths passes for ABN (Alleged Breaking News).

      Remember, in 2007 I almost died from catching the flu  and was in the hospital for a week.  It wasn't from the flu itself, although I had had the cold sweats bad for days and felt like dog crap, but from a secondary (probably bacterial) infection that made me go into kidney failure and caused me to hallucinate like a hippie for days.

      Here, read through this so I don't have to repeat everything about the misconceptions about the 3 types (A;B;C) of flu and the insufficient data about "Cures" like Donald Rumsfeld's Gilead Sciences, Inc.'s marketed, but undocumented, miracle "drug" Tamiflu  (funny how certain ex-government/corporate revolving door names  keep popping up in big human Ca$h Cow endeavors)


    …and there is a reason they provide those blue highlighted links to words like "epidemic"  and "pandemic"  so maybe we look the details up too.


      But the flu shot propaganda, "Anybody who does not get a flu shot will either die or infect and kill their Grandmother," is in the same vein as "If we don't take OTC Actifed off the Dollar $tore shelves we'll cause everyone to build Meth Labs in their House Trailers."

      I usually wait on getting an annual flu vaccine–if I get one at all–until after I've seen enough people get the shot and then not drop dead of GBS (Guillain-Barre Syndrome http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/G.....9_syndrome ), and then the price is right for cheap ol' me (still free) at the VA Hospital (although I still have to pay higher than civilian pharmacy prices–which I think is criminal–for my regular prescription meds at the VA, even though I have multiple "Rated"  Service Related Disabilities–try getting a bad tooth pulled at the VA, can't afford it) so I usually get a free flu shot, because it's free.  Actually, the military also pays taxes  toward their own VA Hospitals while they are on active duty.

      Most of us who were in the military got a flu shot every year, under orders "for our own good" I need to add,  even though we were in the age group and in better than the average civilian physical shape and health which questions the flu vaccine's actual efficiency.   But we got vaccinated for every foreign thing (except the clap) we might come into contact with anywhere in the world we might get deployed to on a minute's notice.  We referred to the flu shot as "The Brother-in-law Effect"  because we figured some Politician's brother-in-law was getting rich off selling it to the military.

      Actually, that Insect Based Vaccine technology mentioned way back up at the very top of this piece, does sound promising.
      Eat a naval orange a day and have a glass of V-8.
    NOTE:  Here is "moondansyr's"  original letter and flu shot research below.  But Fear & Loathing with the Flu Shot  is a good example how a lot of my Fear & Loathing in the Great Economic Downturn of the Cyber Age  pieces get written.  There was a question  I could have just sent a list of links in response to about flu shots. But I think there is more involved with the flu shot propaganda–like Donald Rumsfeld's ilk–that overall has to do with being part of the disaster of what has become the human Ca$h Cow of Health Care in the United States as well as that  being part of this Great Economic Downturn (Depression) of the 21st Century and We The People being sold out to the highest bidders  by Congress.  And next thing I know I've been up all night listening to the radio and looking up references that for normal writers would be listed as footnotes.
    On Fri, Jan 18, 2013 at 11:45 PM, Moondansyr xxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
      OK, so I had planned to get the girls and myself to Walgreen's since October for our flu shots and between Allyson's musical rehearsals and performances, several concerts, my gallbladder and consequent surgery, and then the holidays and all of us getting sick, we haven't managed to go get our shots.
      Well, today I was reading a news article titled:  Flu season worsens; 29 children die
      The article really urges the reader to go get their flu shot.  But something prickled me.  It took me a minute, but then I realized journalism 101 (high school level), one gathers as much evidence as one can to support their case.  This article's case was in support of the benefits of EVERYONE getting a flu shot.  So, I began to wonder just how many of those deceased had received a flu shot?  If most of them didn't and dying was a result of not getting the shot, then that supports the urgency for people to get out and get their flu shot!  So what if a significant number of the deceased got the shot, but still came down with the flu and died?  That wouldn't support the case.  I began visiting ALL the news sights I could find, reading all the articles written about the flu and guess what?  All of them were either exactly the same, or paraphrased, but still the same.  No data about the deceased and whether they had flu shots or not.  (We also don't know if all those who died were also already physically compromised, which is highly likely!)
      Then I began reading some research papers that have indicated that children who grow up with no flu shots, tend to be healthier in the long-run, while those who received regular flu shots had a laundry list of health issues. 

      THEN I found H.R. 813.  The Flu Protection Act of 2005

    "the Flu Protection Act of 2005 will revamp US flu vaccine policy. The legislation will require CDC to pay makers for vaccines unsold "through routine market mechanisms." The bill will also require CDC to conduct a "public awareness campaign" emphasising "the safety and benefit of recommended vaccines for the public good."

    That means it's a vicious circle of manipulation! In an effort for the CDC to not have to pay for "unsold" vaccines, they scare the public and urge them to get vaccinated. Then there are "shortages" of vaccines, so the manufacturers "do what they can" to make more! Then the cycle starts again!!

      Finally, I reflected on the fact that the girls and I haven't had the shot, and Travis got his at work in early November.  When we all got sick over Christmas, Travis was significantly worse.  His fever lasted longer (about 5 days) and was harder to break, and he had a nasty cough and sniffles for much longer.  It could have just been a coincidence, but all of it together is something to think about.

    July 13, 2013
    11:24 pm
    Planet Earth
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    November 20, 2011
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    I know this is many months later, but thought you might be interested in a recent incident/update.

    About two weeks ago, I had my annual thyroid check-up and blood work. While waiting to be called-back, I leafed through the various articles either written by my doctor, or information my doctor has come across and wants to share with his patients. The articles cover a whole host of topics. The office prints several copies of each independent article and puts them in a sort of comic-book-like stand, free for the taking. Low and behold, what did I find? My doctor's support of an opinion regarding the flu shot! The article is titled: Much ado about nothing - the flu vaccine myths. I was eager to read what his opinion was on the topic and broke into a smile when I found that my doctor is essentially on the same page as I am about the flu shot. I will scan the article and get with an Admin about uploading the jpg so that the text will be big enough to actually read.

    February 14, 2018
    8:49 pm
    Planet Earth
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    November 20, 2011
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    Several years later, here's a link to the article my doctor's office had:


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