• November 2011
  • Economy Shrinks While Market Trading Bubble-gum cards is Up!|Economy Shrinks While Market Trading Bubble-gum cards is Up!|Forum|Forum: Apocalypse & Armageddon

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    Economy Shrinks While Market Trading Bubble-gum cards is Up!
    January 31, 2013
    11:43 am
    North America mostly
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    November 11, 2011
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      Wall Street is jumping up and down, ringing their bell and clapping, celebrating their Trading Volume High,
    while HuffPost  reports the actual Economy was shrinking:
      So, if I have a bunch of rich Speculators with nothing better to do every day than to Speculate (i.e. gamble) on The Market  about the Future Value of today's fad  in Bubblegum Trading Cards Stocks, speculating that the Market Value of certain Bubblegum Trading Cards Stocks may go Up if enough Speculators believe  the value of those particular  Bubblegum Trading Cards Stocks might go Up,  and start a Bull stampede to buy those particular Bubblegum Trading Cards Stocks simply because other people  are now Trading  in those particular Bubblegum Trading Cards Stocks today  and not Trading in others, such as the "Zombie Living Dead" Bubblegum Trading Cards Stocks.
     Speculator Bob bought a pair of Batman Bubblegum Cards No.22  for $15 last month, but now notices  the Market Trend  in Batman No.22s has gone up to around $27 each, so he decides to list  his one extra Trading Card @ $30 to see if some other Speculator will Buy it.
      Speculator John notices Bob has listed a Card No.22 on the Market @ $30 and so lists ten  of his No. 22 Cards, he's been sitting on, @ $33 each.
      Charles buys 10 dozen complete sets (cards 1-55) of Batman Bubblegum Trading Cards @ $40 per set/case because he is an Investor  in Bubblegum Trading Cards and plans to hold on to them locked in his safe  for the next 10 years, and doesn't care if the price goes up or down right now, per individual Batman Trading Card whim, because he believes as it gets more rare to acquire No.22 (or the others) that the price in 10 to 15 years might Trade @ $1000 or more per card according to a more limited supply &  nostalgic demand  and it will be a Nest Egg Investment  for his family.
      Speculator Dick has seen the price of Batman No. 22 go up on average to $35 and buys up fifty  hoping to resale them @ $45 for a quick, Good-as-Gold, turn-around profit from suckers who follow the Bull Stampedes in Bubble Gum Trading Card Markets, because he has knowledge  that there were 500 million of the entire complete Batman Bubblegum Trading Card sets printed and probably 400 million are still sitting in attic and basement boxes or at Flea markets, Thrift Stores and Comic Book stores & Bubblegum Trading Card companies (not to mention that he has Insider Information  on the counterfeit  Bubblegum Trading Cards being printed over in Malaysia) that will soon flood the Bubble-gum Market all trying to sell at the Batman Bubblegum Trading Card max Bubble  asking price of about @ $50.
      Speculator Mark buys 5 dozen full sets of all 55 Batman Bubblegum Trading Cards @ $50 per Card (just only $2,750 per set) for $165,000 (even though the other Batman Cards had been Trading individually @ $2 – $12 before the Boom in No.22s got all of them Trading @ $50) convincing his wife–as he usually gets burned doing–that it is so obvious  that there is a Great Future  in Trading Batman Bubblegum Cards, that within a year they can resell them all at ten times as much and then retire in Florida near Disney World.
      Within a month of the Mark's Buy of Batman Bubblegum Trading Cards the Bubblegum Trading Market is flooded with Batman Bubblegum Trading Cards No. 1 – 55 gathered up from attic and basement boxes and the price on Batman No. 22, which nobody can remember by then exactly why  it seemed such a great big necessity to have, takes a nose dive to $5 and Mark's Trading Cards have lost him  $148,500 in value, and his wife runs off to Orlando with their Insurance Salesman, and he drunkenly sets himself on fire and jumps out of a Hilton Hotel window screaming all-the-way down to his Crash & Burn.
      Speculator Bob then buys up 3 Batman No.22 Trading Cards for $15, matching his original Buy price months before, plus a "free" card, that he can sit on until the Market in Batman No.22s starts a new Bull Stampede.
      Meanwhile with the Bare Market  in Batman Trading Cards, Speculator John notices that Zopp's 1984 Baseball Bubblegum Trading Card No.9  is now Trading on the Market @ $30 and so lists ten  of his No.9 Cards, he's been sitting on, @ $33 each.
      And the Trading Speculators keep track of their Bubble-gum Market statistics & averages of their Trading Bull & Bear Markets with graphs & charts, and tell News Reporters in Bubblegum Card Market Trading jargon  what a Great Economy it is for the Speculators, whom had enough extra Ca$h in the first place to get into speculating ( i.e. gambling) on Bubblegum Trading Cards, to…get into the Smart-Money  of speculating on Bubblegum Trading Cards.  And isn't it just a shame that some people can't take their fixed income of Social Security and speculate on Bubblegum Trading Cards and possibly  make a No-Brainer Fortune in the Bubblegum Trading Card Market; why there should be a Law  to that effect. 
      However,  it's soon found out, this Speculative Bubblegum Trading Card Market is totally divorced  from the Reality that the Zopp's Baseball Manufacturing Corporation  got a corporate relocation moving Tax Deduction (the alleged "tax break")  although they laid off all of their American employees  who used to run  their Zopp's Bubblegum Trading Card publishing & printing company, and then Zopp's quit buying from other American business and manufacturing supply companies (causing further layoffs and unemployment)  and actually only moved to a skeleton Headquarters office  in Atlanta (customer service questions answered by an English-speaking operator-internet telemarketing company in India)  and now Zopp's outsource their printing and packaging of Bubblegum Trading Cards to a human-beast-of-burden plant in China  which is allowed to flush their printer's waste  into the Yellow River in the manufacturing slums of the once beautiful town of Sucmucdik-Buy-The-Sea.  And to save on overhead, other "American" Bubblegum Trading Card manufacturers are planning to follow suit with layoffs of their American employees  and claim their own corporate relocation moving Tax Deduction as advised by the Corporate Consulting Firm of Fuchs-Gayne, LLC owned-in-part  by ex-Congressman Representative Pitt Fuchs.

      So that the Boom or Bust in Bubblegum Trading Cards on the Bubble-gum Trading Market actually has nothing to do with the actual Economy  of laid off ex-Bubblegum Trading Card company or business & manufacturing supply product employees not  having the money to buy goods at Kroger's or Target stores, thus causing Kroger's and Targets to cut back on their hours–and employees–in a vicious ever spiraling downward slippery slope of allowing Zopp's to pretend they are still an "American manufacturing company" when in fact & reality they have become a Foreign Importer  of Bubblegum Trading Cards by trying to sell their product at max increased Bottom-line Profits to the children of under-employed American laborers.  And then they just can't put their finger on why the Economy is Shrinking while The Bubble-gum Trading Market seems to be having a Boom, and then they wonder why less people have the extra Disposable Income  for the Discretionary Spending  of buying Bubblegum Cards off their bloated warehouse shelves; while their College-age children are marching for "Occupy Bubblegum."
      Then what do I care, after-all, I've got 22 dozen complete sets of Star Trek Bubblegum Trading Cards,  I inherited tax free, and I'm just waiting for all the Marks in the Bubble-gum Market to go Nuts over Speculating on individual Bubblegum Card Trading bubbles  over and over and over again.  Then with the profits, I plan to open a Top End Import Store on Rodeo Drive.

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