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    The Apocalypse of Dear John, The Church of the Holy Tax Loophole's Book of Revelation
    October 28, 2015
    12:11 am
    North America mostly
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    November 11, 2011
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    1:1 This is THE REVELATION given by Supreme Being to The Church Of The Holy Tax Loophole. It was given to The Church so that We might show Our Congregation what MUST shortly happen. The Church made it known by sending a Messenger to Its servant, Dear John, who, in TELLING ALL that HE SAW, has borne witness to the Message of Supreme Being and to the testimony of The Church Of The Holy Tax Loophole.

    Happy is the Member who reads, and happy is the Congregation who listen to the Message of the prophecy and Heed what is written in it. For THIS HOUR of fulfillment IS HERE.


    Dear John to the Seven Churches of The World.

    The Gift of Existence from Supreme Being be to you and peace from Eternity which is and which was and which is to come, from the Seven Messengers before the Cosmos, and from The Church Of The Holy Tax Loophole, the faithful witness, the first-born from the impotent religions of the World and Primate over all phony religious and political leaders of the Earth.

    To The Church Of The Holy Tax Loophole who loves Our Congregation and freed Us from Our Ignorance with Our life's Work, which made Us a Noble Church, to serve as the Chaplains of Supreme Being, Father of the Creation which Created Itself, and evolved Us--to Our Church be glory and dimensions towards Eternity! Amen.

    Behold, The Messenger is coming with the Cloud! Every eye SHALL SEE The Messenger, and among those who ALSO back stabbed The Messenger; and all the cretins of the world shall lament in remorse. So MOTE IT BE. Amen.

    "I AM EVERYTHING FROM A-to-Z," says Supreme Being of Eternity, which is and which was and which is to come, the sovereign Cause of THE ALL.

    Dear John, your Church Of The Holy Tax Loophole brother, who share with You in the suffering of fools and the sovereignty of Supreme Being and that endurance which is Ours in Our Church--I was in a motel room on the island of mediocrity called Peoria, because I had preached Supreme Being's Message and borne my testimony to The Church Of The Holy Tax Loophole. It was on The Sun's day, and I was caught up in the Spirit of Allegory; and behind me I heard a loud Voice, like a trumpet in my head, which said to me, "Write down what YOU SEE, where it can be scrolled up or down or back and forth on a monitor, and post it to The Seven Churches: To Jerusalem (Judaism); Rome (Catholicism); Mecca (Islam); Geneva (Switzerland, Lutheranism); Lake Junaluska (NC, Methodism); Charleston (SC, Christian Coalition Evangelism); and Salt Lake City ( Mormonism)." I turned to see whose Voice it was that spoke to me; and when I turned I saw Seven Standing Lamps of Gold, and among The Lamps one like a Son Of Man, an Old Testament Champion in the spirit of allegory plagiarized from the Book of Daniel, and dressed to impress the impressionable readers among you, and his eyes flamed with that fiery glint of one knowing, and his feet gleamed like burnished brass refined in a furnace from the Bronze Age, and his Voice was like the sound of the rushing waters of the stream outside a motel window as if you had eaten magic mushrooms. In his Right hand he held Seven Stars, and out of his mouth came rhetoric as sharp as a two-edged sword; and his face shown like the noonday Sun over the Mojave Desert.

    When I saw him I fell out of my chair at his feet as though I were dead. But he laid his allegorical Right hand upon me and said, "Do not be afraid. I symbolize everything from A-to-Z, the First and the Last, Eternity is Alive with the Life within It, and I Am Alive whose molecules and energy were once thought just dead matter and NOW Eternity IS Alive FOR EVERMORE, for I AM HE as you are HE as YOU are ME and WE are ALL together, and I HOLD the KEYS of DEATH and the Dark Energy and Gravity of the Dark Matter of the 'Other Side's' Dimensions and Dominions. Write down THEREFORE what YOU have SEEN of Eternity, what is NOW and What will BE Hereafter.

    Here is the secret meaning of The Seven Stars which YOU saw in MY Right hand, and of The Seven Lamps of Gold: The Seven Stars are allegorically The Seven Messengers from The Seven Churches, and The Seven Lamps are allegorically The Seven Churches. The Seven Messengers are The Seven Stars are The Seven Oranges, and The Seven Churches are The Seven Lamps of Gold are The Seven Golden Apples. So that every time I mention Oranges or Stars allegorically YOU know I mean Messengers and every time I mention Golden Apples or Lamps YOU know I mean Churches, and so YOU do not get confused with comparing Golden Apples and Oranges.

    2:1 To the Orange of the Church of Jerusalem write:

    These are the words of The ONE who holds The Seven Oranges in his Right hand and walks among The Seven Golden Apples: I know ALL YOUR WAYS, your toil and fortitude. I know...

    ...(to be continued)...


    April 10, 2017
    7:17 pm
    North America mostly
    Forum Posts: 174
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    November 11, 2011
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    Dawson wanted to add this addendum explaining the differences between the religious terms Apocalypse, Armageddon and The Rapture but couldn't get his links to post (you can always copy and paste the links to your address bar). So I posting it here for Dawson.--Apoadmin

    Revelation: Apocalypse, Armageddon & The Rapture unveiled

    I know some of you have expressed concerns that you think "The Donald" might accidentally start WWIII some early 2am morning when he hits the wrong "Send" button he thought he was Tweeting some--not getting enough respect--complaint against the Eastern Liberal Media Elites, and accidentally hits "Send" Nuclear missile to North Korea instead.

    And since there persists this misunderstanding about the differences between the terms the Apocalypse, Armageddon and the Rapture which for some reason professional priests, preachers, televangelists and clerics of various persuasions can't seem to get across to their congregations, I thought I'd help by pointing out that these terms are not all Biblical synonyms. Heck, the word "Rapture/rapture" is not even found in the whole of the King James version of the Bible.

    Some combined thoughts:

    The allegory unveiling of "The Apo-calypso," the ancient metaphor of "Ar-mageddo-n" and The "Rapture (the "Translation")," are 3 different things from 2 different books.

    The book of Revelation is one of several apo-calypses in the Bible

    Okay, the Greek (not Hebrew) term Apocalypse doesn't necessarily mean "prophecy" so much as it means an allegorical "unveiling" or a "revealing/revelation" thus the books two variant titles: The (Greek) Apocalypse, or (English) Revelation of John. Also keep in mind the title of John's book, "Apocalypse," only means a style of allegorical Jewish scripture writing and is not really a true synonym for the "site" of "Armageddon ( the City and Valley of Megiddo)." You would think we would notice this difference because, after all, we are the Apocalypse & Armageddon - Assurance Associates web site, are we not ( http://tinyurl.com/qe4h6x6 ).

    The Jewish Apocalyptic writing format is designed to be an allegory about the current Political situation, usually by an oppressive king and priesthood or else an Occupying Nation, like the Babylonians, Greeks or in Jesus' times the Romans, with the book set in the Heavenly Realms with language disguised so that those (in their own time) initiated into its "guarded (esoteric)" language would comprehend the "allegorical message ( "He that has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says..." Rev. 2:7; 2:11; 2:17; 2:29; 3:6; 3:13; 3:22; 13:9)" being passed along among their own membership, but read like mystical-religious-mumbo jumbo to the Occupying Forces or Authorities. Apocalyptic writing is the message correspondence of the Local Underground movement expressing how if they remain True to their Cause eventually they will Win in The End (Times). Sooner or later all Tyrants die off and are replaced or Occupying Forces move on to other Political interests, or are chased off by a New Ambitious Empire that local political deals may be made with. Apocalyptic writing is how the local underground movement passes along messages of Hope and keeps them from getting arrested by the authorities as nonconformists and undesirables because of their seditious writings.

    Sort of like many nonconformists have kept a very low profile during the Establishment's "War On Drugs" which in reality is there to keep a popular Black-Market-Prohibition in place in order to entrap and punish nonconformists. If the Establishment can charge the nonconformist with a Felony, the nonconformist can no longer Vote against the Establishment's Political or Economic, or Ecological, Policies. In Biblical times sedition was punishable by death, as in like Crucifixion. Better to write your messages in an apocalypse than get crucified.

    Much of the language in the New Testament's book of Revelation is cherry picked and plagiarized from other apocalypses written in the Old Testament books of The Prophets. And there is no Lucifer nor any "Antichrist" actually mentioned, at all, in the Apocalypse of John or the Book of Revelation, as these terms are both borrowed from other books and don't mean what you've heard priests and preachers allege either.

    "You may listen and listen, but you will not understand.
    You may look and look again, but you will never perceive.
    This people's wits are dulled,
    their ears are deafened and their eyes blinded,
    so they cannot see with their eyes
    nor listen with their ears
    nor understand with their wits and heart,
    so that they may be turned around and healed."--Isaiah

    "He that has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says."--John

    According to the Old Testament Anointed One king Solomon, more wise than all those who preceded him in Jerusalem, "In dealing with men it is God's purpose to test them and to see what they truly are." And to pass that only test of God you must understand that you too are a "beast," the same as all the other animals (Ecclesiastes 3:18) who take breath. Solomon says, "Stand up and do the funky Stupid Dancing Naked Ape hand jive bugaloo, while looking in the mirror!"

    We are the "Beast" ourselves and our "Money," which nothing can be bought or sold without, is the "Mark of the Beast," which money has always had on it the image (mark) of the Beasts of Government, the image (mark) of the Caesars and Governors, Presidents, Tyrants and Queens, and Beastly Animal Nation Symbols (images and marks of the beast), Lions and Tigers and Bears--and even Eagles--oh my.

    "Now the weight of gold which Solomon received yearly was 666 talents, in addition to the tolls levied by the customs officers and profits on foreign trade, and the tribute of the kings of Arabia and the regional governors."--1 Kings 10:14

    "You shall have the record of it as a sign upon your hand, and upon your forehead as a reminder, to make sure that the law of the Lord is always on your lips, because the Lord with a strong hand brought you out of Egypt. This is a rule, and you shall keep it at the appointed time from year to year."--Exodus 13:9

    From the first pages the New Testament authors were searching for Old Testament passages to cherry pick to make their writings sound authoritative the same way Televangelists still do it today. Having the "Mark of the Beast ( and 666 )" on your hand or on your "forehead (money on your mind, like it is everybody, all the time, and they literally worship the image [mark] of their money)" was not meant to be taken literally about some UPC barcode symbology or debit card IC chip technology still 2000-years in the future. That the numbers 666 of the letters also added up to the name for Emperor Nero, an opponent of the early church, just demonstrates how clever the author John was at picking out symbolism his readers in his day and times would understand and "get."

    You've been buying and selling all your lives with the marks of the beast. Some of you even once used the old Deutsche Marks of the Beast.

    The John who wrote the book of Revelation (the Apocalypse) is simply trying to reinterpret Daniel and other Old Testament books to fit in with events of his own several Centuries later time period ( very near the time of the eruption of the Fiery Pit of Brimstone of Mount Vesuvius which had just destroyed the Roman cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum in an "Act of God") towards the end of the 1st Century, the same way Televangelists are trying to interpret the Apocalypse of John (the book of Revelation) to make it seem to fit in with Twenty Centuries later events-in-the-News of their own time period today. Two thousand years hence and they are still cherry picking scripture passages and predicting Gloom & Doom for everybody else but themselves.

    The actual City of David & Temple of Solomon located in the city of Megiddo (the Valley of Megiddo; Ar-Megiddo-n) in the Northern kingdom of Is-Ra-El, and not in the South's Jebusite city of Jeru-Salem (nee-Jebus) in the Southern kingdom of Judah no matter how the Southern Babylonian exiles/refugees returning to the ruins of Jebus/Jeru-Salem, to rebuild the town on the then Persian Trade Route, put their religious spin on the Bible stories half-a-century after they happened.

    ​Joshua15:63 "As for the Jebusites the inhabitants of Jerusalem, the children of Judah could not drive them out; but the Jebusites (i.e. the Palestinians) dwell with the children of Judah at Jerusalem unto this day." This is after God lied to Joshua son of Nun that, "No one will ever be able to stand against you: as I was with Moses, so I will be with you; I will not fail you or forsake you."--Joshua 1:5 Except at a few unimportant places, like Jebus/Jerusalem.

    Some scholars believe the city of Megiddo in the Northern actual kingdom of Israel may have been the true original Capital of kings David & Solomon, and where the first Temple for the Ark of the Covenant was originally built, before the kingdom was split in half between "Israel," always in the North, and then "Judah," always in the South with its Capital of Jebus/Jerusalem. It would be about 45-years later after the death of king Solomon and the re-division of the two kingdoms (combined for just only 2 generations 1013 BCE - 933 BCE), Israel always to the North from Judah always in the South, that king Omri of the Northern kingdom would establish the City of "Samaria, just South of Megiddo," as the new Capital of actual "Israel." The State of Israel is actually in Northern Samaria, not in Southern Jebus/Jerusalem which correctly should be referred to as the State of Judah.

    To this day the modern Northern Samaritan People, Based on their own Hebrew scriptures (The Samaritan Torah: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Samaritan_Pentateuch ) believe that Samaritan worship is the True Religion of the Ancient Israelites prior to the Babylonian conquest and exile, preserved by the Samaritans who remained in the Northern Land of Israel, which was actually Samaria, compared to the post-Babylonian exile refugee Jewish Religion that came later with the rebuilding of the ruins of Jebus/Jerusalem in the South during the time of Ezra (let's not forget about Ezra's relationship to the fiery red Soma vision drink of Nostradamus and the "writing" of the Holy books from the Bible's own 2 Esdras 14:38; in some Bible versions [usually Catholic] 1 & 2 Esdras is referred to as 3 & 4 Ezra).

    From 2 Esdras 14:37 - 14:48 The Writing of the Sacred books:
    "I took with me the five men as I had been told, and we went away to the field, and there we stayed. On the next day I heard a voice calling me, which said: 'Ezra, open your mouth and drink what I give you.' So I opened my mouth, and was handed a cup full of what seemed like water, except that its color was the color of fire. I took it and drank, and as soon as I had done so my mind began to pour forth a flood of understanding, and wisdom grew greater and greater within me, for I retained my memory unimpaired. I opened my mouth to speak, and I continued to speak unceasingly. The Most High gave understanding to the five men, who took turns writing down what was said, using characters which they had not known before. They remained at work through the forty days, writing all day, and taking food only at night. But as for me, I spoke all through the day; even at night I was not silent. In the forty days, ninety-four books were written. At the end of the forty days the Most High spoke to me, 'Make public the books you wrote first,' he said, 'to be read by good and bad alike. But the last seventy books are to be kept back, and given to none but the Wise among your people. They contain a stream of Understanding, a Fountain of Wisdom, a Flood of Knowledge.' And I did so."

    Since most of the Western versions of the Old Testament have a "Jerusalem perspective" spin it is thought that the priests and scribes of Judah in the South redacted the Historical record to make it look like David & Solomon had ruled in (rather than "over") Jerusalem in order to make it appear that Judah were the legitimate heirs and genealogy from king David's combined two kingdoms of "Israel" and "Judah," even though the name "Israel" always-always-always belonged to Samaria to the North after the death of king Solomon, and for the next 400 years ( 933 BCE - 586 BCE) in the Old Testament and the South Jerusalem was only-only-only called the kingdom of "Judah" all the way until the Babylonian conquest and captivity (586 BCE - 538 BCE for an additional 48-years) before Judah Refugees returning from Babylon begin referring to Jebus/Jerusalem as if it were still in the idealized Northern kingdom of "Israel" again, which area they then refer to as Samaria, full of "no good" Samaritans. All the Biblical stories of Northern Israel's kings David & Solomon are (historical) and religious fictions written with a Southern Judah spin 400-years or so after-the fact.

    For God so loved His Jewish storytellers He gave them the True Promise Land, Hollywood!

    Armageddon is a metaphor just like in the Apocalypse or Book of Revelation where "...the great city, whose name in allegory is Sodom, or Egypt, where also their Lord was crucified."--Rev.11:8 is an allegory for Jerusalem, where Jesus really was crucified; and "I saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, made ready like a bride adorned for her husband."--Rev 21:2 is an allegory for the congregation of the new Christian Church collectively spread out throughout the Roman Empire, whereas the actual city of Jerusalem--in its own End Times, 20-years earlier--had been destroyed by the Romans and renamed Aelia Capitolina ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aelia_Capitolina ) with a new Temple dedicated to the Roman god Jupiter, and renamed the whole province Syria-Palestina (i.e. Palestine). "This is an allegory...Sinai is a mountain in Arabia and it represents the Jerusalem of today, for she and her children (Hagar & Ishmael) are in slavery. But the heavenly Jerusalem is the free woman; she is our mother (Sarah of Isaac)."--Gal. 4:24 - 26 written possibly as much as 40-years before the book of Revelation using the"heavenly Jerusalem" as a metaphor for the early Christian church movement.

    You simply cannot read an Apocalypse literally anymore than you can accept the 7-Days (ages) of Genesis Creation literally. "And here is one point, my friends, which you must not lose sight of: with the Lord one day is like a thousand years and a thousand years like one day.--2Peter 3:8

    All the New Testament authors were writing for their own audience about their own day and (end) times, and not for your 2000-years in the future.

    The 1st Battle of Armageddon took place in 1479 BCE when Egyptian Pharaoh Thutmose III defeated the armies of the Canaanites at Megiddo.

    The 2nd, Biblical, Battle of Armageddon took place in 608 BCE when Southern Judah king Josiah made a trade treaty with too-far-off-to-be-helpful Babylon, for mutual (proxy war) defense of the territory, and "So they assembled the kings at the place called in Hebrew Armageddon."--Rev.16:16 "it was in his reign that Pharaoh Necho king of Egypt set out for the river Euphrates to help the king of Assyria. King Josiah went against him; and when they met at Armageddon, Pharaoh Necho slew him."--2Kings 23:29.

    Just in case You find yourself "Left Behind" with the fallen angels searching The Book Of Enoch ​ ​for Eschatological Answers.

    Remember, nobody knows the Date-to-be-determined for THE RAPTURE so that God could Test even the very Elect, if he so chose to, if He just felt like it, you know, that They are always on Their toes and Their Best Behavior and ready willing and able to want to Kiss ​God's​ Ass 24/7 for the rest of all Eternity (as described in the book of Revelation; see below), should He come like a Thief In The Night, you know, if the mood struck him like​ a bolt of​ lightning​ out of the Blue​ or like the Wrath of a petulant Old Testament Godly Hangover​ after a night of boozing it up and making bar bets with His "devil's advocate" good ol' drinking buddy, Satan, like They do together in the book of Job, to Job.

    The translation of "The Translation" is "The Rapture!"

    Let me give a "little history" about how this fairly modern mid-18th Century idea of "The Rapture" came into vogue.

    The idea of the "Rapture" was set forth by Philip Doddridge in his 1738 Practical Reflections on the Character and Translations of Enoch, and by John Gill in his 1748 An Exposition of the Revelation of St. John the Divine and articulated in an essay published in Philadelphia in 1788 by Baptist preacher Morgan Edwards, an original Fellow for the chartering of the College in the English Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations (today's Brown University in the Ivy League), about the pre-Tribulation Rapture, the view that Christian believers will be Translated to Heaven with "Christ" before the events of the Tribulation, based on his interpretation of the New Testament's book of First Epistle to the Thessalonians (i.e. 1 Thess 4:17) and popularized in 1827 by the Anglo-Irish evangelist and Father of modern Dispensationalism John Nelson Darby and still being propagated today at Bob Jones University and the Dallas Theological Seminary and by preachers and authors such as Hal--The Late Great Planet Earth--Lindsey and Tim--Left Behind--LaHaye.​

    Keep in mind the Rapture referenced non-Biblical Book(s) of Enoch (3 combined books by different authors) have the fictional character Enoch as describing looking upon the Face of God, "...like Iron glowing in the fire, emitting sparks, and burning. Thus I saw the Lord's face, but the Lord's face is ineffable, marvelous, awful, and very, very terrible. And who am I to tell of the Lord's unspeakable being, of his wondrous face?" Who indeed is this fictional hoax author of Enoch, whose Anachronism problem here is that the Old Testament Biblical Enoch from Genesis lived many generations before Noah's Flood wiped out all the rest of mankind and before The Iron Age.

    The Book(s) of Enoch are a hoax not only written after the beginning of The Iron Age, as glowingly described by the author, but in that Inter-testament period centuries between the completion of The Old Testament writings and the writing of the New Testament books, a time period in which the characters of Archangels were also invented in fictional accounts of 7 (or even 10) Crystal Heavens where the Sun, Moon and Stars are mounted to orbit the Earth. The Book of Daniel is the only canonized book in the Old Testament that has "Archangels" in it, and Daniel is a known late-dated hoax apocalypse--of at least 2 combined authors (telling the same story from different writing styles with their own anachronism problems)--which should have been put in the section that some versions of the Bible call the Apocrypha where the 13th chapter of Daniel and Susanna, and the 14th chapter of Daniel, Bel and the Snake are traditionally placed except mainly in Catholic versions of the Bible. And, btw, that infallible Word of God King James Version originally had the Apocrypha books included too. I always thought God liked to translate Himself in King's English so He could sound just like Shakespeare.

    It is also from the Book(s) of Enoch where you get the story of Satan and the "fallen angels." There is no story of "Lucifer" and his fallen angels in the Bible itself. The Book(s) of Enoch are fanciful hoaxes written between the Biblical Old & New Testament writings, no different in their own time and day than today's fictional LEFT BEHIND series of books and movies. A thousand years from now fanatical Christians will probably think the Rapture actually happened during Y2K in 2000 AD and that the whole Left Behind series of books are the "infallible word of God" included in their New Improved Testament.

    ​​​You should always increase your "Rapture Insurance" ​​http://www.apocalypseandarmageddon.org/insurance/

    For a modern read with an apocalypse style (towards the visionary end):​​​​
    The Apocryphon (The Book of the Secret of Ormuzed of Ultron); Nostradamus' & Ezra's Biblical Soma visions: http://tinyurl.com/p4v3rb4

    ...and a couple of UNVEILING-REVELATIONS:

    Was the Old Testament "God" just an allegory for a Volcano? http://tinyurl.com/pwz7g52

    (on the other hand) The 19th Song; A song of pantheism: http://tinyurl.com/pym6l9l

    ...and this short apo-calypse revelation has been an apo-strophe as in Greek Theatre cata-strophes given as an anti-strophe to your (Rapture, Apocalypse & Armageddon question) strophe.

    APOSTROPHE (sic)
    The crux of the apocalypse is the apostrophe!

    ​We here at Apocalypse & Armageddon Assurance Associates like to answer your questions before you ask them: http://tinyurl.com/qe4h6x6​


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