• November 2011
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    Ex-lawyers turned Politicians Traded Your Job to the Company Store for 30 pieces of silver
    July 30, 2013
    12:15 pm
    North America mostly
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    November 11, 2011
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    This getting old is a bitch! By the time I can move my walker to some new cyber technology or Social Media, the kids have moved thrice along to "The Next Great New Got To Have I.T. Thingy." I'm still sending emails, doing blogs & forums, Twitter and texts and the kids are using voice recognition writing and doing podcasts and probably cyber ctuff I haven't even heard of yet.

    You know my Web Masteress set me up a FaceBook page to go along with my Apocalypse & Armageddon Forum. But I've never really fooled with FaceBook that much. I don't care if my niece changes her "status" 3 times this week or has found a new quack "Intuitive" from Joshua Tree selling crystals and self-help books "That You've just got to check out." Not only do I not want to check the Joshua Tree Mystic out, I don't care about her recipes or pictures and stories of how her children are more brilliant than average (everybody swears their children are more brilliant than average), or of her finding God in the optical illusion of a sunset (which is really just the horizon of the Earth rising above Our Big close up star Sol as the World spins around from West to East).

    Don't be disappointed if you don't get as many responses on your Blog as you'd hoped for. I write my ass off putting hours and hours on a researched and profound piece and I'll get zero responses. I whip out some silly little thing just for fun and I get thousands of hits and emails.

    But still I'll run the brandinkay.tumblr.com by the few people who read these Apocalypse & Armageddon pieces to see if you pick up any traffic.

    Keep in mind I'm piling these Apocalypse & Armageddon pieces up as a collection of Flash (Art) Buchwaldesque in the 21st Century shorts. I was really disappointed last year's elections didn't give me more material to write about, but as elections went they were pretty mediocre and predictable. I even predicted Obama would give Hillery Clinton Secretary of State to shut her down, and she went for the deal.

    The children of 2073 will remember Presidents Bush I, Clinton, Bush II and even Obama as basically mediocre nobodies the way we remember Presidents Taft, Harding, Wilson, Coolidge and Hoover. We sort of remember Wilson because of WW I. We remember Hoover only because it was on his watch Wall Street last Bankrupted the Country.

    Right now we could use another Teddy Roosevelt (a Republican) to break up the Neo Monopolies; and another Franklin D. Roosevelt (a Democrat) to bring us out of this latest Great Depression.

    And I don't see anybody on those horizons.

    People tend to get caught up in the current moment and times like their news is super important compared to what was happening to people a hundred years ago. I always suggest to people they watch the Barbara Streisand & Robert Redford movie The Way We Were which shows that people of each time period always think what is going on around them are the most important historical times ever on planet Earth.

    They ain't. And yet they are all a person has in their own lifetime as a reference point.

    When the Train of Time rushes by while you are standing right next to the tracks in the Village of the Present there is a great whoosh and roar and everything seems to be happening very Quickeningly.

    But if you are The Fool On The Hill and watching the Train of Time way below the mountain from the distance of down in the Valley of History the train seems to be moving from The Past to The Future along its tracks very slowly.

    I guess the Apocalypse and Armageddon Assurance Associates, LLC needs to write some new Insurance Policies to cover the ever soon coming Apocalypse of Armageddon which Preachers have been predicting any minute will happen for only 2000 years now and people always seem to need to have faith will happen just in their own personal End Times. Here's a photo of Armageddon, the actual location, I use as my computer Desk Top image. I hope they are not growing any GMO crops there.

    And since the author of The Apocalypse of St. John (aka The Book of Revelation) couldn't even name the 12 Tribes of Israel correctly in his plagiarism of the Old Testament Book Of Daniel (a book itself with two separate authors telling the same story two different ways and written two centuries removed from Babylon when it is supposed to take place, and then edited together), selling Apocalypse Insurance should be as much windfall profits as selling Rapture Insurance.

    I'm always amazed that people think God (Supreme Being) should be as petty as described by a bunch of Biblical authors whom God withheld the information to them that the World He Created was actually round. The Biblical authors' character God is a petulant Prick! If you don't kiss His ass 24/7 it is Doomsday of Biblical proportions according to a bunch of Jewish writers who for the most part were not even starting out writing original stories. They were plagiarists just changing character names to Noah & Moses.

    Stories they stole from the Great Library at Nineveh, same Nineveh nowhere near Israel or Judah that the prophet Jonah is commanded to go to--probably so Jonah could go steal some stories for the Bible from the Assyrian's Great Library.

    My position is that God so loved his Chosen Writers that He gave the Jews the True Promised Land, Hollywood. It's a great promised land for people with story weaving in their genes.

    No I don't think I'm being anti-semitic, after all I didn't say God gave Hollywood to the Arabs, certain Iraqis and Iranians, Armenians, Ethiopians, and Maltese Writers whom are also Semitic ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/S.....tic_people ). Besides, I was told my Grandfather was German-Jewish.

    At the height of its Power the Jewish Old Testament Kingdom Of God was never much bigger than New Jersey. And God, the ancient authors say, wouldn't share his knowledge with the rest of the World because they wouldn't circumcise their penises. Priests tend to think up some pretty Bitchy Queenie ideas about Godly superiority.

    Somehow the Bible seems suspect, like some Jewish priests were sneaking some borrowed religious fiction in with their Historical stories. If anybody takes the time to read the Old Testament the Prophets often blame the priests for corrupting and misleading the people and bringing political ruin to the people.

    Then from the very first page of The New Testament Matthew is lying about Jesus' Family Tree on his Step Dad's side. That is Perjury in the Court of the Eyes of God. Luke's genealogy for Jesus is even worse when compared to the Old Testament.

    Preachers and priests should be held doubly Guilty in God's eyes for cherry picking Bible passages just to confuse people and maintain their positions of power as authority figures. Preachers and priests are supposed to have actually read the Bible, and no adult with any reading comprehension skills whatsoever can actually read the Bible like literature and still attend Church under its false pretenses.

    You never get religious charity without a dose of brainwashing.

    And there is no law saying communities cannot have secular Fellowship and charitable organizations. Or even secular medical care and Hospitals. God probably gives points to those folks good works too.

    I couldn't imagine any God being so petty and stupid as to Grace the Bible or most of the World's other Religious Texts on any "Chosen People" much less upon children. In an actually advanced civilization that would be considered Child Abuse. Its no accident there is a lot of child abuse and molestation in religious institutions. Then the priests ask you to turn the other cheek and turn your eyes away while you're at it.

    There is no distinction between peoples all over the World thinking their Religion claims They are the true Chosen People. Most people think there is Cosmic significance to their hometown and birth date.

    Prostitution may be the World's oldest Profession; but Religion is the World's second oldest Profession. "Sure, God will sell you this Good Luck Charm to protect you while Hunting or fighting the neighboring Tribe or to help your crops grow; just give God a tenth of your pay check." God wants you to Pay Christian Mingle dot com to help you find Love. Second oldest profession.

    Religion is the Curse of Mankind and more responsible for war, hatred, bigotry and the manipulation of mankind than any other discipline on Earth. And religion is more responsible for jobs being sent to China than I'm seeing anybody out there in leadership positions have the Balls to admit--it might Co$t them Vote$.

    And even "Good Christians" have been killing each other over their interpretation of their own Biblical books for 2000 years, "Only God tells Us the Truth, We are the Real Chosen People, everybody else is Going to Hell!" Most Churches are lynch mobs in sheeps clothing.

    How about all those young people who have fallen in love but their parents forbid them to get married because Romeo & Juliet went to different Christian denominations.

    I guess Two thousand years of this bullshit is not enough. Let it never be said that humans don't like a good disaster story or love to make other peoples lives miserable over minor nitpicking religious differences.

    Maybe I'll edit this and put it on the A&A Forum. I expect it will get read, but I never expect comments. By golly taking the time writing comments over Twitter's 140 or so characters takes thought and effort.

    Said the straight man to the late man
    Where have you been?

    I've been here, and
    I've been there, and
    I've been inbetween

    I'm on the outside looking inside
    What do I see
    Much confusion
    All around me

    They don't possess me, don't impress me
    Just upset my mind
    They can't instruct me or conduct me
    Just use up my time

    I Talk to the Wind
    My Words are all carried away
    I Talk to the Wind
    The wind does not Hear
    The wind cannot here (sic)
    --Peter Sinfield

    That piece I wrote about Trayvon Martin actually being a known burglar and street fighter to the Miami Police, and not some poor innocent kid being racially profiled, got one (1) response. Now another kid, who was already out of jail and awaiting trial for burglary, down in New Orleans, has been shot breaking into a car around 2 am. Poor kid, out "just having some innocent fun" at only 2am in the morning creeping around in the darkness, who the car's owner thought was drawing a gun on him, shouldn't have gotten shot just because he was black. I'm awaiting Al Sharpton's & Jesse Jackson's weighing in this new case.

    HLN (the Haven't got a Life Network), which is really Time-Warner, has literally taken over the National News credulous dialog with Yellow Journalism. And All the other Networks have been following HLN's coverage of next to meaningless "Breaking News" court trials right down the Yellow Slate Road. They don't give a damn about right or wrong, all they care about is leading the sheeple to the TV Trough of whatever gives them better ratings so they can sell more advertising space at higher prices. FOX News Network is probably worried sick over HLN's sudden increase in "market share." HLN used to mostly be strictly Entertainment Tonight or TMZ style entertainment news about Hollywood Gossip. But now that HLN has found their market Voice for scandalous Court trial coverage you see less and less of their entertainment gossip.

    As far as Blogs and stuff, it's like I got years behind the personal computing curve. I'll ask someone have they read an email and they tell me they haven't even checked their email for a week. They only "Text" now and only use email at work.

    To demonstrate how credulous people are, many are willing to pay more for Texting service when--in fact--sending a character data stream message takes just a fraction of a second once you hit "send," and is thousands of times cheaper for the network operating Co$t overhead, and takes up less bandwidth than when people actually take the "time" to talk on the phone. They are willing to pay more money for actually using the Network less for physical multiplexing operating time. It's a Ca$h Cow $cam! And neither the FCC or FTC have said a word to the American Consumer.

    By the time I got around to Twitter it was an almost a dead end. I got some responses during the "Occupy" movement, which has become stagnant due to lack of leadership. "Occupy" was trying to be all-things-to-all-people and so never rallied to the Crux of the American Sell-out. "Occupy" Divided-and-Conquered Itself!

    Apparently it is okay for Pepsi Co. to pay to Tweet out millions of automated spam ads to everybody on Twitter, but if somebody with an "Occupy" in their Twitter name sends out 30 cut and paste messages about government abuses their account gets suspended. So is Twitter "social" or commercial media now. Apparently all the penis jokes you want to send is okay and wins you daily trophies.

    Right now there is no "Leadership" on the political horizon. There are only "Managers." They "manage" to conserve their positions and power and just barely manage to do their elected job. And almost all the potential candidates talking about running to replace anybody are Party hacks themselves.

    I'll still use Twitter to let people know something new is on the A&A Forum. The Forum gets thousands of hits, so I know people are reading it, but almost nobody ever bothered to sign up and create discussions. They seem to be content to just read what I write without comment. Forums and Blogs, like email, FaceBook and Twitter are old technology toys--now days--and everybody has moved on to Podcasts and newer tech toys. Kids born today won't know what a desktop computer or mouse with a wire was.

    If you "follow" 10,000 people on Twitter trying to get silly "trophies," there isn't enough time in the day to read your timeline to research links to separate the intel info wheat from the we-be-cool-guys chaff.

    Twitter can still be fun as a substitute for the old newspaper funnies if you don't mind people obsessed with jokes about sex, drugs, booze and partying till you puke and people at thirty still claiming to be the "smart kids" from school. Most celebrities or journalists on Twitter are mostly just promoting their own acts.

    I found I can bookmark onto my Browser favorites certain Journalism and Intel Twitter account pages I want to check and call up rapidly without wasting my time clicking back & forth between pages on Twitter itself. Saves a lot of time looking through my own Home timeline for research leads. All you need to do is just make a bookmark file and then click right down the list of subfiles.

    And I'm sure not going to waste my time "following" suggested Keeping Up With The Kardashians or Pepsi Co. or the HLN on FaceBook or Twitter.

    Take a break...I just got a text from somebody I need to read right this second...oh, it is a text from somebody about a text they got from somebody else letting us know that Ice Road Truckers will be on TV shortly. Ice Road Truckers is a reality show about truckers who haul different exciting cargoes each week through snow and ice up to isolated Oil Drilling Villages in the Arctic whom badly need re-supplying. This week the Lady-driver is hauling a load of household electronic appliances. A quarter of her load is DVDs, and half of those are Porn DVDs going to an Eskimo owned Adult Bookstore that she is arguing she shouldn't have to haul, it being not lady-like. They are going to remind her if she wants to keep her perilous snow driving job she will follow orders because "Business is business." Quick, let me Tweet my Followers and update my FaceBook Friends so they won't miss a second of this must-be-seen TV episode...okay...I'm back now.

    Financial consultants have been saying for some time that the 21st Century is the "Chinese Century" and America is in Economic Decline like the decay of the old British Empire. The lawyers have sold you out to the Chinese Company Store and the politicians are using Trade Agreements, like WTO, to usurp National Constitutions and sovereignty World Wide. And all the while the credulous voters thought they were straightening out the Country's Morals (school prayer/abortion) by electing ex-lawyers who promised them to put the Church back into the State, and then allowed their jobs to be Sold Out and sent to China and India. Wasn't India and Hong Kong part of the old British Empire too? Hummm!!!

    The beginning of the 21st Century may be China's but sooner than they think the corporate sweat shops and unregulated toxic pollution poisons may cause a new People's Revolution over living conditions there. Within 90 days of a start of a Chinese civil war our American store shelves will be empty of manufactured goods. There is your supply-line National Security concerns reality. A civil war in China could lead to supply riots in the streets here within a fiscal quarter.

    You have seen a defense lawyer, whom absolutely knows his client is a crook or killer, stand up before a court and make High School Debate Team arguments to a jury about how his murderous-thieving client is really just an innocent victim of circumstantial evidence. Lawyers are good at telling paid-for lies in their speeches. Most lawyers don't care about right or wrong, they care about getting paid a lot of money to keep their clients out of jail, and self-promoting their reputations by winning cases. There is a reason they call Passing the Bar Exam getting their "License to Steal."

    Life to most lawyers and politicians is not about "right and wrong," it is about Winning, as in "He who dies with the most Swag & Booty, Wins!" Everybody else are Marks to be taken, suckers' wallets to be picked, and Company Store Beasts of Burden to be worked to death to improve the corporate Bottom Line. If you can't figure out how to rustle up enough money to pay the Country Club dues then you don't deserve Membership, and should never be more than the hired help. Service people and laborers need to know their place.

    The American People have been Sold Out and are being methodically turned into a Third-World labor force Ca$h Cow right beneath their very noses. And if this is right before anybody's eyes and they can't see it, then it simply can't be helped. You elected the bastards under false premises and you get the government you collectively Democratically deserve as your Republic.

    It is not a Two Party system, it is an Old Boys' network with Two Sides of a Mouth it is Speaking out from.

    I can hardly wait for the next Election cycle to begin with Pep Rallies for both sides with crowds wearing Party hats and blowing horns and bouncing poster signs claiming "Only Our Side Is Right" while pissing off Millions of dollars that could have gone towards infrastructure needs instead of to Negative TV Attack ads.

    "Throughout history, poverty is the normal condition of man. Advances which permit this norm to be exceeded — here and there, now and then — are the work of an extremely small minority, frequently despised, often condemned, and almost always opposed by all right-thinking people. Whenever this tiny minority is kept from creating, or (as sometimes happens) is driven out of a society, the people then slip back into abject poverty.
    This is known as 'bad luck.' " --Robert Heinlein, Time Enough For Love

    Guess who most of our Politicians are...ex-lawyers telling every which kind of lie in their speeches to their constituents just as if their constituents were a jury. The constituents do not matter past delivering up their vote; then the Deals are all made with the Big Boys and Players in the Back Room.

    The ex-lawyer politicians told us they were working as Representatives for their constituents, when in fact they were taking bribes (campaign contributions) from foreign owned corporations (called "Citizens [United]" ). So if you were an ex-lawyer politician who would you really represent, a delusional voting bloc you easily duped or the foreign owned corporations whom bribe you? Sort of like asking a kid in a slum does he want to flip burgers for minimum wage or make a thousand dollars a day selling crack. Somebody has been selling Political crack!

    Social Change away from the "Company Store" retained lawyer's corruption would take Mass Momentum. And Mass Momentum takes leadership. And right now I don't see any out there.

    I see a few congressional Don Quixotes tilting at windmills ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Don_Quixote ), but only a handful in either Party whom are not owned by the Company Store. Just a few Don Quixotes enough to give US the illusion of making a token of a fight for the rights of We The People.

    "If you are part of a society that votes, then do so. There may be no candidates and no measures you want to vote for, but there are certain to be ones you want to vote against. In case of doubt, vote against. By this rule you will rarely go wrong. If this is too blind for your taste, consult some well-meaning fool (there is always one around) and ask his advice. Then vote the other way. This enables you to be a good citizen (if such is your wish) without spending the enormous amount of time on it that truly intelligent exercise of franchise requires." --Robert Heinlein, Time Enough For Love

    A lot of the people who sold out American Businesses to China have moved to Dubai. You don't think it is just holiday coincidence that Keeping Up With The Kardashians shoots episodes from Dubai do you. The Filthy Rich move to Dubai to retire and regular Americans move to condominiums in Florida.

    McCarthyism never was about exposing Communism. It was about destroying Political opponents (Enemies Lists) and Busting unions so the Company Store could make a higher bottom line of windfall profits by treating employees like Beasts of Burden.

    The "War On Terror" is just the modern version of McCarthyism. It is a Bill of Goods being sold to "Good Germans."

    I used to stay on top of all this Intelligence Gathering stuff from working for Homeland Security (I knew about the BOLO for the DC Snipers before you ever heard about it in the News, because we were keeping it quiet not to cause a panic--just in case the killings were not related--until we had a better idea if it was a National Security terrorist threat or just a common serial killer), but you reach a point in intelligence gathering where it becomes moot when you are not directly involved in it anymore and you realize internationally it's more about making profits on arms sales to let the Third World fight civil wars among themselves so the corporate Natural Resources Pirates can steal what they want from anywhere in the World. Give them the arms for both sides in civil wars, let God sort out the dead, and then sell the survivors Aid Packages at just 300% interest rates from campaign contributors' factories and banks. Yes, it really can be that simple when Government officials, Multinational Corporations and Banks are more organized than Organized Crime.

    No Great Big mystery or conspiracy theory; just Organized Graft and Windfall Profiteering. Not much different than the last Gilded Age from circa 1870.

    And if the Dam breaks open many Years too soon
    And if there is no Room upon The Hill
    And if The Cloud bursts, Thunder in Your ear
    You Shout and no One seems to Hear
    And If Your Head explodes with Dark forebodings Too
    I'll See you on The Dark Side of the Moon

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