• November 2011
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    July 6, 2014
    6:04 pm
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    Which brings me to our One Handed Demonstration of why the World is not as you think you perceive It in "Ordinary Reality."

    You really should have an assistant as a "control" for this experiment standing beside you just looking over your shoulder at the computer monitor and not doing anything except observing.

    To begin click here just to get the twin images of the "Mayan" Calendar:


    Now cross your eyes until you get a 3rd image of the round calendar right between the twin calendar images on your computer monitor.

    Ask your assistant (whose eyes are not crossed and is only observing) if they can see the 3rd image of the calendar between the twin calendars on the monitor. Of course they cannot see the 3rd image on the monitor between the twin images of the calendar because the 3rd image is not really there, projected out into The World as Real as it appears to You to be in the Reality of The Room. That is a hallucination of pure light only inside your own mind although It seems projected Out into The World as real as anything else You "see."

    This is not a "trick" of the eyes as you are quick to explain this phenomenon away, but is in fact Your mind taking impressions of photons coming from Your monitor making impressions on your eyes and then projecting the 3rd image of Light into the assembled mental picture of your room inside your own mind, similar to the mental Light within your mind that creates Dream Images within Your head while you are asleep in bed at night in a room with the lights turned out. Where does the light for the images of your dreams come from?

    Nobody actually "sees" "The Room (ever)," you are always assembling a dream image in your mind of the room some few milliseconds after light has reflected off of every object in the room and made an impression on your eye's rods and cones and been translated into nerve synapses impulses. The picture of the World You think You see is really just a dream image inside your head as you react to the swerving car ahead of you on the street and take those precious milliseconds to translate those dream image reactions through nerve impulses to push your foot on the car's brake pedal. We call that "reaction time," like your mind is having right now assembling these monitor c h a r a c t e r s into a Description of Reality of w o r d s & c o n c e p t s.

    This is why most of the witnesses to a car accident or some other incident often tell investigators conflicting "Eye" Witness accounts because the Reality of the Outside World is just a Giant Rorschach Ink Blot of mental, psychic, light We are continually assembling a description of inside our head in our dreaming mind. Row, row, row your boat…

    This "Image" of "The Room" you are looking around at right now this very instant, or that is seeping into your peripheral vision as you read these words on your monitor, that is being assembled some milliseconds in the "Past" from the current "Present" you don't actually perceive yet, this "Image" of "The Room" mental-psychic Rorschach dream--along with your immediate other 4 senses of smell, taste, touch and feeling are all anyone really has at any one moment as Consciousness. And the Hand is quicker than the Eye.

    So now let's take that One Hand and cross Our Eyes again and get that 3rd, middle, image of the round calendar between the 2 twin calendars and take that One Hand and place it so that 3rd Image is actually on the back of Our Hand instead of on the computer monitor so that we can really tell that that 3rd image is being projected right out into our mental-psychic "Description of Reality," not only on our hand but we can move our hand through it, exactly like the hallucinations crossing over from the unconscious into the conscious mind and being projected out into the Image of the room for the schizophrenic.

    Although we do not see the hallucinated person the schizophrenic is talking to, it is just as visually real to him (besides other senses of smell, taste, touch and feeling also assembled as a waking dream within the brains) as that 3rd image of the calendar you just projected onto the back of your one hand.

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