• November 2011
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    Friends, it is with a heavy heart that I inform you our fearless intellectual and spiritual explorer is off on the next adventure. As we all know, he was intelligent, kind, thoughtful, quirky; an absolute one-off the loss of which makes this world a lonelier and far less interesting place. And though us lesser bipedal hominids are left here to mourn his absence, I take comfort in knowing we will eventually meet him on the other side of ‘whatever it is’ where he is sure to regale us with hundreds of new entertaining stories about his travels. He put so much into this website. It is 100% Dawson, so please continue to enjoy his insights and personality through this site indefinitely, and if you need anything or have any difficulty, email admin@apocalypseandarmageddon.org.

    Also, please visit the below link to read his family’s loving obituary and pay your respects. It’s a beautiful tribute with a request Mark Dawson Holland would appreciate.

    “In lieu of flowers, the family asks that you make a donation to, or adopt a loving pet from an animal shelter.”


    See you later, my friend!

    We are not accepting new registrants unless you knew Dawson and would like to say something nice about him here. This site will also not be updated with new content. We want to preserve it for his memory. – Admin

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