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Reasons for "Occupy Planet Earth" with PMV, Treason and Fear & Loathing in Ultimate Terms of Contemporary Rhetoric.
December 12, 2011
2:11 am
cyber west hollyweird
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November 11, 2011
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"If Con is the opposite of Pro does that mean that Congress is the opposite of Progress?"
–an American saying by Nipsey Russell, the Poet Laureate of television


  Keep in mind that in the political or military Oaths to the Constitution  it is specific about defending against enemies both foreign and domestic. 

  Remember that Mussolini's brand of Fascism was turning the governance of Italy over to Corporations  whom obviously knew best for The People and running The Nation (got them into a little war that was a great economic boom for Italy, for the Short Term Bottom-Line Corporate Thinking), as the business of the nation is  business and not  promoting the general welfare, domestic tranquility, and securing the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity by means of the common good of a pooled services infrastructure  to form a more perfect Union.  Or as Tennessee Ernie Ford  sang it best, "I owe my Soul to the Company Store!"
Public YouTube Personal Use & Educational Use of performance "Legal Fiction Text/'copy' " Tennessee Ernie Ford version:  
The EMI Company Store  anti-Constitutional Article I, Section 8 "To promote the Progress of…useful Arts," by We The People "Text(the 'copy') Right" legalese canard version:  
Please click on both Public YouTube "window" versions above.
  Company Store point coming!  But first some background  on why the people are manipulated to vote against their own best and self-interest.  Amendment I of the Constitution first  guarantees Freedom from  Religious inspired Laws  before the subordinate clause  of freedom of  religion.
  Any Religious Organization  that attempts  to coerce secular legislation to force  the rest of society to conform to their mores and morals  has self-admitted  that their brand of spirituality is not powerful or authentic enough  to convert others by its own merits.  Especially Religious Organizations calculating on tax exempt deduction donations funded by… the Company Store.
  These Preachers are in Bed with the Company Stores.
  And when "Globalist" Foreign Bankers, Manufacturers & Importers who disguise themselves as American companies  by having office space here or listing themselves on "our" (e.g. filthy rich man's casino) stock exchange, and then make huge campaign contributions (i.e. bribes) to their oligarchical front men politicians whom dupe The People by soliciting Votes  on Religious  "Values" that belong in Church among their Congregations, but not  in promoting alleged moral Amendments to the Constitution, such as the forced  peer pressure conformity  of school prayer (which runs counter to Jesus'  own words  in Matthew 6:1 through {especially 6:5} 6:7), and then get in office  and create de-regulation of The Sherman Anti-trust Act and trade tariffs  and tax breaks to move blue collar  manufacturing (to Nation-, Red, -state Communist China), and even move Internet-computer-terminal white collar  office space jobs (to India) out  of the US to create  an economic downturn Depression,  third-world labor market, Here, so as to not have to pay working adults more than 50 cents per hour over minimum wage, hired through pseudo Temporary Agencies, with no health care or retirement benefits, while trying to Privatize public services by selling them off to their Campaign Contributors. 
  When a privatized  ambulance company hard working single-mom  EMT (Emergency Medical Technician), is only making $8.00/hour, and can't afford to buy a house in the American Dream, shows up in her Ambulance to save your cell-phone-texting-vehicle-accident-driving life, there is something totally wrong in the Heartland.  And that privatized "public service" ambulance ride just cost you a minimum of Five-hundred dollars that your HMO refuses to pay unless you hire a lawyer. 
  When did We The People become The Company Store Ca$h Cow?  When did Our Taxes quit paying for the infrastructure Necessities?
  This Depression (i.e. Economic Downturn my ass…) will not end  until we reestablish manufacturing  of common everyday products within  our borders and reestablish trade tariffs.  And no matter the legacy corporate logo name, if they are importing products or parts they are not American companies anymore, they are Foreign Importers.  There is just no way  Service Sector jobs alone can support a population of 300 million people and the left behinds  of The Great Society. 
  It should be realized as of the utmost National Security Threat that Multinational (foreign) Corporations have moved our Economic Base of manufacturing, and its labor with their disposable income base, out of the Nation making us vulnerable to Siege by Embargo.
  We recently traded away a handful of industrial Russian spies because they did not register as agents of a Foreign Power.
  How about a whole TV News Network full of agents for a Foreign (Australian) Economic Power (whom "claims" to be American) that has become the Propaganda arm  of the above mentioned Global Bankers, Manufacturers & Importers, and their owned politicians.  Said Network's agenda  is just another Red (state) Flag symptom of the coercive contagion of oligarchical front men (network) minions who are propagandizing sycophantic Media Poseurs.  They are marketing  their treasonous  economic agenda amongst their hack professionals and knee-jerk reactionary true believers who swallow  hook, line and stinker  most any "pseudo-conservative"  or "pseudo-moralist" worm  these yellow-snow  yellow-journalism  Media Neo-McCarthyist/Goebblesque/Rovesque dirty-trickster  talking-point  talking-heads dangle.  Their sociopathic baiting  subliminally promotes the public service privatizing Fascists (read Limited Liability Corporatism, "Don't blame us if we screw you, our Liability is Limited") further skimming corporate welfare  for the TRUE gilded oligarchical pseudo-conservative ELITES at the expense of WE THE PEOPLE, who give the Public Grant  for the existence of Corporations in the first place.
  Without Our Public Grants of Incorporation Charters, these Limited Liability Corporations have NO LEGAL PROTECTIONS.  So why doesn't the Public these Corporations are screwing just Revoke their Public Grant Charters?  They've made their Fortune, "Have a nice day, stop in to visit next time you are In-country."
  I call this the "Pseudo-conservative Media Virus (PMV)" promoted by the Pseudo-Con (neo-con is too innocent a term for these Confidence men posing as "conservatives") Slogan Mongers:  Just Say No; No Child Left Behind; Trickle Down Economics; Whip Inflation Now; Voluntary Pollution Standards; Flat Tax.   And confusing The People with hypocritical Religious Mores political rhetoric to get them to Vote against their own Best Interests.  "Vote for me I'm your Right to Life and Right to Work like a Beast of Burden candidate."  Just not your right to work and have a good life candidate.
  This is the real treasonous  National Security enemy  foreign and domestic  legacy "Left Behind" by the past Administration(s) using contrived (post) cold war hype where they have once again raped Our Treasury  as under the Ulysses S. Grant & Herbert Hoover Administrations. 
  If the United States were a Business They would be screaming for Prosecuting the Pseudo-Cons  for Embezzlement and Fraud under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) and the Pseudo-Con Corporate Mergers and their Subcontractor collaborators prosecuted with The Sherman Anti-trust Act.
  And until We wake up  to this, the Company Store and the Economic Bullies Win!
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