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Proving the Soul & the "Other Side" Exist (have Being) through corroboration of the Life Review during NDEs (Near Death Experiences)
December 10, 2014
11:41 pm
North America mostly
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November 11, 2011
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Someone had asked Dawson to write a piece about the nature of the soul, death and the "Other Side," ghosts etc...

This is his Draft for Parts I & II. He said he needs some time to come back to Part III. But I asked him to go ahead and post what he had just to give our Readers something to think about.

A quick Bio on Dawson: Not only was he a field service engineer for Siemens in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy and Imaging systems but he also taught physics for electronics and college classes in Air Traffic Control electronic systems for the Department of Defense. During that time he was also working on a Religious Satire Post-Apocalyptic screenplay for a famous Hollywood director, but was also working on a modern translation of the Bible but with the books rearranged in the chronological order in which they were written for easier comprehension for the reader. Soon after a fire destroyed the office with all the, The Chronological Bible, files, and before he could get back to work on his Bible scholarship he and a co-worker came up with an hour and twenty minutes of "Missing Time" after a very silent cigar shaped UFO hovered over them hitting them with some sort of blue-gray beam. This completely destroyed how he had to think about everything (the Bible included) and he was forced to completely re-think everything. The UFOs cracked the famous lots of eggs that have to be broken to make his new omelet. All the kings horses and all the kings men couldn't put Dawson together again. He was truly "stuck" in a new vast "Unknown (and he'd tell you our own Fear of the Unknown too)."

How did Dawson figure that aircraft was a UFO. Back at the end of the Vietnam era he was in the military for 3 years as an Aircraft Recognition Expert (we do not want to shoot down our friendly military aircraft or civilian holiday airliners do we?) in a missile Air Defense unit. Then he spent an additional 8.5 years with military Air Traffic Control units at various Air Stations around the World. And he has literally stood below hovering cargo helicopter hooking trucks up to be flown to other Landing Zones and parachuted out of helicopters. In other words he was a Credible and expert aircraft recognition eyewitness to a UFO incident of two victims coming up with an hour and twenty minutes of "amnesia" after watching the Unidentified Flying Object fly away.

This is why we keep him around.


Keep in mind this is just a Draft for now.

December 11, 2014
1:38 am
cyber west hollyweird
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November 11, 2011
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Proving the Soul & the "Other Side" Exist (have Being) through corroboration of the Life Review during NDEs (Near Death Experiences)



Probably one of the strongest "scientific" proofs for the Existence (Being) of THE SOUL (that is, out in the field it is verifiable and the results have been reproducible over and over and over and again and again and again) is though Children's claims of Past Lives in Foreign Lands, where the child's Past Life claim is both ordinary enough not where any family member could have read about it and coached the child's claims, and that the claimed foreign Deceased's Death was recent enough that they still have Living Parents or family members who can verify the Name and behavior attributes given by the Child of the foreign Deceased to the Past Lives Researcher when they manage to locate, In The Field, the Lately foreign Departed Deceased's Family members.

This has had the Verifiability of Reproduced--In The Field--Research Thousands of Times now, which is the "scientific" method of verifiable reproduction, whereas pales in comparison many of the much fewer "scientific" examples of: In The Lab statistical "scientific" verification of results such as are needed, for example in Human Testing, to get a New Drug Approved for Human medical treatment by the FDA.

Phase 1 of FDA approved INA (Investigational New Drug Application) to be reviewed by an assigned IRB (Institutional Review Board) may have as few as an initial 20 Healthy human tests subjects to determine what the drug's most frequent side effects are and the emphasis in Phase 1 is on safety.

Phase 2 Human Clinical "Controlled" Trials aims to obtain preliminary data on whether the drug works in people who have a certain disease or condition. Patients with that certain disease or condition are broken into two groups, the first group of patients given the actual Drug being Tested for Treatment, and the second group of "Control" patients given an inactive substance (placebo). The emphasis in Phase 2 is on the "statistical" effectiveness of the Drug being Tested as compared to the "Placebo Effect." Phase 2 Control Trials may only have a few dozen Human Test and Control subjects.

Phase 3 studies then may use as few as several hundred patients for studying different populations and different dosages and using the drug in combination with other drugs.

From the "Beginning" to the "End" of using this "scientific method" as few as 400 Humans, or less, may be used from the "First" to the "Last" of the Tests to get a new drug approved for all that speed reading of dangerous "From A-to-Z" side-effects you hear at the end of the drug's TV advertisement demanding You ask your doctor to give you their drug they have paid millions of dollars to Market. Obviously a TV advertisement makes You better informed of what drug you need than your doctor's silly ol' opinion of what drug best treats your symptoms, disease or condition. You see, the effect of TV advertising on Reproducing a Message to consumers over and over and over again and again and again is also a "scientific" method with reproducible results of the verifiable reproduction of Sales, or else they wouldn't still be using this brain washing marketing technique after all these years.


Whereas now the cases for the "scientific method" of the verifiability of reproducible results--in the field--for Children claiming Reincarnation from verifiable recently Deceased foreign family members, runs in the thousands now:

And Dr. Stevenson, Chester Carlson Professor of Psychiatry and director of the Division of Personality Studies, Children's Reincarnation investigations, which are documented in his book, Children Who Remember Previous Lives: A Question of Reincarnation, McFarland and Co., describes his Research for over 30 years in at least 20 countries, is but one of many legitimate "scientific" Research Studies on the Existence (Being) of the SOUL and the "Other Side," we refer to as "Death" and Reincarnation.

Again, I like to remind the reader that the very word "Death" tends to make some people uneasy, but that feeling is for little kids, so get over it already. There is no "Death" for The SOUL. The "Other Side," we refer to as "Death" is actually the Natural HOME of The SOUL, which Only comes here into the physical World to Experience the lifetime of a Beast (an animal) in Human Form. The older non-physical "Other Side" existed (has Being) BEFORE this physical world formed from the transmutation of Hydrogen to more complex atoms by the process of the Birth and Death cycles of Stars and Planets. Right now reading this you are but one of those Beasts living on a planet orbiting one of many mundane Stars in your Galaxy. Get over it. With every Birth the physical World comes into Being for a human, and with every "Death," for that human it is "The End Of The World," as he knew it.




For you Bible thumpers let me remind you of some of my favorite Bible verses. The first comes from the book of Revelation (the book of the Apocalypse) 21:4 "...there shall be an end to Death, and to mourning and crying and pain; for the Old Order has Passed Away!" This is said by he who claims to be "the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End." Religious people get hung up on the terms "Alpha" & "Omega" as if they are a thing unto themselves. But in the Greek alphabet, Alpha & Omega are just the "First (the Beginning)" and the "Last (the End)" letters. In English that would be like claiming to be "Everything from A-to-Z !" And "Everything from A-to-Z" is both the physical totality and Life of the Universe, and includes the non-physical (String) "Other Side" of The SOUL (which is what the higher frequencies of "String Theory Non-locality" are attempting to Describe). And Your Own Dual Nature of the human Beast incarnated with Your SOUL is part of the Cosmos of Everything from A-to-Z, or the Alpha & Omega, the First & the Last, the Beginning & the End. Beastly "Death" is Overcome by the SOUL!

To be fair Sci-fi writers also get hung up on the Greek Alpha & Omega letters and make up almost as many stories about what the Alpha & Omega means as do Priests & Preachers. The Uni-verse and Cosmos are Everything from A-to-Z !

Compare The Emmetropic Emanation with what is really being said in the New Testament's book of John 1:1


In The Emanation was the Message
And the Message was with Nature
And the Message was the Cosmos
The Message of the nature of Supreme Being
Was in the Beginning of the Universe
All Things are made by the Forces of Nature
And without God, The Soul of Being
There was No Thing created into the Universe

In this Universe is Life
And the nature of this Life
Is the Illumination of Mankind
This Illumination is Shining
Even to the Hosts of multitudes
In The Darkness of Their Ignorance
But They of The Darkness comprehend
This Illumination Not!

Pay attention here: You the Reader are the Life that is Alive because of the Creation of the Universe, and it is Your Own Aliveness made up of Atoms that is the Light (the String frequencies), the Illumination, of the very Nature of that Creation of the Universe for Mankind to perceive. But most of Mankind are in the Dark about their very Nature within the Creation of the Being of the Universe which They take for Granted. It is So Simple that they cannot See this Being in Existence although it is breathing right inside them. Because They are Beasts. They would rather go dancing or off to war with each other.

Or how about The Metaphysical Idea that "Supreme Being" is the Transcendental Reality of which the physical Universe is the Body, and human beings but Manifestations; denying a "Personality" for an Anthropomorphic "God" and Identifying the Will of "Supreme Being" with Nature as expressed in the Old Testament's Psalm 19:1


The heavens Declare the Glory of Supreme Being
The Vault of the Sky Reveals this handiwork
Day after day Utters this Message
Night after night shows this knowledge
And This Without speech or language or sound of any voice
Its Measuring String goes out through All the Earth
And Its Message Reaches the ends of the world

In It has Supreme Being Fixed a temple for the Sun
Who rises like a Bridegroom from his wedding canopy
Rejoicing like a strong man to Run his Race
His Rising is at One End of the Sky
And his Circuit unto the Other End thereof
And Nothing is Hidden from his Heat

The Laws of Nature are Perfect
Converting the Soul
The Testimony of the Universe Never Fails
Making Wise the simple of understanding
The Statutes of Creation are Correct Rejoicing the Heart
The Commandment of Utter Existence is Pure and Gives Illumination to the Eyes
The Awe of Supreme Being is Pure and Abides in Eternity

The Decrees of Nature are True and Just, every one
More to be Desired are They than gold, yes, than much fine gold
Sweeter They Are also than honey and the honeycomb
Moreover, By Them is your Servant Warned
And in Learning Them there is a Great Reward

Who is Aware of his own unwitting errors?
Cleanse me of my secret faults
Hold back your Servant from Temptations
Let Them Not have Dominion over me
Then shall I walk Upright
And I shall be Innocent of the Great Transgression
May All that I say and my Meditations be Acceptable in your Sight
My Supreme Being, my Rock and my Redeemer

More to be Desired is the Understanding of the Forces of Nature within Creation and the Universe than that shiny metal Gold that the Stupid Dancing Naked Apes--people--keep killing and stealing and treating their fellow men as Beasts of Corporate Burden over. And by Understanding the Forces of Nature you might find the Great Rewarded of when cometh the Volcano eruption or Hurricane (or even the Climate Change) as in the Old Testament's 2nd Samuel 22:7 repeated in Psalms 18:6 in case you missed it the first time. Did You?

The Epiphany of the Volcano



In my distress I called upon The Lord
I cried for help to my God
And He heard me from out of His Temple
And my cry rang in His ears
At that time the earth Heaved and Quaked
The Sky's Foundations Shook
They Heaved, because God was angry
There rose up a Smoke from out of God's nostrils
And devouring Fire came out of God's mouth
With Glowing Coals and Searing Heat
God swept the Skies aside as He descended
And Thick Darkness lay under His feet
God rode upon a Herald, and Flew through the air
And God was Seen in the wings of the Wind
God Curtained Himself in Darkness
And made dense Vapour His canopy
Thick Clouds came out of the Radiance before God
Glowing Coals Burned brightly
The Lord Thundered from the Sky
And The Most High uttered His voice
God loosed His Missiles
He sped Them far and wide
And His Lightning shafts
And sent Them echoing
The channels of the sea-bed were Revealed
The Foundations of the earth Laid Bare
At the rebuking of The Lord
At the Blasts of the Breath of God's Nostrils!

But my favorite overlooked Old Testament Bible verses comes from He who was the king over Israel; He who in wisdom applied His mind to Study and Explore All that is Done under heaven; He who amassed Great Wisdom, more than all his predecessors on the throne in Jerusalem; He who wrote the lyrics to the Hit rock song Turn! Turn! Turn! (Ecclesiastes 3:1):

Why, who else but The Anointed One, King Solomon from the Old Testament's book of Ecclesiastes 3:18, "I said to myself, 'In dealing with men it is God's purpose to Test them to See What They Truly Are. For Man is a Creature of Chance and the Beasts are creatures of chance; Death comes to Both Alike. They All Draw the Same Breath. Men Have No Advantage over Beasts; for everything is emptiness. All go to the same place: all came from the earth, and all to the earth return. Who thinks that the Soul of man goes Upward or whether the soul of the Beast goes downward into the Earth?' "

So according to The Anointed One, King Solomon, the Only Test of God for Mankind is to also Discover that You are Beasts. There's your "Revelation," your "apocalypse." You are the various "Beasts" of the book of Revelation yourselves. And you are a Creature of Chance and your Beastly (in the Flesh) body will one day Give Up the SOUL. This "Incarnation" for that SOUL will have ended until a New Re-Incarnation of that SOUL into a new child Beast in order to learn from and experience again Being a Creature of Chance has commenced.

This should give some of the Bible thumpers something to think about, and it will give my fanatic atheist readers Nothing to Think About because just like most Religious fanatics They are all Know-It-Alls already. I don't worry about either of them because they'll all find out how much of their Time they Wasted being fanatics of both flavors once their Soul returns "Home" to the "Other Side." Both types of fanatics could just as easily have led more productive and pleasent lives.

And for you Theoretical Physicists out there, you are NEVER going to come up with a model for your elusive "Unified Field Theory" or "Gravity" until you can figure out the mathematical model for the Interdimensional (String) Frequency Fields of the "Other Side." That's why those of you who really have experienced them for yourselves and know the UFOs "Exist" can't figure out how they "work." They are using the Interdimensional (String) Frequency Fields of the "Other Side." So start looking there.




(to be continued...)


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